July 4, 2022

Ann Davison scores rare conservative win as Seattle city attorney

Republican Ann Davison was elected City Attorney of Seattle on Tuesday in a surprising win in the city taken over by CHAZ radical activists just a year ago.

Davison first drew attention by winning a runoff election in August that put her on the ballot for November. She faced self-proclaimed abolitionist Nicole Thomas-Kennedy in the election.

Davison is a former Democrat who turned Republican and has lost two previous shots at elected office in Washington. Now she is the new city attorney in an area that received just eight percent of the Trump vote in 2020.

The newly elected city attorney had the endorsement of former governors Chris Gregoire and Gary Locke in the lead up to the election.

The Seattle Times also recommended Davison leading up to the August battle.

“Davison’s vision is to help restore a lawful city with real compassion, not exacerbating the plights of people struggling with poverty, mental-health or substance-use disorders. Rather, she supports an approach with services and interventions that help troubled individuals but also keep the public safe. And she would not shrug off the challenge of using the city attorney’s authority to step in with sensitivity when behaviors endanger other people.”

Seattle will now see what it’s like to have a conservative leader in charge. Perhaps Davison’s victory will be the start of new movement of conservatives pushing back against a city known for its progressive views.

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