August 9, 2022

Antifa attacks peaceful free speech demonstrators in San Francisco

Conservative free speech conservatives gathered in San Francisco to peacefully protest against election interference by social media companies Facebook, Twitter, and others were met by violent Antifa thugs or “counter-protesters.” The free speech rally was organized by Team Save America.

As always with Antifa present, the free speech rally quickly became violent.

According to The Epoch Times:

A number of individuals from the counterprotester group physically attacked conservatives, including event organizer Philip Anderson, who lost a front tooth after he was punched in the mouth, while one man wearing a Trump T-shirt had to be taken away in an ambulance after being attacked.

The San Francisco police department did try to protect the peaceful protesters but several were injured. The event was cancelled.

The organizer, Phillip Anderson, who lost a tooth, explained why he was willing to risk physical harm to protest: “I love America, I love this country, and I love free speech.”

Anderson said that the hypocrisy of Antifa and other leftists pushed him to vote for Donald Trump.

Big Tech companies Facebook and Twitter, both headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area are actively engaging in election interference. Both companies protected Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden by either banning or reducing the reach of a New York Post story that implicates Joe Biden and Hunter Biden in influence peddling.

It is no secret that the owners and most employees at Twitter and Facebook hate Donald Trump and will do whatever they can to help Joe Biden win in 2020. Congress needs to remove their section 230 immunity and hold them accountable for their suppression of information that should help people make informed decisions during the election. Americans should be terrified to think that left-wing social media companies are becoming America’s “ministries of Truth.”

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MOON (@guest_1064274)
1 year ago


Vincent (@guest_1064286)
1 year ago

I agree

jjofaz (@guest_1064296)
1 year ago

Biden’s going to lose!

DWB (@guest_1064464)
Reply to  jjofaz
1 year ago

That would be best news of the day, Trump 2020.

William (@guest_1064325)
1 year ago

There’s reason these Antifa thugs and BLM agitators don’t come to South Dakota, we deal in western justice. with our no concealed carry permit you never know who is packing. Maybe that’s what accounts for our lowest crime rate of all the states. Protect our rights vote Trump/Pence 2020!

paw paw (@guest_1064337)
Reply to  William
1 year ago

If only the rest of the country would WAKE UP and follow the path of South Dakota’s no concealed carry permit; that would put an end to much of this attempted coup of a Presidency!

Robin Andrews (@guest_1064562)
Reply to  William
1 year ago

Absolutely love it
Trump 2020

Darla Lennox (@guest_1064356)
1 year ago

Some of these ANTIFA thugs needs to start getting shot and possibly killed. If this is the only way to stop these terrorist then it’s time to stop them. If Police are not given the right to protect the people, then it’s time for the people to protect themselves and their families.

Luisa (@guest_1064446)
Reply to  Darla Lennox
1 year ago

I could not agree more!!!!!Why the wait?

alicia regina cervera (@guest_1064713)
Reply to  Darla Lennox
1 year ago

Im usually not in the willing ill to other people,
BUT when TERRORISTS start attacking our citizenry I say, give it to them. We can not have Law and Order with these criminals out among society.! ENOUGH! We are NOT in Afghanistan, we’re in the USA, a free territory.

Tsw (@guest_1064393)
1 year ago

It is time for the American people to stand up and start protecting themselves! If having to shoot someone in self defense is what this entails then so be it! These terrorist organizations (BLM & Antifa) are being supported and paid for by the left wing criminally insane lunatic communist party and they to must be stopped! Trump/Pence 2020!!!!

Zac Dodge (@guest_1064403)
1 year ago

I gather, since the article didn’t specify, that none of the thugs and terrorist were arrested. The same as the ones who shot up an elderly couples home for displaying a flag supporting police or attacking people’s homes for display support for the President. However, it seems that someone who burned a big liar/harris sign was immediately arrested without bail. Don’t forget the mother that was punched in the face because she had Trump flags on her car or the other acts against anyone that does not agree with them. It seems we will have to start defending ourselves. Demo-rats are letting us be attacked without reason, yet let someone defend themselves and they are prosecuted and persecuted.

Carol (@guest_1064405)
1 year ago

Maine is the same way as SD.

William (@guest_1064466)
Reply to  Carol
1 year ago

I would add to my previous post, that our motto in South Dakota is “The second shot is the warning shot”. So if you Antifa thugs or BLM agitators wish to try us don’t even think about it! We protect our rights ,our families, and our law enforcement.

Captain Obvious (@guest_1064462)
1 year ago

Fine example of peaceful protests

William (@guest_1064467)
1 year ago

I would add to my previous post, that our motto in South Dakota is “The second shot is the warning shot”. So if you Antifa thugs or BLM agitators wish to try us don’t even think about it! We protect our rights ,our families, and our law enforcement.

jack hall (@guest_1064497)
1 year ago

And people wonder why the Proud Boys show up ARMED. If they didn’t they would surely be attacked and some murdered. Any Conservatives stupid enough to protest in Portland or San Francisco UNARMED deserve to get attacked because getting attacked is obviously going to happen.

Kevin Derby (@guest_1064505)
1 year ago

So the police tried to protect them? Couldn’t do it somehow? What kind of police does SF have?

Sad but true (@guest_1064543)
Reply to  Kevin Derby
1 year ago

They are all Nancys because
of Pelosi and company.

Debra (@guest_1064567)
1 year ago

If President Trump isn’t voted back in our world is going to be changed for the worse. We won’t have guns to protect ourselves. Free speech will be gone. It’s already evil but it’s going to be worse. I just pray God steps in and send these evil people back where they belong. All churches should be getting together and pray. Pray like we have never prayed before.

Glenda Hammer (@guest_1064604)
1 year ago

I would never go to a Trump Rally, without at least a can of Bear Spray!
This stuff reaches at least 20 feet, and will put a Bear on the run, so go ahead and shoot it in the eyes of BLM and ANTIFA Terrorist Thugs, who are destroying America, using their violence!
This trash is paid for by George Soros, and they also support Nancy Pig-losi, and her Lying Demo-Rat scumbags!



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