May 24, 2022

Anti-Trumper Adam Kinzinger falls for fake news report

Illinois Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger fell for a fake news prank in retweeting the Ghost of Kyiv pilot as Samuyil Hyde, a reference to American comedian Sam Hyde.

The long-running prank of blaming unknown mass shootings and other news events on Sam Hyde was quickly applied to the Ukrainian pilot who reportedly shot down six Russian planes last week.

Kinzinger, known for voting to impeach Trump after Jan. 6 and serving on Pelosi’s commission to investigate the event, has now deleted the tweet.

“The #ghostofkyiv has a name, and he has absolutely OWNED the Russian Airforce. Godspeed and more kills, Samuyil! QT @RaulBrando: Ukrainian Ace-fighter Pilot known as the “Ghost of Kyiv”, real name is Samuyil Hyde,” Kinzinger tweeted in part.

The Russian invasion has included a wide variety of misinformation reports across social media and traditional media sources as part of the attacks.

The example with Kinzinger is one of many in the ongoing effort by Russia to show strength as it struggles in its battle with Ukraine.

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