July 3, 2022

Americans overwhelmingly reject calls to defund the police

Leftists have capitalized on the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer to attempt to dismantle law enforcement organizations nationwide.

Though the movement is gaining momentum amongst elites and activists, a new YouGov poll shows that the vast majority of Americans have soundly rejected calls to “defund the police.”

The poll, conducted from May 29-30, found that 65% of Americans opposed defunding police departments, and as Breitbart reported, “only 16% of Democrats supported it — the same proportion as Americans overall.”

Pollster David Byler remarked on Twitter that “defund the police is not the most popular police reform. Trying to make mainstream it and/or pushing for more than you think you’re going to get (i.e. bargaining) are [obviously] reasonable strategies. But heads up that not all proposals have equal public support.”

However, it’s not a fringe idea anymore. Rep. Ilhan Omar, (D-MN) tweeted on Friday, “The Minneapolis Police Department has proven themselves beyond reform. It’s time to disband them and reimagine public safety in Minneapolis.”

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti also bowed to the pressure this week, pledging to slash $250 million from the city’s police budget, crippling a law-enforcement agency already overwhelmed by crime, drug abuse, and homelessness in the city.

Another poll, conducted by Morning Consult and released this week, showed that 7 in 10 Americans support using the National Guard to quell the violence ravaging many of America’s once-great cities.

Radical leftists are attempting to gaslight Americans into believing that anything other than defunding and dismantling law enforcement in the US is the only legitimate solution to the problem of police brutality, but their efforts are clearly not popular with voters.

Will radical leftists succeed in taking down law enforcement organizations? Scroll down to the comments and let us know what you think!

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ปั๊มไลค์ (@guest_1004679)
2 years ago

Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

2 years ago

These are actually great ideas in concerning blogging.

2 years ago

These are actually great ideas in concerning blogging.

Howard Raymond Rickabaugh (@guest_1004749)
2 years ago

If police departments are dismantled or underfunded it won’t take long to see the consequence. Those responsible will feel the effect rather quickly. Most departments are already under staffed.

Kit (@guest_1004963)
Reply to  Howard Raymond Rickabaugh
2 years ago

This has gotten way out of hand. Regrettable that floyd died but he did have fentanyl, meth, other substances in his system. Intoxicated. Not smart with heart condition.
Now, what is it? 10 to 12 officers have been murdered, primarily black. Where is the black lives matter in that? A young woman shot in the back? Several cop murders shot in the back.
Destruction of neighborhoods.

Tony (@guest_1005020)
Reply to  Kit
2 years ago

But what the good people in our country may not be seeing with all the riots taking place in our country may be about , as these riots that are taking place across our country may be just another one of those Evil minded Democrats ways of trying of having our President Donald J. Trump removed from the white house , as he been under attack since day one , and never let up since he became our commander in chief of our country , and if there is anyone that should be removed from power , it is all those Democrats within the white alone , for not doing their jobs , that where being paid off of the backs of working people of country , and it is they that have the power of removing them , along with our president and those that work with him , in ways of having them removed , and let them squawk them all they want , because that is what needs to take place , because tis our country and not theirs for the taking .

Brenda (@guest_1005088)
Reply to  Tony
2 years ago

The Mayor of Minneapolis has asked Trump for funds. They have a shortfall of $55K, so their needing the federal government to bail them out. One of the things they are looking at is defunding the police department. This is the mayor who sent the police department home, and the 3rd precinct was burned. What will happen to this state with no police department, and the Democrats running the state.

diane boone (@guest_1004761)
2 years ago


Tony (@guest_1005036)
Reply to  diane boone
2 years ago

hell we are now seeing just how evil and crooked those types of people with blown out minds are , which are those Democrats , that is their mayor’s police force , which are their to protect their lives , as well as to protect the people of their cities , but then people with no brains , how can they know any better , and those who give us our news are no better , that all belong in the nut house, and not trying to take over our country.

alicia Cervera (@guest_1004774)
2 years ago

How can ANYBODY in their right mind think DISMANTLING the POLICE is good? Not even blacks think its a good idea. they also want law and order according to Leo TERRELLL and he’s a leftist!! dont listen to people like Sharpñton hes a charlatan and an agitator! THESE people have hay in their head no doubt!!! GIVE POLICE MORE PRESENCE MORE TRAINING AND MORE PAY! And more RIGHTS and dont FREE the criminals once arrested.! Implement STOP and FRISK and all of GIULIANI’s PLan from the 80’s! ENOUGH SAID!

Nellie (@guest_1004836)
Reply to  alicia Cervera
2 years ago

Perfect idea because many police officers don’t have terriors training. I was so glad they were hiring returning Military guys. Governor Nuisance in CA cut funds for Law Enforcement
Trump 2020
Castro did same thing and then his military raided citizens homes and accounts.

James2U (@guest_1004928)
Reply to  alicia Cervera
2 years ago

Sharpton and Jackson two race baiters who have become maga rich off your victimhood. Their has to be someone who has anything but hate and greed in their heart and conscience

Ann Marie wehnert (@guest_1004778)
2 years ago

I surely hope not. If there are no police, everyone with a gun at home will have to be in charge. If that happens, all the losers who are proposing this had better get out of town quickly because they will be the number one target. Police are thereto protect us. They put their life on the line every day for you and me. Let’s show some respect for these caring men and women. There are always a few bad apples in the barrel, but considerations all the good ones, this decision is just another way to try and change our opinion, through fear. The no good leftists are behind that in order to gain more power and belong to a new society of Marxism and Communisim. Wake up Americans. This is the time to Vote Red so we can keep our Constitutation and the rule of law.

