July 4, 2022

Anti-police narrative blamed for the execution-style shooting of Tulsa police officers

Jared Lindsey, the chairman of the Tulsa Fraternal Order of Police says the national “anti-police narrative” is to blame for the shooting of two Tulsa police officers early Monday morning. One of those officers died Tuesday morning.  Lindsey said:

As I’ve spoken with police overnight and into this morning, we can’t help but see the work of the national anti-police narrative here. Enough is enough. For these officers and everyone else on the force leaving their own families today to go selflessy serve others, we must recognize the real impact of anti-police rhetoric and take real action to stop violence against police. 

Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Democrat politicians, mainstream media, and social media have all been pushing the anti-police narrative since George Floyd was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis on May 25. Protests, riots, and violence have accompanied the anti-police narrative along with demands to “defund” the police. By now, the whole world has seen video footage of “protesters” screaming obscenities and hate into the faces of police in numerous Democrat cities around the US. Does anyone doubt that the protests have targeted law enforcement with hate-filled rhetoric?

Representative Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) laid the blame squarely on the media for fanning the flames of hate toward law enforcement officers.

The officers

Two Tulsa police officers, Aurash Zarkeshan and Sgt. Craig Johnson, were shot execution-style at 3:30 a.m. Monday morning during a routine traffic stop. The shooter, David Anthony Ware, a man with a long criminal record, resisted arrest and pulled a gun on the officers. He shot Zarkeshan twice in the chest, then stood over his prone body, firing shots into his body and head. He also shot the Johnson in the head.

Zarkeshan is a rookie with only two months on the force and now he is fighting for his life.

Johnson joined the department in 2005, rising to the rank of sergeant in 2015. He leaves behind his widow and two children.

Governor Kevin Stitt encouraged Tulsans to rally around their law enforcement officers:

Our law enforcement officers need the support of their community now more than ever, and I encourage Oklahomans to find ways to show their support for those who keep them protected.”

The shooter

Ware has a long criminal record reaching back to 2006 when he was just 18. He spent time in prison for burglary. He now faces two felony counts of shooting with intent to kill and illegally possessing a firearm.

A second person has been arrested in connection with the shooting.

Watch a report of Wares criminal record:

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Susan M Grimme (@guest_1016517)
2 years ago

The media needs to report the truth and the idea of defunding the police is ludicrous and fatal if it goes through. Bye bye America, oh I love you.

Susan M Grimme (@guest_1016522)
2 years ago

All lives matter

Rev. Phillip Meacham (@guest_1016523)
2 years ago

For those of you who want to defund the police and who want to break the law and then fight the police next time a crook breaks into your house , steals your car , rapes your wife or daughter shoots or stabs you dont call the police since you hate them and think they are racist call your local antifa trash terrorist or your local black lives matter trash terrorist and see what happens. The attacks on police is a direct effect of the hate and lies that the liberal press and the anti-American washington do nothing politicans . First people need to be held accountable for their actions and every one of the liberal immoral group need to stop making excuses for why this trash broke the law and sits around wanting every one else to keep their lazy useless butts up.

Nancy Anderson (@guest_1016537)
2 years ago

I find it interesting that the media keeps fanning the flames of their anti-police narrative. What happened to honesty in reporting?

Richard Stanley (@guest_1016556)
2 years ago

I believe we should live by some very old rules. The number one rule in my book is if you live by the sword, you die by the sword! Someone inventful, should design a machine to do to the perpetrator what he did to the Law enforcement people only SLOWER more deliberate. The machine should be designed to inflict enormous pain! My thoughts come around to using “The Rack” for part of the day! At night he should be exposed to ravenous rats who enjoy fresh food. I believe that’s appropriate. That way he can try to repent in hell for eternity!

Oscar S. Ramirez (@guest_1016570)
2 years ago

The liberal media will continue to fan the fires of discontent without of remorse. Fanning, as by the media, should be written into law as a federal crime and appropriate legal action taken

The two officers are now listed as deceased and two families have been left to grieve by the actions of a common criminal.

