May 17, 2022

Armed Louisville store owner stands up to BLM

Riots have been going on nightly in Louisville Kentucky since the decision in the killing of Breonna Taylor was handed down. BLM bullies, angered by the decision, have been roaming the streets of Louisville demanding that people say that “Black Lives Matter,” but one store owner wasn’t having it.

On Wednesday, the Louisville, Kentucky Grand Jury disappointed race-baiting BLM activists when it did not indict any of the three white Louisville police officers of murder in the March death of Breonna Taylor. The facts of the fatal incident are tragic, but they do not support the narrative of BLM and the Democrat establishment.

For months the narrative has been that white police officers were racially motivated when they served a no-knock warrant at Taylor’s apartment. BLM insists that the police officers are racist and killed Taylor because she was Black and fired at her boyfriend because he was Black.

But the truth is that the policemen were serving a warrant because one of  Taylor’s boyfriends was a drug dealer and they suspected she was involved in the drug business, too.

The truth is that a witness confirmed that the police officers did knock repeatedly and identified themselves before entering Taylor’s apartment. Kenneth Walker, another of Taylor’s boyfriends, shot an officer and the officers fired back. Taylor was tragically caught in the crossfire.

Predictably, the mob calling itself BLM didn’t care about the truth. If a Black person is killed by a white cop or any cop, they want blood, specifically, white police officer’s blood and they will riot to get it.

But Fadi Faouri, armed with an AR-15, stood in front of his Louisville store and defied the BLM mob. He refused to cave in to their bullying demands. As the BLM crowd swelled around him, Faouri continued to stand his ground and argued that he did not see color.

The crowd eventually moved on as Faouri argued that he sees human beings, not color.

Scroll down and let us know what you think about the bullying tactics of BLM.

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velma saccone (@guest_1052797)
1 year ago

If I had been this man protecting his store, I would have shot several of these terrorist.

Hazel Finney (@guest_1052800)
1 year ago

The BLM should be tagged as a terrorist group and be put on the watch list of the FBI and the CIA. These people don’t care they’re black and all they see is black if you’re white they’re going to kill you. That’s murder .if you notice they’re not going after any black people they’re only going after white people. To me BLM is a terrorist organization and I’m not the only one that believes it

Larry (@guest_1052837)
Reply to  Hazel Finney
1 year ago

Plus a lot more. Marxist, anti-American, anti-family, racist, anti-Constutionalist, atheistic, satanic looters and killers.

M (@guest_1052878)
Reply to  Larry
1 year ago

BLM is pure EVIL! Should be designated as domestic terrorists! Organization is Marxist and has nothing to do with any lives except their own!

jaybird (@guest_1052876)
Reply to  Hazel Finney
1 year ago

BLM is a Marxist organization, 2 of the women that formed it are trained in the Marxist ideology. Then there are the black members that do not know their intentions or don’t care, their intention is to overthrow this Republic. Get rid of the Constitution, ect. George Soros and other rich people are funding them, it is part of the Global plan for the World. This is happening in other Countries also. The misinformation is being promoted by the Tech and Communications Companies. If you want to save America as we know it, make sure your friends get out and vote for President Trump.

Keyboard Whiz (@guest_1052806)
1 year ago

Truth has this maddening habit of emerging, doesn’t it, you BLM Terrorists…!

mbr722 (@guest_1052816)
1 year ago

Power without law is chaos and that’s what we have with terrorist groups like BLM/ANTIFA! They need to stop trying to make us say their rhetoric. It’s nonsense in the extreme. Crawl back in your holes you thugs!

Tip (@guest_1052873)
Reply to  mbr722
1 year ago

Are the Democrats so afraid that they don’t have the votes that they are kissing up to Marxists, Anarchists, left wing activists and criminals(yes, terrorists!). I think that the American people see this.

Rhonda Bevany (@guest_1052818)
1 year ago

They are a terrorist organization and should be treated as such. They need to be stopped now. Their antics are disgusting and disturbing.

Rachel Ruiz (@guest_1052820)
1 year ago

A true patriot Mr Fadi. Standing his ground and protecting his livelihood. If more American people black/white/Asian/Hispanic/Japanese/Indian/ and all Americans stood up to these anarchist, Our Country , what’s left of it will stand proud again, safe again, free again, prosperous again, and let those who want to worship God be allowed to do so. No one attacks, shama lama linkas, nor Budists, nor wicka satanic religions. So let Christian working freely. BLM is a terroristic organization and should be prosecuted like other criminals that break laws

Tommie (@guest_1052828)
1 year ago


James R Robbins (@guest_1052833)
1 year ago

Take soros money, and the money from that Chinese group and the money from Democrat supporters and BLM and the rest, and it will all disappear

Lynda (@guest_1052904)
Reply to  James R Robbins
1 year ago

Yes take that money and these idiots don’t get paid a and Soros’s and the rest can go to gell

Marie (@guest_1052835)
1 year ago

These terrorists all need to be locked up. Whoever is funding them should be fully prosecuted and locked up and their monetary means confiscated; and they should fully pay back for all the damage caused by their looting, and destruction. Blacks have never in history had more freedom than right now. If there are 14% blacks in this country, it seems they have 50% of the TV commercials and shows in their favor. Why are they still complaining? They are far more racist than whites, i.e. Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey making their divisive racist comments against whites. But because they are black everyone ignores that.

America is Doomed? (@guest_1052958)
Reply to  Marie
1 year ago

Racism knows no color. Many blacks still blame Whitey for their troubles (black on black crime is the majority per statics) although most white people are not racist, but unfortunately they are converting many whites into haters of their bs group (BLM) and therefore blacks in general. Talking about setting back the black race over 150 years, oh well, guess they won’t be happy until they are slaves once again. Thanks Obama, you stink!

