May 23, 2022

AZ Democrat turns against Obama on Russia

Arizona Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego blasted former President Barack Obama on Wednesday over his handling of Russia during his presidency, claiming it led to problems that have contributed to Ukraine’s situation under President Joe Biden.

Gallego shared the concerns at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in America conference at Arizona State University’s Beus Center for Law and Society.

“Russia is an autocratic bullying country and … they’re the bad guys. We, NATO, democratic countries, are the good guys,” Gallego said.

“It’s OK to say that it’s OK for us to fight that way,” he added.

“Ukrainians went to bed last night in a democratic nation and today are waking up to an invasion by a brutal dictator,” Gallego added in a Twitter post.

“The safety of the Ukrainian people is paramount. Putin and his cronies must be held accountable with crippling sanctions. The consequences must be devastating,” he added.

The new war in Ukraine is leading even those on the president’s side to speak out over the controversy.

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