October 2, 2022

Another California Democrat leader caught violating their own COVID-19 rules

Democrat leaders around the country have been responsible for imposing some of the most draconian COVID-19 lockdown rules since the inception of the pandemic’s spread in the United States and some of them seem to have a problem following their own orders.

According to Breitbart, San Francisco Mayor London Breed joined the list this week of elitists politicians who follow the “rules for thee, but not for me” line of thinking, as she was spotted dining at the lavish French Laundry restaurant for an indoor dining experience, just three days before she shut down restaurants in her own city.ย 

Her actions didn’t violate Napa County rules at the time of her dinner, however, they would have been a violation of her own city’s rules — which is why so many are upset that she’s obviously not willing to practice what she preaches.

Her exquisite indoor dining experience at the famously expensive Napa Valley-based restaurant was just one day after California Gov. Gavin Newsom was caught in the same situation at the same establishment — a controversy that he quickly attempted to get in front of by admitting that he should have followed his own guidelines and bypassed the dinner.

As Fox News reported, just a few weeks after Breed was spotted out on the town, chowing down on a $350-per-plate dinner, she made the announcement that San Francisco business owners — especially restaurant owners — were dreading.

“Weโ€™ve been worried for months, but now itโ€™s real,” Breed said. “The truth is weโ€™re going to have to take more restrictive action and it pains me to say that.”

Some of those new restrictions, which could be announced as soon as this week, will include mandatory quarantine periods after traveling and a harsh new round of restrictions on gathering sizes and small business operations, including a ban on outdoor dining, which would be nothing short of a business-killing move.

Her announcement comes in the wake of a growing number of anti-lockdown protests that seem to be void of any politics and it’s easy to see why — people are generally sick and tired of the local and state government’s knee-jerk reactions to even the slightest uptick in COVID-19 cases.

Turns out, even in the liberal bastion of California, people still prefer freedom over being feared into hiding in their homes for weeks and months on end.



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