August 10, 2022

Anti-Defamation League pressures Fox News to fire Tucker Carlson

The left wants Fox News’ most successful anchor dropped from the network. Here we go again.

The Anti-Defamation League is calling for Tucker Carlson to be fired, asserting that he defended white supremacy, The Washington Times reported. Jonathan Greenblatt, head of ADL, said in a letter to the network that Carlson’s “rhetoric was not just a dog whistle to racists – it was a bullhorn.”

The letter asserted that Carlson has made many anti-immigrant comments and is skeptical that white supremacy is even real, according to the Associated Press piece. Greenblatt stated that “given his long record of race-baiting, we believe it is time for Carlson to go.”

The statement that roiled the organization the most had to do with Carlson’s assertion that allowing people who come to the country illegally to eventually vote dilutes citizens’ votes. Because he used the word “replaced” to make his point, the ADL linked it with a white supremacist theory that laments how people of color are replacing whites.

That’s not at all how Carlson was saying it, of course. In a subsequent appearance on “Fox News Primetime,” Carlson confronted the outrage over his statements and explained his position.

“I know that the left and all the little gatekeepers on Twitter become literally hysterical if you use the term ‘replacement,’ if you suggest that the Democratic Party is trying to replace the current electorate of voters now casting ballots with new people, more obedient voters from the Third World,” Carlson told host Mark Steyn. He then compared the situation to what would happen in a family.

“Look, if this was happening in your house, if you were in sixth grade, for example, and without telling you, your parents adopted a bunch of new siblings and gave them brand new bikes and let them stay up later and helped them with their homework and gave them twice the allowance that they gave you, you would say to your siblings, ‘You know, I think we are being replaced by kids that our parents love more,'” Carlson said. “It would be kind of hard to argue against you because look at the evidence. So, this matters on a bunch of different levels but on the most basic level, it’s a voting rights question,” he explained.

Carlson said that Democracy relies on “one person, one vote” to survive. “If you change the population, you dilute the political power of the people who live there,” he explained. “So every time they import a new voter, I become disenfranchised as a current voter.”

Although it’s the first time the ADL has gone after him, Carlson was previously under fire for his 2019 comments that white supremacy was a hoax.  Now that he has been targeted as a white supremacist for a comment that was really about the larger context of voting rights and the illegal immigration problem, it’s proven his point.

Even if Carlson is wrong and white supremacy does exist, it is certainly applied too liberally. It seems the only real litmus test is whether the person is stating something the left doesn’t believe in — then it’s not just wrong, it’s racist.

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Cheryl Scott (@guest_1205368)
1 year ago

Tucker Carlson is the ONLY REASON I still watch Fox! He goes… I become a ‘former fox viewer.’

Linda Morisch (@guest_1205373)
Reply to  Cheryl Scott
1 year ago

I would go also. This total BS and it needs to stop.
If he goes I go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marsha Smith (@guest_1206150)
Reply to  Linda Morisch
1 year ago

You know it has been my personal experience that the ones who HOLLER “RACIST” are, indeed, the most racist.
The ones who “YELL” white supremacists! Are indeed the worst white supremacists.
For those Americans who never studied REAL World History, this is the way Adolph Hitler got started AND would not quit until his homeland, Germany, was destroyed by “The Good Guys” fighting that war (WW II). To make things worse, the ignorant Germany people could not believe the horrible atrocities Hitler was doing. Thanks to Gen. Einsenhower, the German people were forced to SEE the TRUTH.
Would WE rather have Nixon as POTUS?

Brigit (@guest_1205388)
Reply to  Cheryl Scott
1 year ago

Me too. I am already watching Fox less; I don’t like them jumping on the Biden bandwagon at all, he is a disaster.
Tucker is right. I was born and raised in the south, I’ve lived here all of my life…59 years. I have never met a white supremacist…NONE. I have never met a kkk member. I have never had one person say to me that they are better than blacks or browns, or anyone else.
This is what WE say:
We don’t care what color you are, as long as you work for your living, and obey the law, you are welcome. We DO NOT like criminals…that is why we will fight to the death to keep our 2nd Amendment rights. We will not be left at the mercy of George Soros goons blm and antifa. I read that one of the leaders of blm just bought a $1.5 million dollar home in Malibu…I thought the money being donated went to help poor blacks in poor neighborhoods…I guess that’s just another Democrat lie.

Fred J. Amirault (@guest_1205500)
Reply to  Brigit
1 year ago

You liethat goes to the store during the day.0e you are nothing more than a housewife I am From Chicago, and have seen Whitesupremacists, . I found out white black white teenagers treated ne like they were the mob.As a sophmore, I was respected by those same kids. I treated them like equals which is what most of them really want Mow our cops hte thm so uch tht they kill blackes today Youy need you 2n mendment No, it i for us to have a milityer, and not having houysewifes armed with AK 47’s waiting waiting for Trump to tell you to start your civil Then, he will call on Puti to pick up him, nd his family, and then Putin will nuke u as described in Revelation Chapter 18. You will next see God’s whoie Throne Judgment You will stand with Trup until you are told to jusmt in the lake which is filled with fire instead of wster God is much mor important tht you beloved semi automatic gun

Brenda A. (@guest_1205655)
Reply to  Fred J. Amirault
1 year ago

Then move, whites do not treat blacks this way in the south. You choose where you live.

