May 6, 2021

Anti-Trump GOP Senator draws criticism from pro-Trump constituents

Former President Donald Trump might be out of the White House, but that doesn’t mean he’s lost any favor with his loyal base of supporters.

According to Fox News, that was proven once again in the state of Nebraska, as Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) — a vocal, unabashed anti-Trumper — has been charged with undermining his constituents in his home state for recent statements he’s made about the former president. 

A number of heavily-conservative counties — counties that very clearly favor Mr. Trump — have joined together in efforts to officially censure Sasse for comments he’s made about the president, with some officials accusing Sasse of only ever temporarily supporting Trump to secure his reelection.

On Thursday, Republican officials in Sarpy County — the largest conservative county in the state — passed a 2-1 vote to join both Scotts Bluff and Hitchcock counties in condemning Sasses for statements he made about Trump’s legal efforts to expose alleged voter and ballot fraud in the 2020 election.

They also hammered the senator for statements he made concerning Trump’s involvement in the Capitol riots, in which he joined Democrats in voting in favor to proceed with a Senate impeachment trial, which is set to begin on February 9.

Sasse responded to the condemnation on Thursday, even releasing a video with a direct response in which he clearly laid out the reasons why he said what he said, which was likely not well-received by those who favored censuring him.

“You are welcome to censure me again,” Sasse said, “but let’s be clear about why this is happening. It’s because I still believe, as you used to, that politics isn’t about the weird worship of one dude.”

As Fox News reported, Sasse went on to say that he’s one of the most conservative voters and his break with the former president had no bearing on his conservative values — and he didn’t pull any punches in the process.

“Personality cults aren’t conservative. Conspiracy theories aren’t conservative. Lying that an election has been stolen is not conservative. Acting like politics is a religion, it isn’t conservative,” Sasse said in the video, seemingly taking a jab at the Nebraska Republicans who are fighting against him.

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84 Responses

  1. I just love how people love to sit back, down a beer while pissing and moaning over the crap going on today!

    WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) have had countless opportunities to have stopped this nightmare, but we chose instead to give the DEMOCRATS what they expected of us, to REMAIN SILENT! Thus, making us equally complicit in the fraud perpetrated against United States Americans!

    Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action?

    I strongly urge everyone who reads this to PICK UP THE PHONE and call your REP AND SENATORS in DC and DEMAND a COMPLETE AUDIT AND INVESTIGATION into the 2020 ELECTIONS and for the IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT OF BIDEN AND HARRIS.

    BIDEN is completely UNFIT FOR OFFICE! And they both (BIDEN & HARRIS) have family members putting them both in a CONCLICT of interest position advertising and promoting their businesses and using their VP and POTUS both as an advertising self-interest, self-promoting position and it is ILLEGAL!

    When making the calls, keep in mind to be respectful but aggressive too! All calls, E-Mails and faxes are logged into the congressional database, and each week a statistical report is provided to all 535 members ranking highest to lowest numbers of calls, e-mails and faxes received on specific topics.

    Also, copy and paste the information into an E-Mail and send to all your friends and family asking them to do the same thing, then forward on to their friends, and so on. We need to flood their offices with calls and E-Mails!

    People should write these numbers down and use them frequently even if you don’t think your elected officials listen, they are required to note your comments for the permanent record in their caller database for anyone to see.

    Members of the House

    Members of the Senate


    One call per rep!

    Keep in mind: SILENCE = ACCEPTANCE

    Please, don’t make an excuse not to make the calls, excuses as they say are like A-holes, we all got one!

    1. Great. Thank you. We’ve been in the battle, fighting for election integrity and for Pres. Trump. It’s good to know there are others fighting, though Big Tech has tried to interfere and block our voices.

    2. Silence is forfeiting everything, to the enemies that seek to destroy! A lot of Herodian rulers these days!

      1. There’s another way, too!! For all American Patriots who miss our President Trump – Can you imagine if everyone who voted for him and/or want to retain him as our TRUE President sent a ”PRESIDENT’S DAY” card to him at Mar-A-Lago? If every Trumpster could receive this message – what a phenomenon that would be!! Another Tsunami Tidal Wave for our TRUE President would wake the world up as to how American Patriots love, support and trust our President. All we need do is mail a ”PRESIDENT’S DAY” card with the American Flag or the pledge on it!!

        c/o MAR-A-LAGO
        1100 SO. OCEAN BLVD
        PALM BEACH, FL. 33480

        I know I posted this a few days ago, but I’m reposting it again … and again … and again. I’m sure American Patriots get my drift. Let’s show the world how many voted for President Donald J. Trump! Make this go viral!! America will be greater than ever before!! SHARE!! NCSWIC!

