May 19, 2022

Atlanta’s police problem

On June 12, 2020, at 10:30 pm, 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks, a black man, fell asleep in his car while in a Wendy’s drive-thru in Atlanta, Georgia. An unidentified Wendy’s employee called the police because Brooks was blocking the drive-thru. Upon arrival, Officer Devan Brosnan revived Brooks and asked him to move his car into the parking lot, which Brooks did. Brosnan then asked Officer Garret Rolfe, a DUI specialist — with a record of complaints, most of which he was exonerated from — to assist in assessing Brooks’ condition with a breathalyzer test. Brooks cooperated with the officer. The test revealed an elevated blood alcohol level of .108. It is a crime to drive with a blood-alcohol level above .08. Officer Rolfe then proceeded to arrest Brooks.

Brooks was cooperative until Rolfe tried to handcuff him. That is when Brooks committed his second crime of resisting arrest. A struggle ensued, Rolfe discharged his taser, and Brooks was unfazed. Brooks then grabbed a taser and possibly discharged it into Brosnan, and then ran away. Rolfe pursued Brooks and fired his taser. Brooks then turned and fired the taser at the officer who was within ten feet of Brooks. Rolfe then fired three shots, two of which hit Brooks in the back. Brooks went down and both officers rushed to him and then rendered aid. Brooks died on the scene.

The fallout was immediate. Officer Rolfe was fired, and the Atlanta chief of police immediately resigned.

There are many headlines about Rolfe’s history of complaints but none about Brooks’ criminal record. Rolfe was exonerated from 9 of the 12 complaints against him, and he received one reprimand for excessive use of force in 2017. Brooks’ charges include family battery, possessing weapons during a crime, felony cruelty to children, and false imprisonment,

A rush to “misjudgment”

The Fulton County District Attorney, Paul Howard, in a rush to judgment, is charging Rolfe with eleven crimes, including “felony murder” which requires the death penalty or life in prison. Both Devin Brosnan and Garret Rolfe voluntarily turned themselves in.

Not surprisingly, some police officers in Atlanta are protesting the treatment of their fellow officers. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms immediately announced her position on the shooting, saying she believed that the force used against Brooks was not justified.

In such a climate, it is not surprising that police officers might not want to work, knowing that if they enforce the law, their lives could be ruined. But when police officers didn’t show up for work, the mayor scolded them calling them to fulfill their commitment while trying to reassure her citizens that they would still be safe.

We do have enough officers to cover us through the night. Our streets won’t be any less safe because of the number of officers who called out. But it is just my hope again that our officers will remember the commitment that they made when they held up their hand and they were sworn in as police officers.”

Georgia Bureau of Investigation

At least the Georgia Bureau of Investigation still believes in its mission to establish the truth so that justice can be had by all. They made a statement about the DA’s rush to judgment while affirming the need for a thorough investigation.

Watch the bodycam footage of the incident:


If you were a policeman in Atlanta, would you go to work? Scroll down to the comments section and let us know what you think!

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ปั้มไลค์ (@guest_1010693)
1 year ago

Like!! Thank you for publishing this awesome article.

Mark PATRIOT (@guest_1010890)
Reply to  ปั้มไลค์
1 year ago

I would not only callout sick I would organize all police to stay home because this was a justified shoot it is like you cant win even when a guy resist arrest takes your taser and fires it at you.It could have been his gun then what the cop or someone close by gets shot. I STAND WITH THIS COP!!!!

ALICE VIERA (@guest_1010968)
Reply to  Mark PATRIOT
1 year ago


Sharon (@guest_1010922)
Reply to  ปั้มไลค์
1 year ago

I have always heard: you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. How is it that the da can jump to a conclusion without waiting for the investigation to be completed. I am proud of all officers in blue and agree to there decision to stay home!

Malinda Peters (@guest_1010780)
1 year ago

The officer had every right to do what he needed to stop this man from causing anymore trouble. They had a right to defend their lives. If people break the law they have to pay the consequences. Stop breaking the law and you will not have any problems with the officers!

russell d remmert (@guest_1010915)
Reply to  Malinda Peters
1 year ago

sound like a good idea Malinda

Lynetta Womack (@guest_1010783)
1 year ago

No I would not go to work, if you are a police officer in Atlanta or any other big city right now, you try to do your job, you may end up in jail for life. This gosh awful crap has gotten out of hand. The police either are allowed to do their job, which sometimes calls for force, or they all resign and leave the city with out protection from thugs.

teri (@guest_1010817)
Reply to  Lynetta Womack
1 year ago

I agree with you 100%!!!!!! I hope the police and the Fire Dept and all medics satay home 3 days. Maybe then the dumber than dumb democraps would understand how THEIR actions have hurt our nation.

