May 24, 2022

Amy Coney Barrett smacks down gross attack from leftist heckler

The left repeatedly disparaged Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett and congratulated themselves on a job well done. However, they’re no match for her down-to-earth sense of humor.

Barrett smacked down a heckler who called her an “enslaver of women” during a live event from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Monday, Fox News reported. The Supreme Court Justice recovered and delivered a zinger pointing out the childishness of such behavior.

“As a mother of seven, I am used to distractions — and sometimes even outbursts,” Barrett said after the hubbub had died down. The audience laughed and applauded in response.

It’s unclear what the particular objection of the heckler was at the time. However, Barrett was discussing the media harassment she received when she became a potential pick for former President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court after Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement in 2018.

“I think one of the difficult things that I experienced that I wasn’t really fully prepared for, was the shift into being a public figure,” Barrett said. The worst was yet to come during her contentious confirmation hearings just two years later.

Barrett was ultimately confirmed to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in October 2020 despite Democrats’ protestations, the New York Post reported. Leftists were apoplectic because Barrett was replacing a liberal justice, and Trump was doing so ahead of the presidential election.

They worried that Barrett, a devout Catholic, would overturn the Roe v. Wade decision that effectively legalized abortion in the U.S. They also didn’t like that the new court would be a 6-3 majority for originalist judges.

Anyone who is right of center becomes a target for the left, especially capable women like Barrett. Leftists believe that women are only emancipated when they have the ability to kill their own children and Barrett flies in the face of that narrative as she — a mother of seven — sits on the highest court in the land.

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Richard Logan (@guest_1285570)
1 month ago

I like a good Lady who has a pair.



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