October 3, 2022

Azar: Biden’s attack on Trump administration’s vaccine strategy is ‘nonsense’

Thanks to unprecedented efforts by President Donald Trump’s administration and an untold number of experts and scientists working around the clock to produce viable, effective COVID-19 vaccines, there’s finally a light at the end of the very dark and nasty 2020 tunnel.

That hasn’t stopped Democrats — even media-declared President-elect Joe Biden — from continuing to hammer the Trump administration’s plans to roll out the vaccine. According to Just The News, on Sunday, Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar shot back at Biden, calling his criticisms “nonsense.”

Azar dialed in on a recent statement from Biden in which he ridiculously criticized the Trump administration for not revealing how the COVID-19 vaccine will make it from the bottle to the inside of a syringe and then into someone’s arm.

“There is no detailed plan, that we’ve seen anyway, as to how you get the vaccine out of a container into an injection syringe, into somebody’s arm,” Biden said.

That’s when Azar dropped the hammer, slamming Biden for making such a statement. “”With all respect that’s just nonsense,” Azar said.

“We’re leveraging our retail pharmacies, our hospitals, our public health departments, our community health centers. We have the…kits that have the syringes, the diluent, the needles, the PPE to administer,” Azar added.

He went on to detail how the U.S military will play a role in vaccine distribution in coordination with America’s private sector. In a very professional and courteous tone, Azar was essentially reassuring Biden that it’s not America’s first rodeo in vaccine management.

Biden’s asinine criticism of the actual vaccination process simply proves that Democrats are scared to death of Trump being credited with assisting in getting a viable vaccine to the public in record-shattering time.

While vaccines from a number of companies are being rolled out to healthcare workers and other vulnerable populations first, according to The New York Post, Dr. Anthony Fauci recently said that healthy Americans likely won’t have the opportunity to be vaccinated until April, 2021.


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