June 12, 2021

Amy Coney Barrett video shows last moments before media crush envelops her

If there’s one lesson that we learned from the Kavanaugh nomination, it’s that once a nominee for the Supreme Court has been announced, nothing is off-limits. They’re immediately enveloped in a crush of partisan media seeking to comb their private and public life for anything, anything to use against them.

So when Trump’s latest Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett stepped onto the front porch of her Indiana home with her family to leave for Washington DC, cameras captured the last moment of family serenity before the trial by fire that she’s about to endure.


Barrett looks determined but already under pressure as their old lives fade away. Cameras in the street will be something the judge will have to get used to.

I feel for the family – remember what Brett Kavanaugh’s wife and daughters were subjected to?

I also feel an enormous admiration for Judge Barrett and her willingness to serve despite the toll it will take on her personal life. As evidenced by her nomination remarks, family is everything to her:

The president has asked me to become the ninth justice, and as it happens I am used to being in a group of nine — my family. Our family includes me; my husband, Jesse; Emma; Vivian; Tess; John Peter; Liam; Juliet; and Benjamin. Vivian and John Peter, as the president said, were born in Haiti, and they came to us five years apart, when they were very young. And the most revealing fact about Benjamin, our youngest, is that his brothers and sisters unreservedly identity him as their favorite sibling.

Our children obviously make our life very full. While I am a judge, I’m better known back home as a room parent, car pool driver and birthday party planner. When schools went remote last spring, I tried on another hat. Jesse and I became co-principals of the Barrett e-learning academy. And yes, the list of enrolled students was a very long one. Our children are my greatest joy, even though they deprive me of any reasonable amount of sleep.

Our prayers are with the Barett family.

Read the full story here.

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71 Responses

  1. Put the damn dems in jail all they want to do is destroy america. Line the SOBs up an shoot the scumbags or put them on a plane to a communist country where they belong. We can make America great again once the scum bags are removed.

        1. I pray her family realizes that not all Americans are against them. It’s just the democrats and libtards the rest of us are proud of their mom for her accomplishment and thank her family for allowing her to be able to help us out. Moms a hero.

    1. WAIT!! you forgot Omar, AOC, Schiff, Nadar, and most of all PELOSI!!!!! I could have said Obama but I was being nice.

    2. amen

      we all need to recognize the dems for what they are… they are enemies of our country and actively trying to destroy it

  2. start arresting people that bother her make false statements and lies . good people need to stand in front of her and family and protect her . we need to take a stand against these radicals idiot demorats .

  3. You are the epitome of the perfect person to represent the American people as a Justice on the Supreme Court.
    I will pray for you and your beautiful family.

  4. The media just cannot let a good thing go unblemished. She has a beautiful family and the children should be left alone.

  5. What a beautiful family. What a wonderful way for them to grow and learn of life.

    Yes, the idiots will go nuts with it. And, it will make all the family stronger, wiser, and know why to always vote red.

    Obviously blue is the insane, and often lying color.

    This woman will make a great SCOTUS. May God bless her and her family.

  6. We’re praying for Judge Barrett – that she have strength, continued stand for who she is and what she’s accomplished in her life – and also wit. That God will protect her family totally. That she and her family be comforted by God, surrounded by angels, strengthened by the Holy Spirit — to do this Scotus job fairly and by the constitution. Amen

  7. They are not DEMOCRATS any more….they have ruined their party and have been slowly doing this for years and slowly successful indoctrinating their voters. Vote TRUMP for at least four more good years. May the loyal DEMS may see the light. Give it up.

  8. I understand your disgust with the way certain politicians conduct themselves! However, shooting all but six – to save for pallbearers – is not the American way. Nor is booting them out of the country. It is their ‘right’ as citizens to raise a stink when things are not the way they want them. As my parents used to say: the woods are full of them. The lesson therein was to understand that the enormous amount of non-thinking, non-learned, non-caring individuals is appalling… our only ‘fair’ response is to be prepared to combat all their lousy behaviors…..legally and fairly. Tall order in this day and age. But, to mimic all these crappy qualities reduces us as exemplars to their miserable level. Don’t run away, whining and complaining. Stand and fight – legally – for what is RIGHT !!

