July 2, 2022

Assistant House Speaker: Articles of impeachment may be brought to a vote next week

President Trump announced on Thursday his intention to concede the election and facilitate a smooth and peaceful transition of power after riots rocked the Capitol on Wednesday — but it’s not enough for Democrats that are out for blood.

Immediately following Wednesday’s events, pundits and politicians alike began discussing the possibility of removing President Trump via the 25th amendment or initiating a second impeachment process — and according to Assistant House Speaker Katherine Clark (D-MA) on Friday, impeachment proceedings could be brought to a vote as soon as next week. 

Clark, acting as the mouthpiece of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), said in a Friday morning appearance on CNN that Democrats must “proceed with every tool that we have to make sure that that happens to protect our democracy,” adding that the articles of impeachment currently being drawn up could be brought to a vote within the next week.

“If the reports are correct, and Mike Pence is not going to uphold his oath of office and remove the president and help protect our democracy, then we will move forward with impeachment to do just that,” she explained.

Democrats are already drawing up articles of impeachment against Trump, promising to tie Congress up in an ugly and divisive fight despite the fact that Trump will be leaving office no matter what on inauguration day, January 20th.

Pelosi gleefully said on Thursday that Trump is a “very dangerous person who should not continue in office,” and that “if the vice president and the Cabinet do not act, the Congress may be prepared to move forward with impeachment.”

President Trump issued a statement on Thursday condemning rogue supporters that stormed the Capitol building on Wednesday, urging supporters to “revitalize the sacred bonds of love and loyalty that bind us together as one national family” and that “America is and must always be a nation of law and order,” adding that “tempers must be cooled.”

Never one to waste a good crisis, however, Pelosi and her rabid Democrat colleagues appear to be unwilling to pass up the opportunity to continue attacking Trump and his supporters despite ultimately already achieving their goal of ousting Donald Trump from the White House.

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Theresa Haswell (@guest_1099953)
1 year ago

Everything this Country was founded on has been going down the tubes for years and then President Trump, MY PRESIDENT, came along and I thought there was hope. Now, he has 12 days left in office and “they” want to impeach him? How stupid and wasteful of the peoples time and money can they all be? By they, I mean the dumbocrats and several really stupid Republicans. I haven’t made up my mind yet, but may change my party from a Republican voter. Right now, President Trump will be president again in 2024.

Jacqueline (@guest_1099997)
Reply to  Theresa Haswell
1 year ago

“The glory of justice and the majesty of law are created not just by the Constitution – nor by the courts – nor by the officers of the law – nor by the lawyers – but by the men and women who constitute our society – who are the protectors of the law as they are themselves protected by the law.” – Robert F. Kennedy

The only reason those leftist Democrats want to try and impeach President Trump is to prevent him from running for POTUS in 2024! They KNOW people love Trump; that is another reason he won by a landslide before the crooked deed of giving the Trump votes to Biden in the wee hours. Trump would beat Biden in a flash if the election was HONEST. Dems do not know what the word HONEST means nor do they abide by it.

David (@guest_1100461)
Reply to  Theresa Haswell
1 year ago

Our pres. Is not going anywhere my friend. Watch and smile, its coming

Donna Graham (@guest_1099965)
1 year ago

AMEN! to Theresa Haswell. Well said.

Nonie (@guest_1099970)
1 year ago

For one thing, I can’t believe that Nasty Nancy is still breathing. I was hoping the excitement and stress of this past week would have killed her………where are heart attacks and strokes when you most need them. We know poor old Joe will not be around for 4 years and, dang, this means we are going to have to look at and hear that Harris big mouth and see that idiot smile for 4 years?????? Nope – I can’t handle that — I just won’t turn on the TV or read or listen to the fake news reports. But tell me, how do we get sanity, hope and truth back into our government. Do I need to change to the Independent Party, maybe, or I might just need to run out and buy a gun for the next civil war-Nancy Big Mouth is surely going to pump up everyone until that happens. God save us all.

frank (@guest_1100405)
Reply to  Nonie
1 year ago

Buy a gun and learn to use it.

Marie kellam (@guest_1100408)
Reply to  Nonie
1 year ago

Great comments fully agree. How do we form a third party. Perhaps Mark levin can help us Call it the America First party
Let’s roll!!!!!!
Marie k

Mark B (@guest_1099972)
1 year ago

If Pelosi and her minions keep it up, they will put this country in a civil war and it will be bloody!! They need to leave well enough alone and let President Trump leave peacefully. They have beat him up enough! I can’t believe they are so evil and devisive! God help their souls because you reap what you sow!