Cynthia (@guest_1004796)
2 years ago

Wow! What an idea. We let the criminals loot and burn and make off with expensive watches, jewlery, and handbags.

And we punish the police by defunding them.

That doesn’t’t sound a bit crazy to me!! LOL

Julie P (@guest_1004802)
2 years ago

If ANY city defunds, disbands or otherwise cripples law enforcement I pray to God that the lawful abiding citizens have enough notice to move and/or make other living arrangements. Please ensure the elderly have help securing safe homes! Then we need to ensure that ALL mayors, city councilmen, governors etc. are not able to secure their homes with paid or private or government protection. The majority of their constituents cannot afford to have such protection, why should they? Of course this is the same group of people who want to take away your guns and leave you totally vulnerable.

Nellie (@guest_1004829)
2 years ago

We won’t have Law Enforcement to cover alarms when we have home invasions. CA Governors Brown’s exclusive order under Obanas regime, law Enforcement and Border patrol cant back up each other. That makes everyone not safe. Governor Nuisance in CA has cut funds for Law Enforcement and released felons and illegals criminals back on streets.
Floid has a long history with drugs. There is more to this case than the officer putting his leg on Floyds neck. Did they know each other for 17 years? Don’t add up! More investigation!
Cutting National guard troops from WH don’t make sense. Trump needs to bring in Military support with real bullets

Bob (@guest_1004851)
2 years ago

You defund the police at your peril! That’s the most idiotic plan in a host of idiotic democratic plans!

Bill Wilson (@guest_1004859)
2 years ago

If the cities of this country defund their police departments, as the left wants them to, then the only safe people will be celebrities with their walled compounds, and other rich bastards too. Without law and order the rest of us are sitting ducks for the lawless THUGS that are destroying this country now.

Grace (@guest_1004860)
2 years ago


William Holt (@guest_1004864)
2 years ago

Defund the police! That’s a stupid idea. What brainwashed idiot thought that one up. If people would stop behaving badly there would be no police but we all know that is not going to happen. Want to see more crimes, try that one.

James Miele (@guest_1004894)
2 years ago

Unbelievable, and the Democrats support it? So then what? It’s mad Max comes to the United States? Where were all the liberals going to hide? Liberal Democrats, pure ignorance.

Janice Sines (@guest_1004914)
2 years ago

This is a totally BAD idea. There are good police out there that risk their lives everyday to keep us safe. They are not all bad just like in groups of people there are good and bad.

Jodi Waters (@guest_1004916)
2 years ago

Defund the police. defund the military. Don’t build the wall. Give welfare, food stamps, medical, housing and education to illegal immigrants. Congress, Senate and their staff need raises every year, while we pay for their offices, staff, office supplies and electronics, pay for their travel, housing and utilities in Washington. Also, we pay for their security guards for their offices and homes.
Clinton and Obama spent our Social Security and Medicare monies on their pet projects and drove up the national debt. The largest generation in history is retiring and the bill is due. Pelosi’s on record saying that Americans should have prepared better for retirement because the money is gone.
Trump is the bad guy since he has tried to put an end to it. Wake up Americans, it’s not about race but what game they have played for years. Demo(n)crats using Americans against each other like chess pieces on the board.

FrankAboutIt (@guest_1004941)
2 years ago

Might be a great idea. Then we can have Vigilante Justice. Militias. And no one to investigate, or intercede. It has possibilities for ridding society of the dregs and the corrupt, criminal, communist political leadership.

James2U (@guest_1004942)
2 years ago

Really let U.S. defund the police! I know a bunch of fools who need a good beating and no cops make that crime easier to commit. What a bunch of fukkin morons.

Do NOT forget your SECOND AMENDMENT America because WHEN WE HAVE no police we are all going to have to carry guns AND USE THEM!

Just how incredibly stupid some of U.S. are! What do you thinks stops me from enacting my VOILENT imagination ON YOU, YOUR WIFE AND CHILDREN, FOOL? DO ANY OF YOU MORON REMEMBER CHARLES MANSON, TED BUNDY ETC? I’LD RATHER LIVE WITH THE COPS THAN WITHOUT THEM…

MARK GOLDSTEIN (@guest_1004950)
2 years ago


Stephen E Tilghman (@guest_1004953)
2 years ago

Ask to de-fund police and you call yourself stupid and an idiot. We need lawful appointed people to fight for a domestic society.
But ask for laws that push legal authority to force punishment for wrong doing among our police and to make laws applicable to everyone including those that make the law is just and good.

russell remmert (@guest_1004981)
2 years ago

omar needs to be arrested or deported

William Donald Rutland (@guest_1005047)
2 years ago

Stand up America for punishment of good policemen and punish evil ones it is the way of clear thinking

Jan (@guest_1005082)
2 years ago

Don!t let it happen ! There’s already too much violence in this country!

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2 years ago

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