May 6, 2021

Attorney General Bill Barr according to Democrats: President Trump’s ‘personal bully’

While all the Democrats participating in the House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing of Attorney General William Barr were hostile, Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) was especially vicious in his attack on Barr, calling him the president’s personal “bully.”

Attorney General William Barr has endured attacks from Democrats at every level and in every branch and agency of government since he stepped into his role as the nation’s top cop and he has said before that he knew that came with the job. But Democrat fury is spiraling out of control as Barr gets closer to the truth about Crossfire Hurrican — the Obama administration’s investigation into alleged collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Barr is in charge of the United States Justice Department, the agency which is now investigating the origins of Crossfire Hurricane, which instigated by President Obama and corrupt FBI agents Peter Strzok and James Comey before President Trump took office. House Democrats like Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and Adam Schiff (D-CA) provided cover for the illegitimate investigation.

Schiff made almost daily promises that he had seen evidence of collusion, but the Mueller investigation debunked his claims. The whole Democrat party is guilty of the soft coup to unseat a duly elected President — a coup that Barr and John Durham are about to expose.

The Democrats got their day to attack Barr in the House Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday.

Rep. Cicilline’s turn to “question” Barr came about halfway into the hearing through which Barr had patiently endured the hostile questioning of the many Democrats already. As Barr tried to answer his questions, Cicilline loudly and aggressively accused Barr of generating campaign footage for the president, among other things.

Invoking the recently deceased civil rights icon John Lewis, Cicilline — nearly apoplectic with indignation — called Barr a disgrace and un-American.

Your failure to respect the role of peaceful protest in this country is a disgrace and un-American.

Cicilline, aggressively pointing and clearly enraged, also incoherently spat out that, “It’s important to remember what these protests are about. Black Lives Matter — abuse at the hands of police by black Americans.” In stark contrast to the unhinged Democrats’ behavior, Barr asked:

Federal courts are under attack. Since when is it okay to try to burn down a federal court? The U.S. Marshals have a duty to stop that and defend the courthouse and that’s what we’re doing in Portland. We are at the courthouse defending the courthouse. We’re not out looking for trouble.

Barr also said he hoped that the Democrats in the committee would condemn the violence in Portland and other cities. So far, no Democrat has done so. In fact, these Democrats, across the board, loudly claim to believe in “justice” for Americans (protesters), but their representations of Barr’s actions to protect federal property were the very definition of “injustice” as they misrepresented, twisted, and cast them and him in a consistently bad light.

Watch the Democrats rudely “reclaim their time:”


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30 Responses

  1. WHY is it okay for the Democrat’s to viciously attack Repubicans, call them ALL kinds of name’s, BUY when they say anything to a Demoçrat THEY’RE being accosted?????!!!!! HYPOCRITES

  2. WHY is it okay for the Democrat’s to viciously attack Repubicans, call them ALL kinds of name’s, BUT when they say anything to a Demoçrat THEY’RE being accosted?????!!!!! HYPOCRITES

  3. AG Barr is the greatest AG in US history. He is cool and even tempered.
    Democ-Rats at the hearing are vicious mad coyotes mauling at anything. So disgusting Dems. They should all be kicked out of the congress

  4. This was a planned attack by the Democrats. Truly embarrassing that our government would act this way against the AG. There was no plan to ask the AG questions. The plan was to attack the AG in front of an audience (media) and not allow him to address any of the accusations. That way the media would run with the information as the truth. Totally disgusting. They made fools out of themselves.

  5. Dems were an embarrassment! I was disgusted with them. They are beyond spiritual help right now, because Satan has a hold on them.

  6. They should have all of the Democrats who think that it is just peaceful protests go out there at night without there guards.
    Then they can see how peaceful it is. I bet not one of them would go.

  7. The Democrat Socialist Communists proved how evil they we are with their abuse of Attorney General Barr. They think so low. It was a crying to see how low they have gone. No respect for the Attorney General.

  8. Why are the democrats always in a position to go after Republicans, yet with all the info and data the Republicans have on Obama, Clinton, Comey and others the do nothings. Why aren’t they having hearings.

  9. it was ok for holder to be obama’s bully, and do his dirty work, until he know if he stay as the AG with obama at the wheel, his eggs would end up scrambled , so he bailed. COWARD an NO GUTS so he gets NO GLORY. Someday I hope he and he both get a LIFETIME room at the FEDERAL HOLIDAY INN at Gitmo.

  10. God bless Atty. General Barr. I pray protection over him and all of his loved ones and confess that no weapon formed against any of them SHALL NOT PROSPER.!!!! Lord cover him with your blood that was shed for us on the cross and keep him and his family in the palm of Your hands always and forever. Amen and amen.

    1. Amen! Pray constantly for our President and those trying to help him clean out the garbage in our country which has festered for too many years!

  11. They havn’t given our President the decency in the job he was elected to do. We did not disrespect the Clinton-Obahma Administration when they were in office? Although they were years of hell and some. They continue to gripe because of the fact that they lost. They will continue to loose.

  12. I DO not like bullies, yesterday the entire gathering of democrats were all that a.nd more. If you could have seen yourselves as the world saw you. I was ashamed. Not that you cared. Acting like aggrieved teenagers. Grow up and act like you deserve to be in Congress. A.G. Barr deserves better.

  13. Democrats were RUDE and VICIOUS attacking Barr. And this is what it will be like if Biden is elected. RIOTS, BURNING, LOOTING, YELLING, SCREAMING, GASLIGHTING to assert their power.

  14. Democrats were RUDE and VICIOUS attacking Barr. And this is what it will be like if Biden is elected. RIOTS, BURNING, LOOTING, YELLING, SCREAMING, GASLIGHTING to assert their power.

  15. Gosh, a well mannered, articulate,well informed,head of the judiciary! Obviously a Republican.
    A pack of rude,uninformed, biased,arrogant, fools! Obviously Democrats.


  17. The democrats are a bunch of F’ing liars and they know that this has nothing to do with black people, they just want Trump out of office, since before he even won!

    Nasty Pelosi and Scummer are the 2 that need to be shot!

  18. Aside from the disgraceful way our wonderful attorney general was treated is the fact people actually voted for those morons

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