David (@guest_1100462)
Reply to  Mark B
1 year ago

She doesn’t care, her 24,000 dollar freezer is full.

Pollty (@guest_1099990)
1 year ago

I keep hearing Kim Clement prophecy about this ,they will say ,impeach,impeach but I say no.God s speaking.Donald J Trump is the President of the USA for four more years

Pamela Marjorie Mirth (@guest_1100373)
Reply to  Pollty
1 year ago

Kim also said that everyone will be fooled. I’m hoping that it meant we’ve all been fooled by the media to believe that Biden gets in office. The Dems kill innocent babies and are child molesters, these are acts of devil worship. Let the arrests begin!!! I’m praying that Trump does indeed triumph and that this is the great awakening. Can believe that people think that the communist taking over our country is a conspiracy theory.

Catherine Hurd (@guest_1099996)
1 year ago

They have had no mercy on our President Trump so as far as I can see why would they deserve mercy from us? I never thought that I would ever meet anyone so hateful in my life. God Bless America Again and God Bless President Trump and his family too. Please God come and help America to get free from this mess , not all of us agreed with what the Evil ones have done, So I ask you in Jesus name to bless America again and take away the Evil ones.

frank (@guest_1100412)
Reply to  Catherine Hurd
1 year ago


Marie Russell (@guest_1100009)
1 year ago

Going to war would get rid of corruption in the senate and house Democrats and get rid of Joe and Camel Harris. It would be bloody, but we would keep our freedoms and not become a communist country

Rebecca Spicer (@guest_1100092)
Reply to  Marie Russell
1 year ago

That’s what I’m saying civil war way more of us then the 535 losers on capital hill way more of us

Jeff (@guest_1100442)
Reply to  Marie Russell
1 year ago

Camel Harris’ indian name is Spread Eagle

Connie Phillips (@guest_1100030)
1 year ago


Yuhgeng Tsay (@guest_1100062)
Reply to  Connie Phillips
1 year ago

It’s hard to tell a wicked witch what not to do. On the other hand, we all know the end result for a wicked witch in all the stories that we know.

Mary Jo (@guest_1100157)
Reply to  Connie Phillips
1 year ago

This woman is so full of hate, she is wickedly evil! We must pray according to 1 John 3: 8b, for YESHUA to move because He honors His Word and He is THE WORD HIMSELF!

frank (@guest_1100415)
Reply to  Connie Phillips
1 year ago

When did he concede? What were the words that he said?

frank (@guest_1100419)
Reply to  Connie Phillips
1 year ago

Connie Phillips, I ask you, when did he concede? What were the words that he said? You don’t have an answer because he did not.

Lovie (@guest_1100050)
1 year ago

How come pelosi has all the power to dictate all this ?

Rebecca Spicer (@guest_1100098)
Reply to  Lovie
1 year ago

It’s actually Clinton on the side lines her and Soros has evil in their veins they’re hearts beat evil not blood pelosi is her sister tho those two are Satan’s prodigies pedo Joe devil biden’s twisted evil daughters

Robie (@guest_1100053)
1 year ago

President TRUMP is the greatest PRESIDENT. He will always be my PRESIDENT. The othe two will never be

Satan (@guest_1100055)
1 year ago

I Will Pay Someone $100000 Dollars Cash To Kill Pelosi Biden & Mueller ! Anybody Interested ???

Rebecca Spicer (@guest_1100093)
Reply to  Satan
1 year ago

Another zero I’m in but pelosi Clinton and Biden Mueller just a puppet it’s the evil sisters and they’re dad devil Biden

Rebecca Spicer (@guest_1100096)
Reply to  Satan
1 year ago

We’re both going to get it doors kicked in by corrupt fbi screw em all

joseph (@guest_1100568)
Reply to  Satan
1 year ago

Satan You forgot Camel Harris

Dragon Slayer (@guest_1100082)
1 year ago

The democrats are pure satanic evil Pedophiles in its purest form. They’ll never walk freely, as Patriots will slaughter them where they stand… without question. You don’t hurt children the way they have and get away with it. We shall prevail, they have awoke the sleeping armed GIANT and they should fear for their lives. Let alone steal our votes, election, and disrespected our duly elected President. These people aren’t God fearing humans and don’t deserve the benefit of any doubt… walk the streets if you dare! You have imprisoned yourselves for us. They’ll never enjoy another moment of peace for as long as they shall inhabit this earth. God will see to it…. he has a special place for pedophiles. Enjoy your destiny, we will! DO NOT TAKE THE COVID-19 VACCINE, it is/was designed as population genocide… those dumb enough to get the vaccine will eventually succumb to ailments directly related to the vaccine, as Moderna describes it… “as an operating system, much like your computer”! Bill Gates couldn’t design a computer system that wasn’t plagued by virus, what would make you think his vaccine would! It contains nano bot technology (computer chip particles) Don’t do it, you have been warned.

