September 30, 2022

Arizona asks Supreme Court to allow abortion ban for genetic conditions

Arizona Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich has requested that the Supreme Court allow the state’s law to go into effect that prohibits abortions based on genetic abnormalities.

The case adds to multiple abortion-related issues facing the Supreme Court in recent weeks as the now-conservative-led group of justices consider how to address new challenges to Roe v. Wade.

Brnovich’s request follows losses in two lower courts. The law is currently not in effect and will remain blocked unless the Supreme Court intervenes.

“The Arizona Medical Association physicians’ group and abortion rights advocates were among those filing suit after Arizona Governor Doug Ducey in April signed into law the measure banning abortions performed strictly on the basis of genetic disorders detected in the fetus, such as Down syndrome or cystic fibrosis, unless the condition is considered lethal,” according to Reuters.

The new case was filed with Justice Elena Kagan, who covers emergency requests from the state. Kagan, considered a liberal justice, will address the matter.

The battle for life continues in a variety of legal cases in recent weeks that conservatives hope will lead to new changes nearly 50 years after the passing of abortion on demand.




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