The time is ripe for getting very tough with that criminal.

chief 1937 (@guest_1016579)
2 years ago

Just wondering where the protest are against these two police officers execution oh that’s right they were white therefore they deserved it I get it now. WE must stop this violence toward our police officers they have hard enough jobs already. Everyone in this world is allowed to make a mistake except our police officers and they have to be perfect and make perfect decisions all the time. In all these shooting cases our news media has omitted the background of those shot and all the circumstances leading up to the shooting. I will never condone outright murder from anyone however I have always held to the fact every story has at least two sides and sometimes more. Very strange with all these killings no one was doing anything according to our news media if that were true why the confrontation to begin with? Do our police have a set number of each race they must shoot in a given week? Must be very hard to remember what race you shot last. But if it is a police person they are free game I guess. Cynical yes tired of rhetoric yes. In all this destruction there is no one guilty of anything it seems.

Roy Olsen (@guest_1016581)
2 years ago

Blue lives MATTER more! than THANKLESS Americans deserve! Americans should be ashamed.

Babbo (@guest_1016597)
2 years ago

I hope these brilliant, worldly, sophisticated liberals are never able to get a policeman to save their rear ends if they are in a bind.

Fred (@guest_1016601)
2 years ago

Folks what’s sad, besides the shootings is pain the families are going through. Now the media will spin this into a win for all the hate groups. I’m a christian, however I am so outraged over this horrific incident I want to go to the Tulsa jail and hang this guy on the light pole.

E Carroll (@guest_1016658)
2 years ago

As a 70+year old widow, I am deeply grieved by what is currently happening in our country. The ignorance, hatred and lies that are running rampant bring terror to my mind and heart, especially as I envision what’s in store for my precious grandchildren and their whole generation. In all my years, I have never seen the widespread hatred and lies being spewed by those in positions of influence and authority, especially those elected to the House and Senate on Capital Hill. Lawlessness ranges from elected officials down to the lowest economic level of our population , driven by disdain for those charged with upholding those laws. What chance does the younger generation have of living without fear of violence and harm in what was once a much more respectable, God fearing and law abiding population who, in general, showed some level of respect and tolerance for citizens’ rights to express themselves lawfully, whether or not they supported the issues at hand? May God help us before we destroy ourselves from within!

We have laws in place to deal with those who break the law. Sadly, those laws are not being respected and those who are sworn to protect, serve, and uphold those laws are being maligned, attacked, and harmed by out of control people who are wreaking havoc and attacking them as they attempt to fulfill their duty and protect those who are trying to follow the rule of law.

William James Ward (@guest_1016668)
2 years ago

Society needs to be lifted up and respect for the Police restored. However the Democrats are
intent in the radical destruction of the American Republic, they want a Socialist, Communist,
Marxist and Jihadist totalitarian slave nation. Civil war could be the end of our days but
think on this, Americans have given up their lives for America in foreign lands, what will
the same minded men and women do here in America against rioters, subversives, disloyal
politicians and the rotten media promoting our American destruction. Just think on that
and if you are a into treason and destruction stop while you still can………….William

Jim (@guest_1016852)
2 years ago

Go with God my Brother. Praying for Officer Zarkeshan to recover fully and hopefully to return to duty. This HAS TO STOP! Police Officers are out there to help Citizens who are honest and trying to get by in this world. They give up time with family, lose all their pre-employment friends, miss holidays with family as well as birthdays and seeing their children grow. Their kids even get picked on when their friends discover their Mom or Dad is a Cop. MOST Officers even lose their marriage because they choose the job and the stress it puts on their spouse. They receive many injuries over the years and see things that should not be seen. They even risk death and could easily lose their lives should they make a mistake or just simply for doing their job. I was seriously injuried on the job and disabled and in pain for life by doing my job and through no fault of my own. Please show Officers the respect they deserve simply because they put on the uniform and face the bad guys out there.

Jim (@guest_1016854)
2 years ago

I have tried twice to post my condolences and best wishes to these Officers AND post a positive note about Police and it was refused both times. WHY? Was it because I posted a personal experiance that I was hurt in the line of duty and in constant pain and had to retire because I could no longer do the job I loved and was highly trained for? I am done with these websites that will not allow conservative posts.

Jim (@guest_1016858)
2 years ago

I tried twice more and they still refuse to post it.

Janet (@guest_1016866)
2 years ago

David Anthony Ware should be publicly hung. That’s the only justice I can think of right now for this horrible person. Good riddance scum bag…….



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