        1. i will copy info : address ,and wright up a post to send up FB- & Messngr groups, ti do the same , flood the Net, and Mar-A-Lago , the
          RED WAVE – :
          WWG1 – WGA
          HEU RAUT !

        2. JDavis: I agree about contacting elected officials, but I think calls to the individual members’ phone numbers will be more effective.

    3. JDavis951 you are absolutely correct. Silence is golden but it can also be deadly. Thank you for the phone numbers. I will share them with my friends and family and enter them in my phone and use them often. Like you, I encourage others to do the same.

    4. I did that. Here in Michigan. Our people in Washington are all democrats. The rigged election got them in. They were all losing until our corrupt governor and her administration let ballots in the middle of the night. All Republicans were way ahead. But then in the morning the Nazi regime won. Calling a Democrat is like asking your dog to cook dinner. Sorry but Michigan had become a hell hole with many Unamerican uneducated brainwashed sheep.

    5. Very well!
      Sitting in a comfy chair, watching events without supporting the right side, could cause the destruction of the American people’s future. Often it takes just a few minutes to help.
      Fight for your freedom!
      Trust me! I am a former political refugee from central Eu, now a US citizen. Lost father and my husband as well. Killed by commies. This is what they do. Imprison, kill, destroy in order to keep lasting power.
      Their main slogan is:
      “Who is not with us, is against us.”
      Do you see any sign of freedom here?
      Viva America and its People! Do something till you can! Use every chance to support the right side! Save yourself!

    6. Start a petition to DEMAND a COMPLETE AUDIT AND INVESTIGATION into the 2020 ELECTIONS and for the IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT OF BIDEN AND HARRIS. Once investigated the Presidency should be given to President Trump take it away from the Democrats’ especially Schumer and Schiff.

    7. I agree with you and have written and called for years. They don’t give a ship about what we have to say. All I ever hear back from them is yea, blah blah blah, I see what you are saying, but I am still committed to Communism and don’t care how many of you peons call us we will do what we want. After a;ll the compromised voting machines put us here. But we still keep trying.

      1. I don’t belong to ”the silent majority, either!! An old saying: ”There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” No matter how hard they try to shadow ban me or block me on Facebook, the postings will still get shared. The messages they try to stop are the ones that get posted to about 6+ other alternative (conservative, and/or non-censored) sites and also to a thumb drive. I am an (86) year old, disabled widow lady and they make a big mistake when they try to shut one of us up. I cannot hear too well on a phone, but I do know how to send (mostly polite) emails!!
        They are now Shadow banning my postings on Voter Fraud, and other topics, so those are the ones I repost to MeWe and the other sites. I’ll also get a screenshot, and copy/post to a file for my thumb drive. President Trump may need the evidence this summer.  I expect they will eventually close my account, but I already have lots of evidence on a thumb drive which they can’t access. Many alternative social sites out there that don’t censor no matter what party you’re for.  

      2. Chris Queen ,
        We know , we know and we know. And we also knew ! And yet , the for sale guy sits in our White House ! How could that be ? We’ve been told by Time magazine how it was done. And yet , there he sits !!! How could we the people simply allow the DNC steal our election ? And a more burning question , HOW COULD THE GOP ALLOW THE ELECTION TO BE STOLEN ??? If I a lowly nobody, knew that our election was being stolen , surely someone in the GOP leadership was as smart as I am ! Did they not care ? Or were they a part of the theft ? Something does not smell right .

    8. I am with you JDavis951. Sadly, in the state and city, I am all officials are communist driven who sold their souls, morals, and integrity for power and money.

    9. Thank you! We need to speak up for the country and our posterity. Democrats are actin like Communists. Cherry picking the Constitutions and even threaten the Supreme Court Judges.

    10. I will be calling both the house and senate and writing to them also. Howerer, if we are successful in the impeachments of Biden and Harris we are left with Pelosi! She’s been driven insane via her greed and hate! We must be careful what we ask for!
      I copied and printed your phone numbers, Thanks so much!

    11. First, thank you for prviding phone numbers. I will be contacting both my senators and reps but want to point out that we must be careful what we wish for. If we are successful in impeaching both Biden and Harris on their mental merit, or lack thereof, we would be left with Pelosi. She has been driven insane with the rot of wealth, influence and control. What is the possibility of ridding ourselves of all three?

    12. JDavis: I agree about contacting elected officials, but I think calls to the individual members’ phone numbers will be more effective.

  2. this poor mandoes not read the same book i do and he is terribly misinformed i know all the fax and he does not

    1. You are obviously poorly educated because you use no punctuation and don’t know which words need to be capitalized. Hope this sentence wasn’t too long for you to read!!

