September 29, 2022

Australian forces sent to Solomon Islands over violent protests

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is sending 120 soldiers an police officers to the Solomon Islands in response violence breaking out in the capital.

“Our purpose here is to provide stability and security to enable the normal constitutional processes in the Solomon Islands,” Morrison said in a statement.

“It is not the Australian government’s intention in any way to intervene in the internal affairs of the Solomon Islands. That is for them to resolve,” he added.

“Plumes of thick black smoke billow high as rioters torch buildings in the Solomon Islands’ capital of Honiara Thursday, targeting the city’s Chinatown district in a second day of anti-government protests,” an AFP agency Twitter post shared with a video.

Protesters are calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.

The violent protests include a variety of concerns, including the island of Malaita that broke relations with Taiwan in 2019 in order to establish ties with China, despite the island’s claims of democracy.

The Australian forces may not be enough, however, as the violence continues to spread and the conflict involves powers far larger than the Solomon Islands.




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