Rebecca Spicer (@guest_1100089)
Reply to  Dragon Slayer
1 year ago

Amen there sure are pedophile and rapist they are disgusting evil pigs civil war is how we win the only way to win

Mary Jo (@guest_1100158)
Reply to  Dragon Slayer
1 year ago

It has a chip to control those who take the vaccine to turn them into their slaves, mind controlling their minds. The only place that we can run to is into the arms of YESHUA the Messiah of God!

frank (@guest_1100425)
Reply to  Mary Jo
1 year ago

Mary Jo, Just look at the VP.

Wild Bill (@guest_1100257)
1 year ago

Isn’t it ironic that these people are so. ignorant. If you want to talk about danger to our democracy (Republic), let’s talk about Nancy Pelosi, and her list of misbehavior, or Joe Biden, and his son’s connection to China, or Joes extortion of the Ukraine. Let’s talk about Maxine Waters use of campaign funds to pay her daughter a small fortune to stuff envelopes for her, or Mitt Romneys connection with Hunter Biden and his Chinese connection. I’m sure there’s many more, but it would take forever to list them all.

Richard (@guest_1100362)
1 year ago


Polisi needs to watch her own family, someone needs to ask where her son in law was during the DC issues were going.
Who is going to arrest him, or like all the Dems, he has a get out of jail free card.

Pollty (@guest_1100366)
1 year ago

Fear and stupidity must be the motto of the rats and bats

audrey (@guest_1100367)
1 year ago

the democratic regime has fried trump to a crisp for four years along with his wife and family. they were made hillary lost and thank god she did. she is an evil thief to say others who opposed trump are lily white would be a lie. list them maxine waters feeding family money, mit romney sons relations to huter bidens burisma deal, nancy pelosi son tied to burisma, ihan giving husband i dont the numer right now she has had so many 2 million dollars for pr, i could go on and on and this is the stink we will face for years joe biden senile as he is is no saint he is a thrill seeker of woman and has horrible habits of sniffing and as for stealing. he has done so much to enrich his family and himself it is scary. trump stopped the candy store for a while and the left did not like it. so lets make this man uncomfortable accuse him of anything and everything and just try to make his life miserable not respecting he was elected by the people to serve as president. we did not fond over obama but we never behaved like you did. shame on you crazy maxine, big tit nancy, slippery romney, sniffing biden etc.a

Leroy (@guest_1100372)
1 year ago

Trump has about 10 days to go and the Dummy Commie Democrats decide to impeach NOW !! Again ! That says a lot about their ability to Think !!

Patricia Foster (@guest_1100392)
1 year ago

Instead of bickering constantly, pay attention to what is going on in China. They are preparing their military for WAR! We need people using their MINDS and working together to protect our country. We need leaders who can make good decisions not give stupid answers. Words do not solve anything unless you know how to do the job correctly. A leader needs to be qualified to do the actions required. It is not words on paper, but life & death problems. When we need President Trump the most you are pushing out the only one able to help our country. Great job ! Hate sure works, doesn`t it! He may not be perfect but he is a good one to protect our country. MY OPINION!

Ann DeHay (@guest_1100420)
1 year ago

Toxic pukelosi is the dangerous one. She and Maxine should have been gone long ago

Ronald Stephens (@guest_1100512)
1 year ago

The house may impeach him but given how long it took for the first impeachment, Biden will be inaugurated rendering any impeachment a non issue. Anyhow it would likely die in the senate.

Bonnie (@guest_1100751)
1 year ago

Satan, you forgot Harris!

Pat (@guest_1101303)
1 year ago

The Democrats keep spewing out they want to bring our country together again. That will never happen if they move to impeach President Trump. CAN ELECTED OFFICIALS NOT SEE THEY ARE AT FAULT FOR WHAT TOOK PLACE AT OUR CAPITAL??? The vast majority of them completely ignored 74+million Trump supporters that only wanted an investigation done on the 2020 election results. After 2 months of trying to get this done legally with no avail what did they expect to happen? I absolutely hate the violence that took place at the Capital and it truly saddened me that lives were lost. Although it was nothing in comparison to BLM and Antifa so called “peaceful marches” where innocent people were attacked or killed out of hate and and anger. Also innocent people’s lively hood were destroyed when their businesses were burned down. Will we ever be able to heal as a country when we can’t put any trust in our elected officials to do the right thing? Lord help this country if they impeach President Trump.

Santospal (@guest_1190105)
1 year ago

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