September 30, 2022

Another White House official resigns as Biden administration burns down

President Joe Biden has injected racial equity into every facet of his agenda. Now he has lost one of the greatest proponents of this system.

White House Senior Director for Environmental Justice Cecilia Martinez announced her resignation Friday, the Daily Caller reported. Martinez had only been in the role a year but is taking time off to be with her family.

Those who espouse environmental justice believe all issues, including environmental ones, impact ethnic communities differently. Martinez and Gina McCarthy, White House national climate adviser, had shared their vision for combating this supposed crisis in a letter last March.

“Black, brown, and Indigenous people across America face disproportionate health burdens from environmental pollution,” they wrote. “Too many communities sit in the crosshairs of climate change, facing increasing safety and health risks without the resources and support they need.”

Martinez had also advocated for the Justice40 initiative, Biden’s policy implemented via executive order that ensured 40% of any federal money spent on green infrastructure would go to underprivileged communities, the Associated Press reported. Though she had some success, it is never enough for radical leftists.

“I would say that overall there was some progress made in advancing environmental justice priorities more through executive actions than legislation,” the climate justice director at the nonprofit Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition, Juan Jhong-Chung, said of Martinez. “But our communities are still waiting for the results on the ground.”

The administration also faced criticism from Dallas Goldtooth, who acts as campaign organizer for the Indigenous Environmental Network, who called the president out for “over-commitment” to outcomes that never materialized. He also charged that Biden “has not been sincere in actualizing its ambitions.”

While it’s possible Martinez simply wanted to spend more time with her family, it’s apparent that Biden has painted himself into a corner with these lofty leftist initiatives. All they do is give Republicans more ammunition to speak out against his big-government power grab while Democrats complain he’s not going far enough.




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