May 23, 2022

Arizona state legislature passes 15 week abortion ban

The left has gone completely off the deep end in recent years. Now the Arizona state legislature is looking to reign in some of the most radical policies — and the pushback is predictable.

The leftist agenda took a hit last week as the legislature passed bills that restricted abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy, outlawed transgender surgery for kids, and mandated that sports teams admit players based on biological sex, Fox News reported. The bills were sent to Republican Gov. Doug Ducey.

The abortion ban is similar to the one in Mississippi that is currently facing a challenge in the U.S. Supreme Court. There are no accommodations for emergency medical reasons, incest, or rape which means that Democrats will insist it is a threat to women’s health.

Democratic state Rep. Denise Epstein said she is “becoming more frightened by the moment by this bill” during debates over the legislation. “I’m terrified that this bill would outlaw health care for a woman having a naturally occurring and tragic and horrible miscarriage, and they would not be allowed to get this health care,” she said.

The other bills addressed the growing problems associated with the radical transgender movement. One bill would outlaw so-called gender affirmation surgery for kids, a move that makes sense in light of the life-altering side effects of such procedures.

Another would force athletes to play on the sports teams in accordance with their biological sex and not their gender identity. This issue recently came to a head when a transgender collegiate athlete, who is a biological male, took the championship title on a female swim team.

“This bill to me is all about biology,” Republican state Rep. Shawnna Bolick said of Arizona’s bill. “In my opinion, it’s unfair to allow biological males to compete with biological girls sports.”

While the left decries such legislation on the basis that they’re restrictive or unfair, the right understands these are commonsense measures. The unborn need protection from abortion, and society needs protection from the madness of the transgender ideology.

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cozycalico (@guest_1285015)
1 month ago

The bill says nothing about a miscarriage just about abortion. What the hell are you talking about????



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