August 14, 2022

Another Moderate Democrat breaks with party, says Democrat brand is ‘not good’

Despite the results of the 2020 election appearing to break in favor Democratic president-elect Joe Biden, it looks like there are some fissures erupting in support for the party’s increasingly radical agenda.

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) broke with the Democrat narrative to sound the alarm that his party could continue to lose local elections because of their unpopular national politics. He won re-election to the 13th Congressional District seat in his state, but lost his home county because the Democratic party’s “brand is not good.”

Ryan blamed radical Democratic politics for the mass exodus of working-class voters who used to be a reliably solid electoral base. He pointed to Twitter’s echo chamber that led many tone-deaf congressional members and staffers to assume that fighting for issues such as social justice were paramount, even in the heart of the Midwest.

The moderate Democrat won re-election by 7% against Republican challenger Christina Hagan, but lost in his own backyard by 1.5%. “It was a tough year for a lot of moderate Democrats around here and around the country,” Ryan told the Washington Examiner

“Our brand is not good,” Ryan said. “We have 70 million people who either hate us or are afraid of us or believe there is this vast spread of socialism in our party. It is why we lost so many seats in the House, or some seats were a lot closer than we wanted.”

Republicans are on track to gain 13 seats nationally after last week’s election, despite the runup polling projecting a 15 to 20 seat loss. Like Rep. Conor Lamb (D-PA) who also blamed radical members of the party for his narrowly won race, Ryan believes that local politics has become swept up in the national narratives. Politicians like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) trumpet policies that mostly resonate with people on the coasts.

“There are many people who think my party has abandoned them,” Ryan said. “I think if we start having really tangible results on the economy, on COVID, a good infrastructure package, we have the chance to head towards the midterm on a pretty good economy.”

Ryan said it “could be an interesting time to be running for a Democrat” with that kind of political capital. “Under a new brand with a good economy, it could look more the Clinton economy of ’96, than the Clinton economy in ’94,” he said. Many say former President Bill Clinton’s years of prosperity were spurred on by Republicans balancing the federal budget, however.

The unveiled, gloves-off radical leftist agenda seems to be a losing strategy, which is why even Biden moderated his rhetoric and spoke vaguely of patriotism and unity. Indeed, Ryan called on Biden to “put a new name, a new brand on the party.” In other words, he wants the party to become more Republican.

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Gerald S Ladd (@guest_1072611)
1 year ago

it’s now more then ever, the communist party!

Guest (@guest_1072622)
Reply to  Gerald S Ladd
1 year ago

Yes, the democrats have become communist and sold us out to China and Russia and attempted to sell out to Iran. They censor free speech, calling it “ hate speech” unless we agree with what they consider “ politically correct” which is basically hate for all things Constitutional, decent, or true.

DARIA MIEDZINSKI (@guest_1072624)
Reply to  Guest
1 year ago

Your are right

Linda (@guest_1072790)
Reply to  Guest
1 year ago

I seriously can’t see putting a treasonest man in the White House there goes our country for sure CCP.

Mike Artmann (@guest_1072613)
1 year ago

I feel the loss of confidence I felt in the country coming home from Vietnam in 1969 all over again! I never voted till this year , what a pile of crap this turned out to be! What the hell does for country mean anymore?

Guest (@guest_1072627)
Reply to  Mike Artmann
1 year ago

The Vietnam veterans lost so many young men in order to inflate the ego of Lyndon Johnson. They had no choice, if they were drafted they had to go or spend time in prison. When they arrived in the jungles of a foreign country with their antiquated weapons,little to no training, terrified and instructed to kill the “ enemy” who looked no different from the south Vietnamese , and whose language nor customs did they know. They were always “ on duty”… one minute talking to a fellow soldier. Next minute the other soldier would have his head blown off. Meanwhile democrats Jane Fonda and John Kerry ridiculed our brave young men sided with the enemy. Nothing has changed… but these veterans suffered more than any soldier since, because when they came home, thanks to the hate mongering from the democrats, they were ridiculed,spat upon and treated like the democrats in leadership still treat our veterans. Two presidents they respected and are respected today are George W. Bush, and Donald J. Trump. I love and respect these veterans because like our Presidents above, they gave their all for America, including those who hate them.

Dan F. (@guest_1072710)
Reply to  Guest
1 year ago

All very true. The only safe place was where you and your buddies were standing.
Thanks for the show of respect.
Sp5 Dan F.
4th Infantry Div,
RVN ’69 – ’70

steveo (@guest_1072731)
Reply to  Guest
1 year ago

i did two tours there and agree with you.coming home seemed like i was in a foreign country.i was spit on and called a baby killer for serving my country.all this happened from two weak democrats kennedy and usual nixon ended vietnam and reagan the cold war and now trump’s trying to end our other wars.i’m just lucky to come back alive!