    1. Pull your head out o the sand. What is happening now as we watch is what happened in germany during the nazi party march to power.

    2. When they violate their oath of office it is PERJURY! We should have them in court, convict them, and send them packing. Once convicted they are banned from holding office or receiving an income from the government.

      1. I want to know why and how Ms. Pelosi is allowed to say and do anything that she so desires as Speaker of the House and no one says anything about her stepping out of her bounds. Totally allowing her to put words in their mouths as senators? Using the Pandemic as an excuse for her to vote in their place. Trying to make us think that is the Senators that want to make such demands as to avoid dealing with the real issues at hand. That would require them To stand behind our President and promote Peace for the American people. In Indiana, when we don’t wear mandatory masks in our hair salons, we are arrested. Ms. Pelosi masked the situation by saying” I don’t wear a mask, when i wash my hair, Do You? Knowingly admitting that she was definitely on the Wrong side of the law. Salon was closed. She had No business being in there. I’m positive that she wasn’t washing her own hair at the Salon. She should be paying everyone’s ticket, or at least her own. I’m looking forward to having Judge Amy Barrett serve on our Supreme Court. God Bless America.

  9. My heart goes out to Amy and her family. I remember so well the torture chamber that Kavanaugh went through. I know very little about Judge Barrett but enough to know that President Trump made an excellent choice for her nomination. I beleive her and her family should be seqestered until the hearings and swearing in. The vultures under Pelosi, in the Democratic party and the media are going to turn her world upside down. I hope she knows that she as many many supporters out here. Hang in there Judge Barrett.

  10. You sound like a LADY that is used to confusion. And, unfortunately, you are getting more/too much right now! CONGRATULATIONS on Your Appointment and I only wish You and Yours only the very Best and have no doubt you will serve admirably. Raymond V.

  11. Think of Biblical Esther…. “for such a time as this” May the God of heaven and earth be your protector against all evil. Jehovah Immeka- Lord is with you.
    Jehovah Hashopet- Lord, our Judge.
    You can be our mouthpiece here on earth- God will be our Eternal Judge.
    God’s blessings upon her and her family!

  12. Dems all are a disgrace to our country . They only want a Dem in place to continue their crimes they been getting away with for many years.

  13. Ladies and gentlemen please be civil. I’m praying for all but especially for the persons who have an inability to fully describe their beliefs without cursing and name calling. Really doesn’t make your point and is discussing. May God bless us all.

  14. This is an ALL American Family, and their mother
    …is going to make a wonderful…. ALL American
    Supreme Court Justice, Judge Amy Coney Barrett.
    Thank you, President Trump, for choosing so wisely!

  15. Send the Democratic Snowflakes to Venezuela. Shame on the people who uses faith and children in anyway. These Democrats have no standards at all.

  16. Congratulations… prayers for you and your family for what will be put upon you by the evil Democrats and Liberals. Stay the course and keep your head held high . God bless you

  17. Too bad they didn’t look past Odummers history!!! Since he was a buy in from Soros it wouldn’t have made any difference,however since we know what he has done since should not keep him from the firing squad for treason to America!!!! Looks like we are going to have to fight to get our country back or you need to start holding these criminals (demrats) accountable ,wether it be arrest,hanging ,prison something has got to be done !!!!!

  18. after reading all the above comments there is a thread to all …… the left is ticked off the Prez made a choice of a judge who is going to live the notion of making decisions according to what our constitution sez and demands …. what a novel idea ….. it seems to me if these left wingnuts would work as hard to make this country great again as they do at trying to make it what the American people in large do NOT want we would be getting some where ….. in the meantime…… God Bless Amy & family … we look forward to you becoming a SUPREME COURT JUDGE …..

  19. The Democrats cannot come near to what Judge Amy Coney Barrett is a great choice. Keep fighting for
    the right to serve on the high court. there are people behind you.

  20. She is just what we need to interpolates the concentration as written. Be dame the democrats! They try every day to rewrite the Concentration.

