April 17, 2021

Arizona AG calls out Kamala, invites her to tour overwhelmed border

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich invited Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday to tour the nation’s southern border, claiming she needs an in-person look at the crisis she has been tasked to lead.

“As Border Patrol agents are busy apprehending large groups of aliens, cartels are simultaneously driving dangerous truckloads of drugs across different parts of the border,” he wrote.

“Recently, you stated, ‘You have to see and smell and feel the circumstances of people to really understand them.’ With that in mind, I formally invite you to join me for a tour of the southwest border in Arizona later this month,” Brnovich added.

AG Brnovich Border Letter t… by Fox News

Customs and Border Patrol note more than 171,000 illegal immigrants crossing the nation’s southern border in March. The number includes 18,800 unaccompanied children.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitted the U.S. is on track to see the highest number of migrants in 20 years. The Biden administration has yet to refer to the immigration increases as a crisis.

The numbers are far beyond previous years. In March 2020, approximately 34,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended.

Brnovich is suing the Biden administration regarding its deportation policies. He claims Biden’s ban on most deportations for 100 days has limited those who can be arrested or deported.

Harris was tapped to lead the immigration issue in March. She has now gone two weeks without a press conference on the issue.

With no plans to visit the border and no response to the issue, Brnovich seeks to force an answer from the one person who has been challenged to achieve results regarding the border situation.


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69 Responses

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    1. Is she Worth that much for a SLOPPY BJ??? Or is sge KAMELTOE other name looking for “action”???

      1. Note the name, Fox_Studio—–She probably has a ‘studio” set up in her bedroom and sells videos online of the “action” there.

      2. What is it going to take for the American people to say “Enough is Enough”! Neither Biden or Harris is taking this immense crisis seriously! Each day that the border stays open, thousands of illegal immigrants cross over subjecting themselves and/or their children to the cartels vicious behaviors. And, we just stand around twiddling our thumbs waiting for someone to do something! Well, people, it doesn’t look like anyone is doing anything! It is heart rending to see the films at the border. Poor little kids being dropped over the wall, left to fend for themselves until they are found by border patrol or others patrolling the area. Biden and Harris should be IMPEACHED for dereliction of duty both concerning the illegal immigrants and most of all the impending damage to our economy, lifestyles, crime statistics, and job availability. So much money is being siphoned from other issues to resolve this one which was caused by Biden/Harris! They need to be stopped! And, the fastest way to get America back on track is to get rid of the source of the problem! Democrats, Biden, and Harris!

        1. You are so right. IMPEACH these b——s who created this fiasco. All the kids without parents should be housed in the mansions of biden, harris, pelosi, scumer & the rest of the demos who think this is OK.

          1. Exactly, Texas should put the illegal immigrants on a bus and drop them off in Washington also at the door steps of Schumer AOC Pelosi, Biden and Harris. They don’t care because they are Marxist Democrats and only want Power and money, they don’t give a darn about the citizens of this Republic. We have a serious problem here. The Democrats are destroying this country along with the Elite and major news organizations. They have been attacking our Freedom of speech and Religion. They are trying to destroy our 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHTS. They use ANTIFA and BLM like Hitler used the Brown Shirts. To occupy cities to burn down buildings and tear down down statues, attack the police and intimidate the citizens. It’s been going on for over a year in places like Oregon and Washington among others. They use any Crises they can like the Virus and race. You won’t here much about it because Major News either won’t report it or misstate what is really happening. They are a clear and present danger to our Republic. They have stooges funded by George Soros and other left wing organizations to get people in our country legal systems like the Attorneys Generals and Circuit courts these people don’t uphold the laws and free or not prosecute criminals. We need to impeach Biden and Harris immediately and Governors and mayors of Democratic held states.

          2. That is a great idea they created the problem they should have the problem in their house to take care of not other people in the United States 8 mph them and get rid of their lazy attempts at being a president and vice

        2. Debra,
          I agree 100%. We need to take this out of someone’s hands who is obviously is incompetent as the President and Vise President have both demonstrated. This isn’t just about the border but several other targets in the pursuit to destroying a great nation. Thank so much for standing up for what is right for the United States.

        3. Amen I’m with you & I bet a lot of the millions who voted for President Trump are also. God bless.

  2. She willnot show up, that way she can continue to deny what is going on down there. Remeber this woman is as far left as they come….she let criminals out of jail…former AG of California, that speaks volumes. She is NO LEADER…JUST A LAUGHING MOUTH

    1. Truth !! She is an Anti-American!! Commie Pinko like her daddy. She fits right in with the third Obama Administration!! Wake up true Americans 👺👺👺

    2. Maverick…..even if Kumala did go to the border based on the ATG of Arizona’s invitation, what the hell will she do once she gets there. She knows nothing about or cares for that matter the border crisis. You know that Democrats all lead by….”crisis management”….meaning they only lead when they recognize a crisis is taking place. So far they have refused to see that the border has become a crisis. Therefore…..Kumala Kamalahoe will not be seen there I venture to say.

