July 4, 2022

Arizona Supreme Court turns down request to avoid releasing election audit records

The Arizona Supreme Court denied an attempt by Republicans to bypass compliance for the request of public records related to the 2020 election audit in Maricopa County.

The ruling affirmed that the records under the control of auditing firm Cyber Ninjas “are public records and must be released.”

“There is no dispute that the audit is being conducted with public funds, and that Cyber Ninjas and its sub-vendors are agents of the Senate,” the court wrote.

“In this case the Senate has argued no exemption that, if properly recognized, would shield itself from the responsibility to inform the public of activities regarding the audit,” the ruling added.

The audit team had previously announced plans to present its audit findings this week after a long delay following the massive recount in Arizona’s most populous county.

The matter involves “tens of thousands of documents” according to American Oversight. These records are now legally expected to become publicly available, offering more insight into the audit process.

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