Flor Camota (@guest_1010792)
1 year ago

No, I will not go to work, knowing that no support will be extended to me when I’m in trouble trying to do my job.

Jeff (@guest_1010799)
1 year ago

The officer was justified. Unlike Gesrge F. Mr. Brooks assaulted them and fired a tazer taken in the scuffle. He fired that tazer at them while running away almost hitting one of them. Then he was shot. End of Story You cannot pick apart what he did in seconds while sitting in an office with days to think. He did not have days he had seconds. He did the right thing.

Todd Pressdee (@guest_1010815)
1 year ago

Hard call. On one hand I wouldn’t want the law abiding citizens I pledge to protect go unprotected. On the other it my kill me because I may be slow on any action that my involve the use of force. It’s not fair that their protectors tied my hands and still want them to do their job.

Joan (@guest_1010824)
1 year ago

No, and if I were a citizen of the county whose DA filed charges without an investigation, I would work hard to make sure he were not elected again. I would not, however, resign as a police officer. I would demand union representation while they tried to fire me, and would make as much noise as possible about this. Thugs do this all the time, and the MSM falls into line. I would fill the newspapers and airwaves with facts as to the incident, and hope that some one would eventually have the courage to let me tell my story-some one in the REAL NEWS media. I would make sure that this video is shown over and over again, along with the railroading they tried to do to get me convicted and sitting on death row. I would talk loudly and long and have friends who knew the truth yell as well until they injected the death serum – that would be years. And I would warn other officers that they best join the fight if they ever want to get the target off their backs.

Stuart (@guest_1010829)
1 year ago

I would have did the same thing to protect myself from this man. If he had got hit with the taser then the man would have been able to get the officers gun and then shot both officers.

ALICE VIERA (@guest_1010972)
Reply to  Stuart
1 year ago


P Lightfoot (@guest_1010837)
1 year ago

DemonRAT mayors can go to hell I would never work in a demonRAT controlled city or state

Kathy (@guest_1010842)
1 year ago

Mayor of Atlanta should remember her own oath to protect all citizens….an oversight of Democrats these days. Endless hypocrisy..7×70! Just like Trumps rally will spread virus but protestors/thugs don’t.

James (@guest_1010850)
1 year ago

I was a wild youth. But if an officer of the law stopped me , I knew better than try to fight and try to escape from them. Parents should be teaching that to their children. This would never happen if this was followed. Wake up people.

Raymond Charron (@guest_1010866)
1 year ago

You know what! You can keep your biased police reporting just to keep the blacks from rioting, looting and burning down your city. Not all cop connections with blacks is a murder conviction for them to appease them. Yes, if I were a cop, I would organize a stay away, let’s give them what they want and let’s see how those cities will do without police. I would be scared if coming in for duty could possibly mean getting a murder charge against me. Not all those blacks who died during police activity are angels. So stop being babies and grow up. Dial 911 and you will get a psychiatrist to help you out. How you gonna handle that ?

Josephine Lara (@guest_1011732)
Reply to  Raymond Charron
1 year ago

I heard he had a long record for law breaking before this happened. WHY so hush hush? Put it out there he was no Angel and having been thru this in the past he knew what was going to happen if he resisted. And chasing a criminal running away, how can you be sure of your shots? Think of the adrenaline flowing thru all involved!

DAVID HOLLAND (@guest_1010868)
1 year ago

The man would be alive today if he had not started fighting the cops, WHY WHY WHY did he start fighting

Esther (@guest_1010870)
1 year ago

God bless and protect all of the police in this country. I’ve never had a problem with police and I’ve been stopped many times during my life time. I suppose that would be called white privilege but SURPRISE I’m Hispanic. Apparently we have no privilege. When ever I got stopped for speeding I was grateful that someone cared enough to stop my foolish behavior before I killed myself or someone else. By the way someone please explain what is white privilege.

Brenda Jarvis (@guest_1010872)
1 year ago

All I hear is how bad the police are treating the people. If someone spit on me,threw things at me, shot at me etc. I wouldn’t show respect to you! I would clean your clock in a heartbeat. So why is it people think they can behave horribly and expect the police to take it. You want respect then give respect! 9 times out of 10 if you hadn’t done what you did , or said the whole thing wouldn’t of gone the way it did. Think about that the next time you get pulled over. You might find it really wasn’t that bad, that officer wants to go home at night just like you do.