Sue (@guest_1052843)
1 year ago

I agree totally with you Hazel. They are a terrorist group that needs to be stopped now. They are only looking to cause destruction and murder and get away with it. Do they believe all people are racist. Not true. Wake up BLM before it’s too late. You love violence and should all be in prison for your crimes.

Debbie (@guest_1052855)
1 year ago

That one girl acted like she was on drugs just wouldn’t shut up and hat hand just a going. Thank you sir for sticking up for your rights. You seemed brave and that’s a plus. You don’t know what they’ll do to you

Joe Flo (@guest_1052866)
1 year ago

The BLM is band of extreme racist thugs.

Blue (@guest_1052871)
1 year ago

It’s Not black lives matter, it’s black lives Marxists!

Barry (@guest_1052886)
1 year ago

Her boyfriend shot at police then used her as a human shield to protect himself. BLM is a baby killing terrorist group looking for a place to start riots. They don’t care about anybody anywhere. Worthless thugs

America is Doomed? (@guest_1052961)
Reply to  Barry
1 year ago

Anyone question (officer now charged with shooting through the walls?) why those bullets were able to penetrate those party walls which are supposed to be 1 hour fire rated and made of solid concrete or heavily reinforced wood? I think the slumlord and building construction contractor should have been charged with building a substandard set of units. Putting paper on a few 2”x4” don’t cut it. That was not the police fault and I hope somebody looks into that little nugget of info.

Bonnie Dailey (@guest_1052899)
1 year ago

Mr. Faouri, you’re one brave and gutsy man. You proved that more than many of the folks do because they’re so afraid. I get being afraid but I also believe you did the best thing, standing up for your rights and your property. I will be praying for you, sir, that they respect the fact that you’re armed and would shoot. This is a terrorist group and all they want to do is cause destruction and fear. More store owners should be standing in front of their shops like you did. God bless you. I hope and pray that someone soon takes over and gets control over these horrible, evil people who are rioting and killing.

America is Doomed? (@guest_1052910)
1 year ago

With all the evidence including videos, their own words, etc. that is on the internet, Facebook, Twitter, etc., why has the crack FBI and the rest of the Feds not infiltrated and arrested them as the terrorists they are? They are an organized force that purposely causes chaos, violence and destruction using know violent terrorist activity and words! The KKK and neo-nazis are extremely tame and tiny by comparison and they are the ones on the know terrorists list? WTF! Lock the BLM and antifa commies up like was done in the 1960’s and 1970’s! This is America!!! 🇺🇸 We need Trump and the new republican congress to act quickly after he is re-elected. God Bless America

Life Star (@guest_1052921)
1 year ago

Jail every one of them for terrorism! Immediately!!! No one’s skin colour should enable/permit them to break the law and destroy people/property!! After found guilty put them on a “chain gang” to rebuild/prepare what they destroyed with NO PAY!!

America is Doomed? (@guest_1052951)
Reply to  Life Star
1 year ago

Plus make them pay back the lost income the victims suffered with interest and pay 100% for their incarceration costs.

Sue (@guest_1052940)
1 year ago

BLM is evil, and we don’t want it or anything like it in our country. Those that invaded that store in Kentucky don’t realize how lucky they were. Nearly everyone in Kentucky, Tennesee, Alabama, and Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri are armed and very dangerous. They don’t put up with any chit, BLM, or otherwise.

Larry (@guest_1052952)
1 year ago

According to Democrat V.P. candidate Kamala Harris, this lawlessness will and should continue until the communists’ demands are met. In other words, in her mind, to hell with our laws and courts. Who needs them. Just get rid of the police and settle everything in the streets.

America is Doomed? (@guest_1052954)
Reply to  Larry
1 year ago

We have their answer right here: Click,click, BOOM!

America is Doomed? (@guest_1052963)
1 year ago

Yes indeed Comrade!

America is Doomed? (@guest_1052968)
1 year ago

Obama and the Dimacrats have set back race relations over 150 years! White people that were not racist now hate the BLM and increasingly the black race due to these violent marxist protest riots. It is Increasingly harder to look at or talk to a black person nowadays without seeing the hateful truth behind their eyes. thanks Obama, you stink!

America is Doomed? (@guest_1052970)
1 year ago

I say Obama was the worst president ever! and not because he was black. anyone agree? 🇺🇸

Randy Justice (@guest_1053019)
1 year ago


America is Doomed? (@guest_1053121)
Reply to  Randy Justice
1 year ago


Robin Andrews (@guest_1053033)
1 year ago

Evil groups of hatred
Terrorist vile ppl who abuse anyone that isn’t black..

JasCam (@guest_1053099)
1 year ago

Mr. Fadi, Thank you for showing our country what a patriot looks like, as well as how one comports himself! Attached is one of my favorite phrases: Mr. Fadi, YOU are that MAN in the arena!
“It is not the critic who counts, not the one who points out how the strong man stumbled or how the doer of deeds might have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred with sweat and dust and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause; who, if he wins, knows the triumph of high achievement; and who, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”
President Theodore Roosevelt
April 1903

FrankAboutIt (@guest_1053161)
1 year ago

It’s not just BLM that has disdain for the Truth.
It’s the Democratic Communist Party.
The DCP Leadership.
Anyone who remains a steadfast Democratic Communist Party Constituent, or Supporter.
These folks have been liars for so long, they now believe their lies.

Devil dog (@guest_1053499)
1 year ago

Come to my neck of the woods and you will not leave the way you came…

Devil dog (@guest_1053500)
1 year ago

My group is WE THE PEOPLE. 10-4.



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