June 29, 2022

American woman abandoned in Afghanistan goes public

The shameful manner in which the Biden administration left U.S. citizens behind enemy lines amid its rushed troop withdrawal from Afghanistan came into stark relief last week when one of those Americans coming forward to tell the sort of harrowing story the mainstream media won’t, as Fox News reports.

During a segment on America’s Newsroom on Friday, Jennifer Wilson, COO of Army Week Association who also works with Project Dynamo – a group aiding U.S. nationals stuck in Afghanistan – told the story of “Julie,” a woman abandoned when American forces departed the country and who also joined the broadcast to explain her dire predicament.

Wilson described the role she has been playing with the organization since August, saying, “I kind of run the ground-ropes in America. Part of that role is going through the database and vetting who is requesting evacuation.”

While articulating the challenges of assisting American citizens and those with NATO passports stranded in Afghanistan, Wilson stated that it was through her work of contacting individuals via phone to learn about their individual circumstances that she encountered Julie, adding “She told me her story and it broke me.”

Julie entered the conversation with host Dana Perino and said that she “came to get married in Afghanistan and return to her life with her family back there” until the “Taliban came in and everything changed.”

Underscoring the apparent lack of interest expressed by the U.S. Department of State in helping her – and presumably other Americans stuck in country – Julie said she had no choice but to rely on
Wilson’s help because whenever she called American officials, “they just take the phone and say ‘I am sorry, we can’t do anything for you.’”

Choked up with emotion, the effectively abandoned American citizen turned things over to Wilson who said that Julie had gotten a communication from the State Department telling her to evacuate through the Kabul airport, but in a tragic turn of events, she reportedly lost 18 members of her own family in the suicide bombing at that very site that also killed 13 U.S. service members, as The Blaze noted.

Sadly, because only July and one of her children have American passports, Wilson is only able to help them leave the country, and she now faces the wrenching decision of whether to accept that assistance to leave and be reunited with two teenage children already in the states, or to remain in Afghanistan with family members not killed in the airport blast.

Shining a spotlight on the disgrace of what the Biden administration has wrought, Wilson said of Julie’s unbelievably tragic dilemma, “I am not smart enough and I don’t have the emotional intelligence to know what she is going through.”

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