Josephine Lara (@guest_1011736)
Reply to  Brenda Jarvis
1 year ago

Remember the vids showing all the BS being done to the police in NY? Anyone want to volunteer to take that crap? Oh sorry wrong color. You are ok to mistreat police, but they are not to fight back? Watching so many get away with this BS just gives even more a mind to pull the sane crap! Double standards seem to be ok if your the right color.

phxgeo (@guest_1010875)
1 year ago

And this stupid ignorant Mayor and DA wonder what is happening in their community. It is obvious to a blind man. The loony liberal elected democrats are granting or issuing a permit to not be cooperative, fight with or injure anyone of authority by opening their big mouth to accuse the authority before they have the facts. We saw this trend get launched with Obama when, without any facts, he called the Cambridge policeman out by saying he acted stupidly because he arrested a black man based on the evidence he was trying to break into a house that he said it was his but could provide no proof. Ever since then we have seen more democrats accuse the police of excessive force, murder and everything else they can think of with almost no information or misinformation. These loony liberal democrats will do/say anything to garner favor with the criminal element in our society. To be sure they do not give a damn about any ones life except their power. They democrats are the most corrupt group in the world. The notorious MAFIA is a church group compared to the democrats.

Evelyn (@guest_1010880)
1 year ago

“DEVILUTION” by Evelyn Hayes author of The Plague Series (c)2001-2020 because their hearts were softened to accept the unacceptable DEVILUTION by EVELYN HAYES

( c )June 4 2020. Tehillim 26 : “Do not gather with sinners… Not with men of bloodshed … in whose hands is conspiracy and bribery.” Judge us.

All lives matter.

Together the innocent will not be defrauded nor defeated.

Together we will remember our victims and the cheated.

We will make them part of our foundation, founding fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, the elders and youth, advocates of truth birthing perfection.

With purity of efforts and vigilance against premeditated Devilution, the truth will permeate the minds and actions of gooddoers.

The rampaging of those who present rage as a solution for their inadequacies and do nothingness will not frighten, deprive nor enslave.

We will not unravel by premeditated Devilution.

We will not bow to lawlessness, stealing and destruction.

They shall not take what is anothers by misstatements and hate.

We will not bow to manipulation.

Keeping to His Commandments is

the way for peace

for benefits that will not cease.

Judge me

Walking in truth against the ruthless let us be blessed.

Not sitting with the dishonest

and being fooled

Invalidating HIS prudent rule

Not sitting with evildoers and harming myself:

My family, neighbors, communities, nations, world wealth.

Recognizing hypocrites and the unjust:

Liars who covet acting against life, liberty and the pursuits for happiness

Brainwashers soiling minds,

midos and kindness

Manipulating with slander and propaganda

Sinners rallying against propriety and all society : whites, blacks, yellows, brown, old, young, caring and sharing.

Men of bloodshed

Smashers of civilization leaving destruction and death.

As they conspire in devilry,

using bribery to disunite in their violent fight

using connivery and deceit for their own delight

I wash my hands in purity against germ warfare and the crooked handshake

I remove from my brain all the fake

no matter their repetitions.

I repudiate their diversions

I deny their perversions

I recognize this wonderful world

created good for good

the shelter of HIS house never to be doused

a residence for glory

HIS forever for all story

One nation under G-D with liberty and justice for all

One people on earth united to not fall to Devilution a war for redistribution of happiness and wealth to the wicked, untaught, foolish and sinfull.

One people together for each other

Believing, dreaming, working and achieving

Under the lawfull. Under HIS Commandments.

Judge us.

Award the faithful
Reward the righteous.

Dave (@guest_1010888)
1 year ago

If I was a cop in Atlanta I would resign & move to a small town where police are still respected.

sandy raymond (@guest_1010891)
1 year ago

This has happened before and the police did what the idiots asked for. All of a sudden hell broken loose and they then screamed, “Where are the police. We’re dying and they don’t care!” REALLY!! Make a choice, dummies, have protection or do it your way and die!!! HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE?!?

Richard Blalock (@guest_1010893)
1 year ago

Every one of the arrests I have followed since 1970 the so called victims resisted and everyone of them were a thug long police re lords if you resist you are breaking the law again they all deserve want they get

Kevin Watkins (@guest_1010899)
1 year ago

It’s ashamed to see another brother lose his life in such a tragic manner and, place the lives of these good respectful police officers in such jeopardy. They’re dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t in the minds of racists. This technology is what is supposed to assist in our assessment of good or bad police actions. The Rodney King verdict has stained our view of true justice in America. This is an open and shut case, your under arrest means just that and the excuse of being afraid of the police is unjustified in your dangerous actions that took your life. These mayors and ridiculous district attorneys trying cases on television to appease the public disruptors of peaceful society by having an excuse to burn down another business in the name of justice should be ashamed of themselves. No way in hell that the men and women who are brave enough to do this job should be treated this way because of the actions of a few bad cops. This cripples our society’s true meaning of Law and Order, we must have enforcers of the LAW.