David Mille (@guest_1205928)
Reply to  Fred J. Amirault
1 year ago

Damn, that fool needs to learn how to speak english. No wonder he thinks all whites are Supremacists

Sharon (@guest_1206816)
Reply to  Fred J. Amirault
1 year ago

If you are tired of stupid people that as you say think they are better than you then you need to visit the south. But leave your attitude in Chicago. It’s not the color of a person’s skin that we have a problem with it’s a bad or unfriendly attitude. Open your eyes to the democratic bad attitude and stupidity. The Dems, and that probably includes the people you are talking about in Chicago, are the most racist people I have ever heard. They are racist against the color of a person’s skin ‘ white’. Every time they open their mouth they talk about skin color. If it didn’t promote so much hatred and evil it would be funny because most of them need to look at the color of their own skin, they are just putting themselves down. Attitude is the real problem not color of a person’s skin and right now the so called leaders in Washington have the worst attitude I have ever known. They teach hatred toward all Americans by dividing people into categories by color. A person earns respect by their actions not the color of their skin. God does not choose his people by their skin color, it’s ANYONE who truly believes. This color talk needs to stop!!!!

Fred J. Amirault (@guest_1205462)
Reply to  Cheryl Scott
1 year ago

You are a Trump Supporter too?? You support an anti-Christ who will destroy us.? In Revelation chapter 6, versus7-8, tells about the pandemic The word Sword against people is for Trump fighting against what we are supposed to do to save lives. So, a guy who only Graduated College because of the money his dad gave the college tyo raise his grades. He speaks like a 3rd grader

Brenda A. (@guest_1205657)
Reply to  Fred J. Amirault
1 year ago

I know a lot about the Bible and if you did as you claim know the Bible, America is NOT mentioned in the end days and Trump is NOT the anti christ. The anti christ will be born in the Old Roman Empire this is written in the nBible through the old prophets and does NOT appear until after the Rapture. It is all there in the Bible to read. Christians will not be here for the whole book of Revelations, so do not add words to God’s word that is not there.

Ed & Vicki Maskell (@guest_1205516)
Reply to  Cheryl Scott
1 year ago

Tucker is the only reason We even turn Fox on! If they Fire Tucker…. in our household fox so we come nonexistent!

Phillip (@guest_1205533)
Reply to  Cheryl Scott
1 year ago

I know right hes a blast and he just tells it like it is . Hes getting fired for being truthful and doin his job . Everything racist , those indeed that cry racist are indeed the racist thereselfs. Yeah i would have to mark fox off my calender to from watching anymore the world is crazy and very rediculous with all these senseless narratives

DeeJay (@guest_1208195)
Reply to  Phillip
1 year ago

I agree, you tell it like it is, there is only truth behind his statements, but they don’t want to hear the truth. We are in a Sad place and heading for disaster, this needs to stop. you cannot make everyone believe that everything is rosy when it isn’t. no matter who you try to silence.

CeeDee (@guest_1205545)
Reply to  Cheryl Scott
1 year ago


Carole McClinton (@guest_1205585)
Reply to  Cheryl Scott
1 year ago

I only watch Fox because of the truth behind Tucker! You fire him, I fire fox news!

Shalini (@guest_1205791)
Reply to  Cheryl Scott
1 year ago

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Marlene (@guest_1205394)
1 year ago

It seems, Brigit, that you are not the only one that is questioning where the money is going. Several people of color are asking the same thing.

Sandra (@guest_1205398)
1 year ago

The Defamation League needs to be told where they can stick their demands. Who cares
what they want. Why don’t they go and demand that CNN and MSNBC ,to start, should
shut their doors. Both are liars and are always making statements about people that they
should be sued for ten times over.

Michael OConnor (@guest_1205400)
1 year ago

When are companies going to start figuring out that everyone has a right to an opinion not some. I have stopped watching all sports, drinking Coke, using UPS ,Flying Delta and the list goes on. If enough do this they will get the message.

Brenda A. (@guest_1205659)
Reply to  Michael OConnor
1 year ago

Need to add Paypal to the list. I will never use them again either

Connie Phillips (@guest_1205411)
1 year ago

If you fire Tucker Carlson, our 5 tv family will never watch you again. You will be on the list, just like MLB, NFL, all sports, Coca-Cola, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, etc. etc. which we do not buy shop, watch, purchased tickets for, etc. for any of these and businesses like these that cave to the left. So if Tucker goes, so does our household!

Barb (@guest_1205431)
1 year ago

If this is true, how can we find out where these border jumpers are being sent to as states? If it is to mostly republican states that may be a edifying comment.

bob esteban (@guest_1205452)
1 year ago

Time to stop watching fox news.