  3. The jv administration knows how bad the crisis is they just don’t care. Their agenda is to continue obamas destruction of America. But the main problem is they have no clue on what to do, they’re not smart enough to shut down the border and send the illegals back to their home countries.

    1. Heck I almost miss OBAMANOMICS when NO SHOVELS were available for Progressive Communism…..Biden UTTER IDIOCY based on Deranged Dementia and Kamala Ignoring duty as VP in Favor of LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY when her BRAIN FREEZES in public…..tEAH we havea total AS SHOLE KLAN running our NEW COMMUNIST GUMNIT !… WAKE UP AMEICANS before they END OUR REPUBLIC !!!

  4. Well, first of all she should be impeached for deriliction of duty!
    Second, she is no madam, and
    Third Shes definitely not honorable.! Thats it.!

    1. BUT WAIT >> has anyone figured out HOW she got the JOB???? and how many will MISS her BJ’s???? or times when she goes on her back???

      1. Redhawk,
        Don’t you remember Biden picked her as his running mate and she has not stopped running since especially from the Southern border.

  5. I can’t see an end to the administration changing things. Why we don’t call in the military for the border? Seems like it’s a humanitarian crisis endangering the ENTIRE USA!!! Get out!!!


    1. BUT no one is watching to see how MANY FROM OTHER COUNTRIES THAT Hate us are coming in also! Join the mob or cartels they can do us harm from with in! Bikers, ret, Vets, militia we must deputize them all and help our border agents! Don’t wait for the joe and hoe, they can’t be bothered! There will be another Twin Towers or worse!

  7. to answer the question, they will not stop until they are stopped! Why do you think they have fences all around the white house, incase the illegals want in, of course and to protect their precious (jk) souls but they don’t care about the blue collar workers that have very little protection.

  8. Mean that she’s a camel face ignorant bimbo at the s*** between your ears can think of only one thing what happened to her shipment of knee pads and lip bomb that’s how the ignorant b**** got the job well experience at that worthless freak

  9. The Dem’s don’t realize that they are Pissing people off. Bill Cosby said, when on his album, he had Noah asking God was he was destroying (paraphrase) the world. God’s answer? Because they Pissed me off! The pot is boiling an threatens to spill over.

  10. That cackling idiot will never show up she’s to busy doing nothing,she should of never been appointed VP she’s not qualified for such a position

  11. Hey kids, it’s just the politics of communism hard at work, using your tax dollars to feed their power. And the IRS is merely another company set up to add seasoning to that feeding. I wonder how they would arrest, house, and confiscate the belongings of 80,000 tax paying Americans if we all decide not to pay our taxes.
    ……… asking for a friend ………

  12. Don’t count on her showing up and I don’t believe that Sleepy Joe can hand the gavel over to her because she was an anchor baby, leaving us with the idiocy of Pelosi. God forbid! I can’t think of anything worse to have happen. I just don’t believe she wants to see the turmoil down south and have to come up with a solution. In reality, can she really think it is a good idea to have them flooding over into our country. I know it’s only for their votes! I am sure the democrats can come up with another way to cheat and steal the vote. They are being sent to different cities around our country knowing they are infected with Covid 19 and they don’t care about us. We the people. God bless our nation and God bless the people.


  13. Biden and Kamala should be impeached for putting the US in a position of allowing thousands of illegal immigrants into the US without seeing the backgrounds of the each individual. The only thing both were interested is to see how many votes they could accumulate for the Demo Party. Biden has been nothing but a fraud a liar and underhanded to this country. The only reason he became Vice President to Obama is because Obama needed someone he could control. How could people be so blind as to not see all these facts and vote for him. Have they all been stupid enough to believe all his lies. Now they are all getting what they deserve and unfortunately the the ones that did see through his lies and deceits are paying for it as well.

  14. It makes me so mad when I spend time posting an opinion that the kings that reign decide to not post it. Happens way to frequently. I don’t use bad language (as many do and get posted) and I try not to state untrue facts, but nontheless, I get cancelled by the powers that be. Wish I knew what words they look for. Probably the ones that describe our failing presidency.

  15. It is even sooooooooooooooooooomuch worse then all that is written here.just wait you will all see.

    1. You are right. I don’t think most people can fathom how deep this corruption goes because most people only know what the MSM reports & if that is all they hear they are so misinformed.

  16. KneePads Cameltoe need to take a long walk off a short pier. I mean a really long walk, like halfway to nowhere.

  17. She, like most democrats, do not care about the people of this country. The only thing they are concerned with, and that includes the dummy Biden, is taking as much money from the American people as they can. No matter what they say, it is a lie! Biden was really not elected, he was forced on us by illegal means!

