June 15, 2021

AZ Secretary of state blows the whistle on suspicious wi-fi connection to audit servers

A review of the 2020 presidential election is currently underway in Arizona. Now lawmakers are sparring over how it’s being conducted.

Republicans in the Arizona Senate are leading an audit of potential fraud within Maricopa County’s election process, but Democrats, led by Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, just launched a major objection to the methods used to conduct the audit, raising concerns about a Wi-Fi router attached to audit servers.

“Yesterday, observers from my office discovered a WiFi router connected to the ‘audit’ servers,” Hobbs tweeted Wednesday. “There’s no way to ensure that ballot images, vote counts, & perhaps voter data weren’t connected to external networks or the internet.”

However, an unnamed administrator for the Maricopa County Audit Twitter shot back, “No wireless was ever enabled. This was explicitly explained to the SoS observers on site. We are open to providing all passwords and access needed for a forensic investigation of the router if requested.”

Meanwhile, routers for the county have become a contentious issue between the two sides. The Republican team conducting the audit insists they should be turned over for examination as part of the audit. Chairwoman Kelli Ward threatened to subpoena members of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and Penzone to do so while their attorney insists it could compromise law enforcement data.

The audit has been underway since April 23 with auditors manually combing through some 2.1 million ballots for irregularities, USA Today reported. So far, some 350,000 to 400,000 ballots have already been examined. The process has been delayed and will have a temporary change of venue while graduation ceremonies take place at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix where the auditors had leased space.

The election was very tight in Arizona and warrants a second look since President Joe Biden only beat former President Donald Trump by around 10,000 votes, Fox News reported. Despite the closeness of the margin there, Fox News called the battleground state for Biden on Election night in a decision that angered many loyal viewers.

There is nothing that can be done to overturn the election results now regardless of their findings, but it’s important going forward to know how to keep the process fair and secure. The fighting between the Republicans and Democrats underscores how vital this issue is to both sides.

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54 Responses

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      1. We don’t care about you earning whatever online this i a comment section for things against biden and the democlowns and to comment on news articles

      1. Totally agree. Why else would someone keep commenting on this when that comment has nothing to do with the issue at hand.

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    1. If you would show me your tax returns for the last two years where you made $190.00 per hour I’ll come over and watch your 2 kids for a year.

  4. What a load of BS. The adit team will most likely plant fraudulent ballots. In republicans minds any election they lose is fraudulent. So Democrats can never win. Why did we allow this state in the union? It should revert back to a territory. Time to make DC and Puerto Rico states. Why does this site allow the previous four comments, they are insulting.

    1. One of the dumbest comments to date, unless of course you are joking! While I will stop short of claiming the election was stolen by either party it is time to investigate fully ANY claim of voter fraud. We have about 3 years to accomplish this task and it needs to be done to restore our trust in the election process. All 50 states (NOT 52) need to use the same voting process and ALL reports of who is ahead or behind during the voting process needs to stop. It has been proven the MSM is biased, and they should play NO PART in the process. Screw their ratings and money hungry Cell’s. We can find out who won when ALL the votes have been counted!!!!

      1. JeffK, I certainly agree that there should be No Reports of who is winning in ANY STATE until all polls are closed. I have always thought this.

        1. Sue, I also have said for years the reports of who is ahead and the MSM “calling the election”. When people on the East coast finish, there is still 3 hours on the West coast. If there are long lines, some folks hear their candidate lost East coast states, they may decide not to vote. And if the reports were wrong, then those that did not vote got cheated. Yes, it was their decision to not vote, but they were influenced. If there is another election that even smells of fraud, there will be a civil war and it will tear this Nation apart…

      2. I agree Jeff. But we need to know the 2022 election won’t be tainted as the 2016 and 2020 appear to be. I just want fair Americans voting. We are not voting in high school, but some behave as such.
        Thanks for your comment.

    2. The fraudulent ballots are already there. The need to ‘plant’ them is non-existent. Arizona and the other battle ground states are doing the forensic audits to make certain that everybody’s vote counts, even yours. They are doing this in an attempt to prevent voter fraud and return voter confidence to our elections. There were too many irregularities about the 2020 election that these audits HAVE TO BE DONE!


  5. As usual the filthy Democrats are doing everything possible to attempt to block getting to the actual number of legal votes in the 2020 election. They damn well know they stole the election and will
    use any left wing Judge to block the Republicans at every turn. Back off and let the truth be known.

    1. Go to frank speech Mike Liddell will show you how it was done! That is why we calling the president Beijing Biden! They are the ones that put him in the White House! China did it! But they were stupid because the cyber expert that shows all!

      1. Yes, and Biden knew about it all in real time. He knew that China had a leading role in putting him in the white house. That is called criminal and treason. However, he wasn’t the only one to know. I believe that Nancy Pelosi and her husband, Chuck Schumer, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff and many more were all involved. This kind of voter fraud took a well planned team to pull this off. They all need to be arrested and charged with treason.