Geraldine Dunne (@guest_1073835)
Reply to  Mike Artmann
1 year ago

I agree, Mike, the media caused our country to be divided then too- because of lies!!!!

My husband died of Parkinson’s from being a helicopter pilot in Vietnam, and went to his grave without any Disability pay for his disability caused by the war- 7 yrs after his death, when they re-opened the case, along with hundreds of other vets. ..They then admitted he did have Agent Orange! He cried how his country had betrayed all of you and honored Jane Fonda!!!! Then when they came home or retired from their 20-30 yr careers in the military- they were spit upon for serving Our Country in Vietnam. When Kerry came on TV he’d yell what a liar he was….and didn’t trust the News anymore. I don’t anymore- but am glad Newsmax is trying to tell the truth.

Harold L. Andersen (@guest_1072614)
1 year ago

The Dems are a bunch of liars savage’s, and cheaters, everything they do is screwed up, that’s putting it mild

Guest (@guest_1072630)
Reply to  Harold L. Andersen
1 year ago

Yes sir!

vickie (@guest_1072665)
Reply to  Harold L. Andersen
1 year ago

Amen sir, and its heartbreaking to hear the vets that fought for all we have in this country and put their lives on the line and to come home to a country that is broken because of Democrats, others that have disrespected,dishonoured your sacrifices for this country.just know more than not respect you and thank you for your service. vets can walk with their heads held high you all have earned the respect, honor.keep the faith and leave it in God’s hands he has the last word.

Laura (@guest_1072615)
1 year ago

The Democrats wanted Trump out so bad they have forgotten about the Constitution and the will of the Party. For 8 years with Obama and and 4 years with Trump they have bashed a Republicans non stop. They need to wake up because midterms are definitely going to take many Democrats out. All these Republicans that retired this year are as guilty of Democrats. I can tell you the American people who love this country are in for a rude awakening. You see it was Republicans this time fighting for there life’s next Election it will be the Democrats. I absolutely believe after all this Republicans will control everything and bring us back to the Country we all know and love. There are no victims. The Democrats made them victims and they are going to pay for this for years. GOOD JOB NR. PRESIDENT YOU HAVE EXPOSED THEM ALL. NOW ARREST OBAMA AND BIDEN THATS WHAT WE PATRIOTS WANBA SEE. GOD BLESS

Arvilla McCall (@guest_1072628)
Reply to  Laura
1 year ago

A rest Biden, Obama and Killiary

James (@guest_1072619)
1 year ago

F–k the commie biden system

WVRidgeRunner (@guest_1072620)
1 year ago

Having served my country for 22 years, I have seen the hatred of the Demoncrat party progress for more than 50 years. Anybody that has ever studied any of our countries history as it relates to the wars we have fought, would know that the tactics used by Adolph Hitler and his henchmen in the mid to late 30’s know that the Nazi tactics used then are exactly what we are seeing now. The constitution means absolutely nothing to any and all in the Demoncrat party especially if they are a politician. I know that many of the die hards in their 60’s and 70’s still think it is the party of Truman and JFK, but they are dilusional. What was Mein Kampf for Hitler and the Nazi’s is there manifesto today. Destroy the law enforcement, install radical judges, refuse to prosecute criminals and take away you way to defend yourself when there is no police to call.

Domingo (@guest_1072625)
1 year ago

The party is owned by the CCP lock stock and barrel. Don’t look for this election to go your way when the ballot count and the court challenges are all said and done. As for Biden talking to foreign governments, he’s telling them that he made good on their deals whatever they may have been. As President, he is going to require higher payments than he did as VP for selling America off.

Jean (@guest_1072629)
1 year ago

They are starting to throw each other under the bus. Should be fun to watch.

H G Euritt (@guest_1072631)
1 year ago

The real problem is that Creepy, Sleepy, Pedophile Joe and Sleazy, Murderous Accomplice Kamala, are too radical for America. Joe is a hollow individual and is being told what to say and what to do, by who, his idiot running mate Kamala. The Democratic party is in deep trouble and you are going to see alot of the so-called Moderate Democrats will be jumping ship during this 4 year term..

frank faingar (@guest_1072632)
1 year ago

I would like to know if joe biden & hunter paid taxes on the money they made from there illegit deals with the urcrane russia & china.if not way not.the IRS should investagate.

Jim (@guest_1072637)
1 year ago

Wow! Someone is finally getting it, and there’s others, but most are to stupid to listen actual people, and not the Twitter La La Land, MSM, blabbering. They are missing the most important part though, 4 years of being called every name in the book, dragging the country through endless, made up claims, that even the majority of moderate democrats knew were false. Yes, people do not trust the democrats anymore, because we are all taught which bathroom to use, and do not need the government to tell us.