  18. the most worthless government officials ever to be elected throw them to the lions altho I would hate to make the lions sick

  19. Biden and friends of the communists party are running down our freedoms as illegal reps of this country.Why do you think they keep the GUARD in D.C.–They know some one will finally realize they do not belong there and remove them!!!!!!

  20. Biden, Harris, and Paloski want the Cova-19 to continue and they want to get these illegals toward citizenship so that these people can vote to keep the Democrats in control. I’m asking every Governor in every state who are affected by the border crisis to legally sue the Biden Administration and Congress. They are putting the health and safety of the America People at risk. If there is any decent Lawyer and Judge out there, the Courts will order our Government to get the Border Crisis under control. This also includes returning children to their parents.

  21. Since Biden and Harris don’t seem to be doing anything about the migrant issue, I think that the governors of the southern border states ought to take action and close the border, have their National Guard and law enforcement officials and Border Patrol block entry by the migrants, and start forcing those already here back across the border, use of force when necessary!!!!!!!

  22. Biden and Kamala have no intention of visiting the southern border I’ll be very surprised if they do

  23. Biden, Harris, Pelosi and the rest of the democratic leftists have committed and continue to commit treason. There’s no other way to describe their unlawful actions. It’s time to show them that they are not above the law. Make no mistake, they are enemies of the United States by their own actions and definition of the laws in force.

  24. I might make enemies but I MISS PRESIDENT TRUMP! Yes, his character was far from perfect, he helped kill hundreds of thousands people because of his ‘Covid’s no big deal’, never wearing a mask, pure criminal dereliction! Otherwise he did a lot of good, his business acumen, accomplished good, immigration system in HUGELY better control. Biden, the puppet and worthless Kamala are a joke! I think we know who’s pulling the strings while D.C. ‘burns’. Meanwhile, drug lords, rogue gangs, criminals, rapists, traffickers, children alone, ETC. are a constant stream across the border until S.A, countries will be empty! Is anyone acknowledging the election was fixed? Approx. 139M registered voters minus Trump’s 174M votes, how does Biden have 181M? Someone failed math!

  25. What would it take, if possible at all, to Reinstate Donald Thrump at this time,,?? Any SAVY Lawyers out there.?? Lets get something STARTED NOW.. LIFE IS TOO SHORT.>>!!! Iam to Old, to Tired, and to Sick to keep listening to these Radical Ba–ar-ds day after day..


    WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) had countless opportunities to have stopped this nightmare, but we chose to give the DEMOCRATS what they expected of us, to REMAIN SILENT! Thus, making us equally complicit in the fraud perpetrated against United States Americans!

    Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action? How much more damage needs to be done?

    I urge everyone who reads this to PICK UP THE PHONE and call your REP AND SENATORS in DC and DEMAND IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT OF BIDEN AND HARRIS.


    Can you continue to tolerate gasoline prices, product prices all going up, the WH being run by Harris, Pelosi and Schumer? Literally destroying our country, allowing thousands upon thousands of illegals into our country bringing in God knows what diseases?

    Then copy and paste this information into an E-Mail and send to friends and family asking them to make the calls, then forward on to their friends asking them to make the calls and forward on! WE NEED TO MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!

    Members of the House

    Members of the Senate


    Keep in mind: SILENCE = ACCEPTANCE

  27. Biden wants you to buy from the big box stores that are owned or operated by the Chinese while destroying the little American stores, there by putting millions of people out of work and bankrupting thousands of businesses, to help the Chinese who own his son.

  28. These black MLB players, or is it BLM players, seem think that they would have it better in China than here in the USA. Under the Chinese system they would not get million of dollars. Just a subsistence wage just like the street cleaner. I think they call it equity, I think that we should let them move to China permanently. I mean the whole MLB setup.

    After they go to China we can start new teams, with all patriotic Americans players, and maybe some of them will be token whites, sounds good to me.

  29. This why Raffensberger does not want an audit of the paper ballots, only the images on the machines. It would show the difference between the two in a real count. And just how really bad he is.

  30. Biden & Harris (or their doubles) are following orders from their “lord”, just as Obama did. These people are corrupt, evil criminals, who’ve exposed their insanity & the walls are slowly crumbling around them. There are many others as well, who have been exposed too & have been arrested by military intelligence. Some have been executed…..wake up people because a rude awakening is occurring!!! Do some research , digging up the “real” information to see the truth. You will be shocked!!! Oh yeah, the vaccine is experimental; not FDA approved. What do you think is in it?

  31. Helⅼo just wanted to give y᧐u a quicҝ heads up and
    let you know a fеw of the pictսres aren’t loading ⅽoгrectly.
    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    І’ve tried it in two different weЬ bгowsers and both show the ѕame outcome.

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