June 19, 2021

Andrew Yang hospitalized with reported kidney stone

New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang was admitted to the hospital on Friday after complaining of abdominal pains later found to be associated with a kidney stone, according to Fox News. He has since been released from the hospital after recieving treatment. 

“After experiencing abdominal pain this morning, Andrew Yang visited an emergency room where he was diagnosed with what appears to be a kidney stone,” the Democratic candidate’s campaign announced Friday morning.

The candidate received treatment at New York’s Mt. Sinai West hospital, a Manhattan establishment well within the would-be mayor’s campaigning grounds. 

The stay was a short one, however, as they announced just a few hours later that Yang was released and doing well.

“Thank you to the team at Mt Sinai West for the excellent care! And thanks Evelyn for keeping me company as I experienced my first (and hopefully last) kidney stone. 

 “[I] Have been discharged and will now proceed to drink lots of water for the rest of the day,” Yang tweeted along with a photo with several hospital staff.

The presidential candidate-turned mayoral candidate was with his family at Yankee Stadium on Thursday for the opening day of the 2021 Major League Baseball season, according to Fox News. However, the candidate’s office said that his Friday events were canceled due to the unexpected event.

Yang was scheduled to unveil his plan to revive Broadway and other live performances on Friday. 

The New York mayoral candidate rose to notoriety while advocating for a $1000 per month universal income for all adults while campaigning for the presidency in the most recent Democratic primaries. 

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4 Responses

  1. For crying out loud. Does this publication’s writers have the faintest clue about how common kidney stones are.

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  2. Well is this news?Will we now hear he has Covid?.Why can this news channel.print something about the resurrection of Jesus?

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