Katydid (@guest_1072639)
1 year ago

Follow the money. The reason the East Coast are all blue is because they either work for the government or have contracts with them. They don’t want to see the swamp drained because they would lose those high paying contracts. The West coast…well they are just a bunch of overpaid, ignorant movie and sports people that have no idea what real life is about. So again I say, follow the money. (Politicians included in that group that are hauling in large monies for little work or treasonist work).

Deborah Aruto (@guest_1072641)
1 year ago

I think Biden should be disqualified as president he lied and stole from the American people. Also take out every news reporter that doesn’t tell all the facts. Fire them all. The news is suppose to have integrity now they are lying stretching the truth. Some facts but mostly twisted. You all should be fired.FOX, NBC CBS ABC. Suvanna Guthrie, Chris Cuomo, Chris Wallace LESLIE Stahl all fired for misusing the facts. Not being unbiased. Here’s a truth fact, NEWS CHANNELS DONT CALL THE PRESIDENTIAL RACE. You DONT get to say who won. As for the democrats, pedophile Joe hasn’t done anything in 47 yrs yrs but molest kids and sniff them, what the he’ll makes you think he has anything now?

William E Gordon Sr USAF Ret (@guest_1073122)
Reply to  Deborah Aruto
1 year ago


Randy Justice (@guest_1072643)
1 year ago

Don’t worry, It ain’t over til the Republican held Supreme Court of the United States of America says it’s over, the liberal democrats can say anything that they want to, but when the overwhelming amount of evidence and guilty democrat poll workers that are now trying to save their a$$es from prison time get through testifying, it will be evident that this election actually WAS rigged and OUR President, DONALD J. TRUMP will be sworn in once again on November 20th, just like it should be !!! LIBERALS ARE NOTHING BUT LYING PIECES OF TRASH, THAT GOES FOR THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA ALSO !!! MAGA and KAG !!! 2020 REPUBLICAN LANDSLIDE !!! CHECK MATE !!!

paw paw (@guest_1072651)
1 year ago


John Decker (@guest_1072659)
1 year ago

If every Democrat in the country died tomorrow, the U.S. would be a better place to live.

Mark (@guest_1072660)
1 year ago

If anyone believes the election was not fraudulent you are poorly informed. The rioting dems need to oust President Trump at any cost. Even the cost of citizens lives. The left know they cheated and want the election certified as quickly as possible so their are no more investigations into their criminal activity. Sure China wants Biden to be President. He’s already paid for.

Richard Paul Gauthier (@guest_1072661)
1 year ago

Most bad situation was when CIA gave us info that was wrong military info not good we all ways want to know who got so many soldiers wounded

Chris (@guest_1072730)
1 year ago

Thank you to all our brave veterans. And a big fu to all the democheats trying to ruin our great republic.

Christine K. (@guest_1072737)
1 year ago

Big Trump rally In Washington this weekend. I wonder if the fake news will cover any of it.

MikefromTexas (@guest_1072745)
1 year ago

The democrats should all lose because of all the cheating by a lot of them.

Dolores (@guest_1072752)
1 year ago

The democrats want power ovary over everyone and everything. People evidently didn’t pay attention to what they are going to do. I got out when Obama was campaigning. When he said he wanted to fundamentally change America, I didn’t know what he meant and I didn’t like it so I switched parties and wished I had done
it years ago. God help us if this mess with the election is straightened out and it is proven that President Trump really did win.

Tom (@guest_1072847)
1 year ago

People need to know that the STOPWATT device is a scam. They are no more than an LED light and they are scamming people out of $M.

Patty (@guest_1072965)
1 year ago

Thank you for your service to ALL veterans, and God bless. My husband was in the Air Force during the Vietnam war, when we came back from the Philippines, because he had to wear his uniform on the flight back, we were spat upon in the San Francisco airport as well. My children couldn’t understand why we were so hated! Now the demonrats want to demonize all Republicans, lie, cheat, steal, in order to steal this election. President Trump WILL prevail, he WILL be sworn in as President in January 20th, Biden and company WILL NOT get away with this farce! He needs to apologize to the American people for scamming us! Obama and the rest need to be prosecuted for subversive tactics against us and our country!

VIET VET (@guest_1072986)
1 year ago

Everyone needs to wake up and smell the coffee… Who do you think is behind all of this? How about
Nancy Piglosi? Who stands to gain more than her? They will oust Biden after a couple of weeks and
Kamala will take over as president and Nancy will become the v.p. This has been her goal from day one of Trumps presidency. She and the rest of the democRATS have had this plan in mind since his swearing in.
The hell with the constitution, the hell with the American people. Why did Nancy stop negotiating with the republicans for the bail out?? POWER THAT’S WHY….
I also am a Viet.Vet. and went through all the crap when I returned home, and now, it feels exactly the same as a conservative I might as well be coming back from that hell hole.
a former Vietnam Veteran ’65-66 U.S. ARMY

William E Gordon Sr USAF Ret (@guest_1073121)
1 year ago




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