  6. It seems wrong for the site to allow these quite obviously Ads in the comments column.
    You just can’t need the money so badly you have to allow these “ADS” that irritate
    legitimate readers of the printed Info you provide us.
    Cancel them like you do us when we offend you….you know, right?

  7. The facts are, no matter how many fraudulent votes are found it will not change the election. However it will stop the demonazis from doing it again. The polling places will be watched extremely close now.

    1. I have to disagree with you on this one. Just yesterday a “liberal” Arizona judge ruled in favor of the Republicans regarding the Forensic Audit taking place in Arizona. The Dems filed a motion to have the audit stopped. However, the judge ruled that there was no evidence that any voter would be harmed by allowing the audit to move forward. This is very telling within itself. Not bragging, but I am a certified paralegal with a degree in Criminal Law and Civil Litigation. I believe that there is a domino effect getting ready to take place because of the Arizona audit. Every swing state has now seen what lengths the Democrats have taken in an attempt to have the audit stoppel. And now they are ready to do their own audits. I also believe that when the audits are completed that there will finally be a “valid” challenge filed in the courts regarding the voter fraud the legitimacy of the election. Under United States Code Section 23 U.S.C. Section 1983, a civil action can be filed for “redress of grievance.” Under this statute, a challenge can be filed in the Federal Court (seeking a Declaratory Judgment that the election is illegitimate and that President Trump legally won the election). Also, under Rule 16 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Federal Rules of Evidence, the individual who files the challenge can obtain discovery (such as data, file logs, any evidence regarding the Dominion machines’ use in the election) to prove their case. In fact, this is the state where the individual must prove his case. Once the case has developed to this point, it will be “ripe” for a jury trial. If need be, the case can be appealed all the way to the SCOTUS. So yes, there is a major avenue that can be taken.

  8. Writer Christine Favocci says there is nothing to be done to overturn the results….REALLY? That’s the whole point of this Maricopa audit. If the votes counted were fraudulent then the election was fraudulent. If the vote audit proves that Trump won then each of the suspect states should also be audited and Trump rightfully installed as President. This HAS to be done before the Biden administration destroys America!

    1. This is a review as the AZ. Senate calls it .But the fact is Republican Senate is fighting the Republican County Election Board over their handling of machines ,makes one realize that several Election Boards with questionable numbers are Republican Supervised or controlled .

  9. The question : Is Joe Biden a better President then Donald J Trump is a question from Idiots who already know the Joe Biden is the worse President to ever have been given the title of POTUS. By any measure of successful Presidents Biden is the worse ever. The facts that support this statement are everywhere. to state otherwise or to believe otherwise is the wishful thinking of FOOLS.

      1. wrong -Obama is far from being a saint, and all that is happening is right out of the Biden / Obama play book. even the coronavirus, it was Obama racial remark in the past Old white people not getting out of the way, Do not have to answer question’s at white house, and much more, There’s a lot that could be said for the Biden administration but you can find that in any cesspool, Pelosi , Schiff , & Schumer also played their part.

  10. I’m Biden are you my husband are you my wife are you my dog and who’s Kamala??? I’m writing from the old folks home! Please tell me, am I the president????

    but, but, but 80,000,000 + Americans voted for these frauds. (Biden and Kamala!) Where are they??? They seemed to have vanished into thin air or did they ever exist? Why don’t you see them all over the place like when they came out for President Trump? You be the judge! Hmmmmmm!

    I’m Biden, I think? And I support this message.

    1. Nrr – i’m harris, and i support your message if you want me to.
      or am i S U S A N R I C E ?

  11. If truth were told it was only 80 votes for Biden, they just moved the decimal point
    To the right for the left.

  12. They (the dems) have had enough time now to cover their tracks. Have no doubt there was deceit and fraud or else the dems wouldn’t be so anxious to not have complete transparency. Give them just a little more time and all evidence will disappear.

  13. It’s time to make the dem-o-rats disappear.They are the party of lies.They can’t win an election without cheating.Think back: Did obozo REALLY win that second term against Romney? Some of the same last minute votes went to obozo. Same as now with biden beating Trump.Why do you think biden stayed in the basement -because the FIX was in. With hillary they didn’t really cheat ’cause they thought it was in the bag,but voters were wise to them and Trump beat her “BIGLY”.This time the dem’s weren’t taking any chances.But I’m convinced Trump did WIN.And if so should march in and remove the occupiers.After all in life if it’s found you really lost the race you don’t keep the trophy!

  14. Time to get rid of this ILLEGAL administration…….They lied, cheated, comitted VOTER FRAUD.. time to get the malitia involved and the rest of America….hey pelosi…they can run, but they can’t hide!

  15. In the last so called election people voted for a Clown and now they wonder or complain about getting a Circus!!!!!

  16. No matter what any one says—Americans(all) must realize that Biden and his communist party are trying to destroy America—PRAY!!!!

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