July 3, 2022

American parents are waking up to Democrat takeover of public schools, fury will impact 2022 election

Americans used to have a great deal of trust in their public school boards and educators. Now that parents know what’s really happening in the classroom, the party’s over for school boards across the country.

A Fox News poll has found that nearly 3 out of 4 registered voters are “extremely” or “very” concerned about what children are being taught at public school, Fox News reported. The issue was second only to inflation among all respondents.

The survey found that 73% reported being “very” or “extremely” concerned about the issue. It was only trumped in importance by inflation, which concerned 87% of respondents and the 76% who worried about healthcare.

The breakdown on party lines demonstrates how the issue is perceived on the right and left. While Republicans put it at the top of their concerns and independents have it tied for third, Democrats rank it 8 out of 12 on a list of important issues.

“The debate about the nature of the curriculum in the public schools has become a hot button issue for Republicans,” Daron Shaw, a Republican pollster who conducts surveys for the news outlet, said. “There is strong sentiment on the right that administrators are imposing a liberal agenda against the wishes of parents.”

It appears that worrying about school administrations forcing their political agenda on kids is a “major problem” to 63% of respondents. Surprisingly, race and transgender issues ranked at 49% and 44% respectively.

Those again broke further along party lines, however. Democrats place threats against school officials at the top of their priorities (67%) while Republican respondents view advancing a radical political agenda as the most concerning (72%).

The left is trying to craft a narrative that heated school board meetings are about out-of-control parents rather than an understandable response to the inappropriate or radical ideas being taught to children. However, it seems most voters agree that school curriculum is a top priority and deserves their attention — and it’s about time they’ve woken up to the power these schools wield.


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