Lyudmila Loseva (@guest_1205473)
1 year ago

The Anti-Defamation League and Jonathan Greenblatt are calling for the firing of Tucker Carlson, claiming he defends white supremacy. But unfortunately, neither the Anti-Defamation League, nor, moreover, Jonathan Greenblatt, can intelligibly explain to an ordinary normal American that this is – “white supremacy” and whether it is good or bad. For example: – What supremacy does the Anti-Defamation League consider itself to be in order to demand the media to dismiss their employees who do not like this Anti-Defamation League? And Mr. Jonathan Greenblatt, what supremacy does he consider himself to be in demanding that Tucker Carlson be fired for his convictions? I hate Greenblatt’s supremacy very much, but that’s not a reason to fire his supremacy, from anti-defamation league supremacy.

Nannette (@guest_1205518)
1 year ago

Know who the racists really are? Everyone who accuses the loudest. They are weak minded and lazy. Not happy here? Go to china, go to russia, north korea, They won’t go because they have the freedom to speak. The really sad part is that have been brainwashed in communist thinking, they are all sharing one brain and it is rotten. That makes them really stupid!

Robyn (@guest_1205570)
1 year ago

Tucker Carlson must be doing something right if it’s driving the LEFT NUTS! I say keep it up Tucker your GREAT!

Talltexan (@guest_1205674)
1 year ago

All of these comments and responses should be directed towards FOX direct and not broadcast to the general public like most comment forums are. How can we bombard Pelosi direct…so she gets the heat and not thru some email browser or online news organization. This is what I want to see changed.

Rodger Shull (@guest_1205781)
1 year ago

The ADL, needs to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine, they need to be sued for their sorry rhetoric. Just communist babble. Hey ADL , try JSTFU .

Don (@guest_1205796)
1 year ago

The commiecrats want to get rid of anything or anyone who disagrees with them, period. They can GSTH with their lies.

Stephen Russell (@guest_1205809)
1 year ago

ADL: Americans for Deformed Logic
Hey Tucker there is NewsMax
& counter sue ADL
& use Saul Alinsky tactics on Dems or nothing changes
Apply rules they do to US to them
Make level playing field

thomas a narsete (@guest_1205814)
1 year ago

What’s the matter libbies are you afraid TC has great raitings and reaches voters. Very typical for your party. You can’t win unless you rig the system

Mad as Hell (@guest_1205830)
1 year ago

Guess the truth hurts! If the Anti Defamation League really cared they would be all over Biden/Harris & the Democrats for their down right lack of brains to have invited these people to come into the country & not knowing what the HE## they were doing & allowing children to come in without parents. Biden/Harris & all the Dems. should be up on charges for not protecting our boarders, dereliction of duty, child abuse, human trafficking & rape!!

BC (@guest_1205832)
1 year ago

Screw the ADL!!! Tucker is King of FOX–He goes and most of the viewers go which FOX cannot stand after the election day CRAP. Tell the ADL to Eat $hit and Die!! I watch NEWSMAX and Tucker (FOX). OAN is good but not on DTV. The Rest (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and the rest of their Bastard children networks) Can go back to Russia/China where they came from.

xconcern (@guest_1205884)
1 year ago

Personally I’d like to see Tucker leave and go to NewsMax !

Douglas S. Harrison (@guest_1205991)
1 year ago

Fox News would be stupid to fire Tucker Carlson do not listen to all the nitwits
we have in America . when are people going to wake, and say enough is enough?

Virginia Bailey (@guest_1206130)
1 year ago

Tucker is ‘king’ because he promotes Americanism. But all the Fox News people are good. Every so often I get cross with a commentator because I think they are promoting a liberal cause, but they are just practicing good journalism, something I grew up with and I am 90. We are loosing this unique Country after we all worked so hard to make it an open one for more people than any other country in the world. WHY THE DEVIL DO YOU THINK THEY ALL WANT TO COME HER!!!!!

Buddha (@guest_1206211)
1 year ago

Foxx needs to back their people. Tucker is honest and caring. The Anti Defamation League are a bunch of kiddies when compared to people that will stand up for the American People, and is honest. The Anti Defamation League can’t do that, they aren’t even honest about anything or anyone. What has the League done to help anyone but themselves? I have one thing to say to them, “Eat S__t (crap)and die.”

TroopAbn (@guest_1206530)
1 year ago

More like “Anti-American League”. If Tucker goes, this household goes!

Honest John (@guest_1206958)
1 year ago

If Tucker goes or Hannity The Fox network is finished I will watch Newsmax for all my news.
They have to ged rid some of those liberals that they hired. They really are a turnoff Bad for ratings Ill switch the channel as soon as thy come on.

Jeffery Hindsley (@guest_1208151)
1 year ago

AL’S statement has no bearing and makes no sense. How is it possible that being opposed to allowing illegals to vote racist? If anything, saying letting illegals vote dilutes elections is the truth. Carson didn’t target any one specific race, he was high lighting a very legitimate concern every voter is having regardless of race, creed or color.

Javiernop (@guest_1234869)
1 year ago

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