Teresa (@guest_1010907)
1 year ago

I would not go to work if I was a Cop, I’d quit and I live in Atlanta! The mayor was spot on with George Floyd murder. In this case, she immediately found the officer guilty of murder. THIS WAS A RACIALLY MOTIVATED DECISION TO CHARGE THE OFFICER!! If I were a policeman, I would STRIKE, in fact, I THINK ALL POLICE SHOULD STRIKE! Clearly anything they do will be an issue, from a ticket to robbery. Why should they risk their lives with a lawsuit for anything!! HELL NO!!!

Marcie (@guest_1010908)
1 year ago

I would go to work. I understand the man fought with the officers and that he grabbed a taser. But blowing a .108 and running away is not a reason to be shot in the back and be killed.

larry l WOMACK (@guest_1010924)
1 year ago


ALICE VIERA (@guest_1010976)
1 year ago


Debra McCarty (@guest_1011013)
1 year ago

Before the riots, looting, killing and destruction of property, there was one law for everyone. Thanks to antifa and blm, officials have begun caving to their extortion and now there are 2 sets of “rules.” You can riot, kill, assault, burn, steal and take over areas of a city and that’s ok. But let a cop try to do his job or a regular (let’s face it, if you’re white or a Conservative) citizen and try to protect yourself from these terrorizing criminals, you’re automatically guilty of the worst crime possible. People had better wake up and vote these liberals out of office or it’s just going to get worse.

Don (@guest_1011060)
1 year ago

the cop done the right thing! he ran away from him knowing it was wrong

Cligg (@guest_1011068)
1 year ago

If I was a cop in this country today I would quit and collect garbage,it most likely pays more.

Ron (@guest_1011273)
Reply to  Cligg
1 year ago

And a lot safer.

Jim (@guest_1011085)
1 year ago

I very carefully watched all the videos that were available and feel that the Officer was justified. It is what HE felt, as a professional Police Officer, not what YOU feel, was necessary. This Officer was also suffering from a concussion sustained when the suspect grabbed and slamed his head onto the paved parking lot. The suspect plainly shows hi turning and discharging the taser where there was a flash of light, The Officer believing he was being fired upon dropped HIS taser and pulled his firearm and fired back. He then rendered aid as required.

Jim (@guest_1011087)
Reply to  Jim
1 year ago

I might add that I am a retired disabled in the line of duty Police Officer with 15 years experiance in a large city on the West Coast and a mediem sized city on the Easy Coast and even 6 months in the Military in a Multi-service Police Unit.

Jim (@guest_1011088)
Reply to  Jim
1 year ago

I might add that I am a retired disabled in the line of duty Police Officer with 15 years experiance in a large city on the West Coast and a mediem sized city on the Easy Coast and even 6 months in the Military in a Multi-service Police Unit.

Jim (@guest_1011090)
1 year ago

Additionally I considered myself VERY professional and well trained. I love and respected my job as I know I saved many lives indirectly and some directly. In today’s world though I would resign simply because doing my job often put me in the position of making the decision to shoot someone to save my life or the life of another. Thank God I never had to shoot anyone even though I came very close, and I mean VERY close once to shooting and probablyy killing a 13 yr old. Thank God the situation changed while I was in the process of pulling the trigger and did not have to. STILL AS MUCH AS I LOVED THE JOB, I WOULD RESIGN if I were active today out of fear tht should I actually be required to pull the trigger to save my life or the life of someone else I would be persecuted and prosecuted facing murder charges, causing rioting, burning and looting of property, having my family placed in danger and losing everything I saved and worked for even though I would have been totally justified.

Jim (@guest_1011091)
1 year ago

One more thing. I used the Choke Hold as I was taught in the Police Academy in California many times and it was totallly safe. It even saved my lfe without question once when I was investigating what turned out to be an armed robbery. The suspect was standing less than a foot from me when I ordered his to turn around so I could handcuff him. He pulled a gun on me and I would not have had time to pull my own firearm before he could have shot me. This was also before bullet resistant vests. I immediately grabbed him and placed him in a choke hold. He STILL managed to fire off three rounds at my head, so close that it muzzle flash singed my hair. Even while choking him out I managed to pull my own firearm, place it against his spine intending to pull the trigger so save my life when just before I could do that a backup Officer said he had the gun and the suspect was unconcious. I eased off the trigger and thank Go I did not have to take his life or cripple him. Turned out this suspect had a long rap sheet that included many armed robberies, assaults, assaults with intent to kill, and even two manslaughter charges. NOT a nice guy. and yes he went back to prison for 18 years for attempted murder of a Police Officer, ME!

Roy Olsen (@guest_1011248)
1 year ago

Every cop in Atlanta that worked the riots should file for workers compensation stress related injuries, they are under attack from all sides! Atlanta cops, don’t quit or use your sick time, use workers compensation time you deserve it! Cops in other agencies need to do the same.



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