June 14, 2021

Arizona sheriff attacks Biden’s border policies, reveals true impact

In spectacular contrast to former President Donald Trump’s opening moves when he took the White House in 2016, President Joe Biden and his administration are rapidly opening up the southern U.S. border, which is already causing quite the headache.

According to Just The News, after only a month in office, law enforcement officials like Arizona’s Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels are virtually begging Biden to stop with the pro-immigration policies, which Dannels says is not only putting a string on local law enforcement, but Biden’s immigration embrace is making his town — and others — much more dangerous.ย 

“[I]t’s tough for us, because what happens in my border county, and the 31 border counties on the Southwest border, will soon be in your backyard,” Dannels said.

The sheriff made clear that while he understands that the president has every right to make changes from the last administration, he’s concerned that the administration didn’t give him, or any other law enforcement offices on and around the border ample time to prepare and marshal the resources necessary to handle another illegal immigrant influx.

“It’s just a point of disaster that I just don’t see any good come out of this for anybody involved,” Dannels said, adding that he feels like the new policies are not organized or collaborative.

The Cochise County sheriff brought up another aspect of the hasty release of illegal immigrants into the area, pointing out that it’s as dangerous for them as it is American citizens, as many of those who are caught and immediately released into the U.S. have no money, food or resources, which can often lead a person making dangerous, often criminal decisions to fill those immediate needs.

The number of those crossing the border illegally began to skyrocket in December after Biden won the 2020 election. Dannels said under the Trump administration’s tough stance on immigration, his county saw roughly 300 to 500 border-crossers per month.

Starting in December, given that the illegal immigrants are essentially being told that the best time to come across is now, under Biden, Dannels said the number jumped into the thousands per month.

Only time will tell just how bad the problem becomes, but it very much looks as though America will face yet another illegal immigration crisis at the southern border, just like we witnessed under the Obama administration.

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105 Responses

  1. State’s need to take Control with litigation up to the Supreme Court on Health and National Security grounds, declaring themselves sanctuary states for American citizen, whatever delays the process in the courts like the Democrats did to President Trump. Article 5 – Convention of States

    1. Great idea! I would have loaded all these illeagal immigrants onto buses and sent them to Delaware or DC. But, your idea is much more rational! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Same here get them all on buses and send them to states that r blue and they r not to be allowed to leave the state until they become legal citizens and to make sure they have a job in order to have them be able to support them and their families

  2. You are wasting your breath. The Democrats care nothing about some county’s staffing and resource issue, nor do they care about us being kept safe. What they care about is holding power to control this country. There’s too much at stake. There’s too much wealth to be gained from the graft and corruption, and too much buried illegal activity to keep buried.

  3. how are we all going to survive when the illegals get our food, health care, anything they want from our homes and really get desperate to start killing for all of the above ????? what an absolute mess !! and to think that Trump was quite close to putting some for of organization and control in acting that would have made us all safer !! gotta be the end times a comin and the peeps do not even get who provided the best form of control for,…we the people !! i have about run outta words for this mess on earth!! the best country in the world going to hell in a hand basket and the peeps cannot even tell the difference between lying and truth !! law and order versus keeping the country so stirred up the dems. can put their own policies, laws, and change our constitution to benefit their wants, needs and desires god help america…the wise old owl

  4. Increase in illegal immigration, Increase in gas prices, increase in taxes, no direction in Covid 19 control, decrease in religious freedom, increasev in voted fraud, increase in corruption in government that’s was Biden/Hartis means to me. Thank you liberal democrates in helping turn america in a third world country.

  5. Put all the borders cross one buses going to Pelosi estate and Biden house in Connecticut and aound the white house and the Capitol and have them get off and leave them there

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