      1. Idiot!!!!! people don’t bother with caps and the like in emails anymore….. you are the stupid one….. and on top of that, you’re brainless about the conversation. So there!!!!! I this enough punctuation for you???? SHOULD I GIVE YOU SOME MORE CAP?????? Find something wrong with this one…. If you can read this far, that is!

      2. Let’s not throw stones. I agree , we need to call , email. Our country as we know it , is about gone . We must all stand up , not be silenced. We must also pray , God is in control but, we must do our part

    2. I vote for the most Conservitive Republican on the ticket.
      But when 80% of your county is on the government dole. Its like pissin in the wind.
      Everytime a Demoncrat gets in office
      They act like nimphomaniacs.
      Always Screwing U.S.

  3. I have been saying the same thing less talk more action, get off your butts & hammer that phone number till they can’t stand hearing from us anymore & start doing something!!!! Tell them how you feel & what needs to be stopped etc. This is a non-violent way to irritate the crap out of them until they actually start doing what we want!!!

  4. Mr. Jdavis I completely agree with you. Thank you for the info for calling. If most are like me wait f o r someone else to do it, sorry for fluffing off. Thanks for the reminder Also people need to pray for our leaders to do the right thing. This is still spiritual warfare, not man against man as the bible so reminds us. It’s not religion but spiritual. Pray they will see and do the right things.

      1. We will see if you feel like that in about a year or sooner when your family members cannot find jobs and maybe you also.

      2. Educate yourself on what’s actually happening here, RB, and if you are still of the same mind, you do not belong here in America. I am ashamed to admit my own former TRUSTED Democrat Party I voted for blindly for 50 yrs has turned into something most unrecognizable. They are liars, baby killers, war mongering, anti American, anti Constitutional, oath breaking traitors to all we stand for. They have become the Party of Deceit, Division, Destruction – and DEATH!! I’ve voted straight republican since 2016 – no democrat will ever get a vote from me again.

  5. If all the Republicans would pull their thumbs out of their nether regions, get off their seat and on their feet, and DO THEIR JOBS, they could get things done! Come on guys, get a spine, fight for the people!

    1. They should also impede the Knuckle Head in the White House by suing him for every misguided Executive Order he signs. The Dems did that to Trump over the wall and managed to squelch him for 2 years. When we get back the House and Senate in 2 years, then we should return the favor and impeach 46 and his dingbat Veep!!!

  6. Don’t censure recall your elected officials. Lots of money around the country willing to give to such actions. This is the only way they learn the hard way. If you aren’t representing your constituents then you have to go!

  7. Sometimes when we make plans and they take a different turn and it works out just the same. Keep the faith. Someone greater is at the Chess board and His moves are the right moves. Timing is everything. The Fat Lady did not sing yet!


    1. Only obvious answer is they own the Justice Department, the News Media and the 4 fat oligarchs who control Social Media!!!

  9. The republicans are weak but not broke just like democrats they just keep filling their pockets $$$$$—————————-WV has Manchin and Capito they know how it is done——————-

  10. I don’t know if anyone has heard, but we weredone in by the Dems and China . Results are showing that votes were changed from Trump to Biden by those machines. Cyber FRAUD. Trump actually was the recipient of 80 million votes while Biden actually got 66 to 68 million. THATS what happened in the we hours of the morning ,once they saw the votes they needed. ILLEGAL. VOTES were brought in in the we hours of the morning. 3:30 to 4:30 in the morning when all were home waiting for the results. TRUMP was the real victor but the fraudulent DEMS had this all figured out. YOU FIGURE OUT THE REST. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WERE TRICKED ON THE END OF A FRAUDULENT ELECTION. NO ONE WAS TO BE ANY WISER. THEY GOT IT DONE BY THE MANY HACKERS WHO BROKE INTO THE MACHINES AND CHANGED VOTES.

    1. I agree with you, but no matter how much fraud you show some people, they refuse to believe their lying eyes!!!

      1. GOD’S KINGDOM RULES OVER ALL” GOD’S JUSTICE FAIRNESS HONESTY TRUTHS according to Isaiah 59 and Righteousness is MANIFESTING THROUGHOUT The DNC-Democrats Hunter-Joe Biden-family members money laundering lies deceit, kickbacks, Dominion-Smartmatic ballots voting cheating stealing, Tech CEO’ evil deeds, conspiracies working against GOD’S PLANS-AGENDA for America. I decree in JESUS NAME.

      1. Right now by eliminating the competition which is President Trump. And of course, ruining or eliminating anyone and everyone who dares get in their path to getting anything they may want.

