May 25, 2022

An examination of a deal between Putin and Biden

Conservatives have drawn a line between Russian President Vladimir Putin and United States President Joe Biden with common interests. 

According to an Op-Ed published by The Washington Examiner during a recent interview with Meet the Press, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley reminded viewers that Joe Biden’s State Department is still sitting around the Iran nuclear deal table with Putin’s Russia and Xi Jinping’s China.

“Setting aside the dubious merits of restoring that deal in the first place, Russia’s continued involvement is an embarrassment that should end now,” the Examiner’s David Freddoso said in his article.

“If Russia cannot be practically removed from the room, talks should at least be halted until this invasion is abandoned. Or perhaps the entire framework of the talks needs to be revisited.”

The article went on to remind readers what is happening in Eastern Europe saying, “Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces invade a sovereign country, target civilian buildings on the thinnest possible pretexts, and now twice violate a ceasefire intended to help civilians flee a city under heavy Russian bombardment. So you would think we would have learned our lesson about Russia by now, but we haven’t.”

The opinion editor went on to describe what he believed were the reasons that any deal with Putin should be seen as unacceptable to the United States:

“Putin has demonstrated not only aggression but also extreme deceit. This has been true in Ukraine since at least 2014, in his bombing of hospitals and aid convoys in Syria and in his assassination attempts against British nationals, to name just a few of many transgressions that predate this one.

“Any involvement on Russia’s part in Iran should be considered hostile — an effort to skew whatever deal emerges in order to improve Putin’s position globally in whatever way he can. Given his recent actions, there is no argument left for including Russia so as to placate it or avoid creating ill feelings. Putin thinks we’re already at war with him — perhaps we should start treating him as if we were.

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