July 3, 2022

Antifa protesters mock college pro-life prayer group in vile demonstration

Antifa protesters showed up at pro-life prayer event Monday at the University of North Texas in a vile demonstration against the campus group.

Fox News Digital obtained footage of reportedly hundreds of protesters who chanted, shouted vulgar language and carried signs in an effort to disrupt to event.

The event, organized by the campus group Young Conservatives of Texas, was intended as a prayer gathering to mourn the lives of those lost through abortion and to pray for the pro-life movement.

Student leader Kelly Neidert reported she was aware of an online advertisement posted earlier that day, but did not expect the massive number of people who sought to demonstrate at their event.

“They harassed us, they were throwing things at us,” she told Fox News.

“They were chanting things. They brought all sorts of instruments that they were playing to drown out whatever we were saying. They brought their megaphones, they brought whistles.”

UNT spokesperson Leigh Anne Gullett told Fox News in a statement: “A few hundred students with opposing views gathered on campus Monday evening to exercise their free speech rights. The gathering ended without incident.”

The event may have ended “without incident,” but the vile demonstration reveals the so-called inclusive pro-choice advocates were anything but inclusive in their treatment of those who opposed their view.

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