September 30, 2022

Armed Louisville store owner stands up to BLM

Riots have been going on nightly in Louisville Kentucky since the decision in the killing of Breonna Taylor was handed down. BLM bullies, angered by the decision, have been roaming the streets of Louisville demanding that people say that “Black Lives Matter,” but one store owner wasn’t having it.

On Wednesday, the Louisville, Kentucky Grand Jury disappointed race-baiting BLM activists when it did not indict any of the three white Louisville police officers of murder in the March death of Breonna Taylor. The facts of the fatal incident are tragic, but they do not support the narrative of BLM and the Democrat establishment.

For months the narrative has been that white police officers were racially motivated when they served a no-knock warrant at Taylor’s apartment. BLM insists that the police officers are racist and killed Taylor because she was Black and fired at her boyfriend because he was Black.

But the truth is that the policemen were serving a warrant because one of  Taylor’s boyfriends was a drug dealer and they suspected she was involved in the drug business, too.

The truth is that a witness confirmed that the police officers did knock repeatedly and identified themselves before entering Taylor’s apartment. Kenneth Walker, another of Taylor’s boyfriends, shot an officer and the officers fired back. Taylor was tragically caught in the crossfire.

Predictably, the mob calling itself BLM didn’t care about the truth. If a Black person is killed by a white cop or any cop, they want blood, specifically, white police officer’s blood and they will riot to get it.

But Fadi Faouri, armed with an AR-15, stood in front of his Louisville store and defied the BLM mob. He refused to cave in to their bullying demands. As the BLM crowd swelled around him, Faouri continued to stand his ground and argued that he did not see color.

The crowd eventually moved on as Faouri argued that he sees human beings, not color.

Scroll down and let us know what you think about the bullying tactics of BLM.


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