  11. Impeach him or find a way to remove him from office. Anyone that joins the Democrats have to be crooks in my opinion. Biden and the Democrats are trying to destroy American citizens and replace them with illegals.

  12. Lets hope we all hear that a impeachment for Biden is underway and will be completed before the end of the month. When he goes down so will many others that are playing in his playground.

  13. The reason he was elected to the Senate was to represent the wishes of his constituents. Instead, he is involved in a vendetta against President Trump for his own selfish reasons.

  14. Its Now or Never the communist are in our Gov., congress and schools and time for Military to arrest and try the traitors ….. clean house from top to bottom both parties are full of traitors and China puppets pockets now over flowing with our tax dollars going to other countries and then returned to off shore bank accounts .

  15. All we need to do is get rid of the traitor Rinos and the evil anti-American Commie Democrats and America will be great!

  16. Everyone needs to watch the Mike Lindell 2 hour video. It is terrifying, and demonstrates how Basement Joe got into office. He is senile, and totally a puppet, owned by China.

  17. Ben, you chose poorly and did not represent your constituents. As a result, you should not be censored. You should be RECALLED and REMOVED from office immediately. You work for the people not your own interests. While you must also defend the Constitution, you cannot make decisions or policy that is influenced by your own personal views. President Trump did nothing wrong. He was speaking up for the millions of Americans who are concerned about the lack of election integrity and outright fraud and criminal activity that influenced the outcome of this past election. The coup that Time Magazine discusses did occur and We the People are not happy about it. The lies and censorship cannot hide it. Even if Trump is not in office, we will drain the swamp of dems and rhinos who chose not to put America First. The Jeanie is out of the bottle and you can’t put it back in.


  19. RINO S*** deserves it. I say kick the fool out NOW or the voters will do it for you. RIONITIS
    All the RINO S*** aka Democrat SPIES & Traitors MUST be voted out or booted out but PURGED from our party FOREVER.
    Or in 2024 there will be NO GOP PARTY LEFT & you will all be out of a job! I really hate the word dude but when dealing with an obvious du** dude, it fits him.
    Oh & the complete & utter clueless newbie aka the New clueless Dude: It is not one dude it is the over 100 million voters behind Trump you D*m Bu** and every one of us hates you RINO Jokes. We are all voters DUDE. Hello? Did you forget that little point in Politics for DU**IES training?
    So do not get too comfortable in your seat there, DUDE!
    I have upped the 73 million voters & adjusted for all the illegally flipped votes from the cheating software FLIP. The illegal votes changed or destroyed & the burned, shredded & driven to Canada votes etc. etc. etc. way over 100 million strong & very sick of every blood sucking RINO Traitor that needs to GO NOW.

  20. We need true conservative REPUBLICAN not moderate or liberal! These POLITICAN who when aganist Trump for growing the economy and standing up for the country. Don’t deserve any respect from PATRIOT AMERICAN PEOPLE! Be smart when talking to these people. They are taught how to sound intelligent but are LIAR! It the $$$$ and pension they are after. Nothing to do with you or me!

  21. The world is a dangerous place not because of those who do evil but because of those who look on and do nothing!

  22. Believe what you want to but it is clear what the Rino’s and Demonrats are doing. They do not care if they get reelected or not as they have a secure future after having to only serve one term. They are set for life with their pension and all the perks and benefits they have given themselves. The majority of politicians are nothing but worthless criminal bastards that should be in prison. We no longer have a Government, we have a Mafia of thieves that are no better than BLM or Antifa. They are hell bent on destroying this Country and are doing one hell of a job at completing it.

  23. My, oh, my. Ignorant, or worse, Putin sycophants at work with the UnAmerican Digest. Burble out accusations with absolutely no intellectual basis whatsoever. Like Jerry says above, no basis whatsoever. Just garbage. Jerry, you are excellent at inventing smelly stuff. Remind me so I can keep my grandchildren away from your cesspool – er school.

  24. Unfortunately folks at all levels of State and federal levels have failed to DO THEIR JOB!!!!! Here in Michigan top 3 women are witches and are Democrats! Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney general are the crooked as all get out!!! State legislature are as lame as lame can get and have failed it’s constituates to the highest level,all need to be replaced! State supreme Court EPIC failure have called governor unconstitional and has allowed her to continue her bs on the state and not found her in contempt of Their ruling!! Anyone else would have been locked up months ago!!! Calling these but wits is going to be considered as a joke to these bs artists because they could care less about what the american people think. Isn’t that obvious? They took an election as they saw fit and call everyone else liars. WAKE THE HELL UP people! Calling these people makes you a target! Rally recalls for all these idiots including the Babbling IDIOT in the White House!!!!!

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