  21. It used to be that family was off limits. But with people taking God out of this country that is what you get.

  22. Serve our GOD of all, our country as was written and do not bend. Do this and HE will protect you and yours. Our prayers are with you. Take the oath of office and never let us down. We will back and defend you and this nation. GOD bless and keep you.

  23. God bless our President for having made this excellent choice for: God, Country and, Family! The LIFE of JUDGE Barrett covered them all! She is a TRUE AMERICAN in every way!

    God bless our President for being a FAIR MINDED MAN with FAIR MINF AND HANDED JUDGEMENTS!

    Our beloved USA must be united by our FOUNF}DING PRINCIPLES: Love for God, Country and Family, without failing!

  24. I agree totally w all the comments on here.
    Line em up n firing squad can rid these evil terrorists. So done w letting it go crap. It’s outta hand w democrats. They’ve continued to break the laws, no regard for human kind period. Go back to these days when you paid for the actions. Americans certainly do n being in that position; you should be setting examples. You earn trust way before you’re honoured for that respect due. Democrats have not earned a dang thing to honor. Horrible ppl breaking law after law n it’s not OK.

  25. Democrat equals Swatika wearing, jackbooted, goose stepping, brown shirted haters. They need to be put on a plan and sent to country like Iran and forced to jump out into waiting arms of the Republican Guard.

  26. Congrats on your nomination, god bless, Special PRAYERS ON THEIR WAY, and I feel you have what is needed
    to hold your own against these Demo’s. God be with you and remember ,HE IS IN CONTROL SO,
    LET THEM HAVE IT, AND SHOW THEM WHAT A REAL Smart women really is all about.

  27. In todays’ world, an honest person is absolutely insane to take a position that has anything to do with our corrupt government! Although, we need all the honest people that we can find, they will become targets of the Democrats, Antifa and BLM even before they accept whatever position that they’re seeking or being drafted for. Until we drive every corrupt politician out of our government, we will be under a constant threat! Being, I believe, an honest down to earth individual, I’m sure that there is corruption in both parties and I believe that Donald Trump knew that when he said he was going to “drain the swamp”! The Democrats and I’m sure, some Republicans are in George Soros’ pockets. Proof of that is, guess who’s sponsoring and supporting Antifa and BLM (George Soros), guess who George Soros’ nephew is married to (Chelsea Clinton) and who do you think is behind the (Democrat, no action policy) while our cities go up in flames and people are murdered? If you guessed George Soros, you hit the nail on the head! God help America and President Trump!

  28. 100 percent for Amy coney barrett great pick president trump Republicans do your job confirming her soon

  29. Bring in the SHIPS… load this trash up and ship them to LIBERIA… since they want to be called AFRICAN… so be it. IF YOU HATE IT HERE THEN LEAVE… I will help you pack !

    1. African -American would mean just that! Born in Africa. living in America, and now you’re hating it? Again, Go Home. Why stay? only if you’d want a better life for you and your family, than your ancestors had. Because America is a great place to be. Freedom is a sweet sound.

  30. Keep in mind that Pelosi wants to be able to determine what people write on Facebook. She apparently doesn’t like to hear or read the comments people make about her. The only thing Pelosi has going for her is money. Apparently the Democrat men in Congress are a bunch of spinless guppies, no spines. She apparently has something on all of them so they are keeping their mouth shut. She is the most corrupt Speak of the House, to my knowledge, that has ever served. I bet any of the retired Speakers are ashamed of how she acts. I do hope that Mrs. Barrett gets confirmed.

  31. I’m reading a book that describes how a dictatorship is formed and we are almost there . I know because I lived under it the first part of my live. If you like to stop this takeover before it is to late read the book from Sean Hannity
    ” Live Free or Die” .

  32. The democratic party is the communist party now. We can’t ever let them gain power in our country again or our country will be lost and gone forever. Keep your guns ready and loaded. Communism cannot be tolerated in this country. Look what it’s doing to or country right now. If that’s what you want to be….them get the he’ll or of or country. Go to north Korea on a one way ticket. See how you like that. Don’t be crying to come back home cause we know you will. It was communists that tried to overthrow or country and or president. The deep state ARE COMMUNISTS!!!

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