September 30, 2022

Albany judge dismisses one of the cases against Andrew Cuomo

Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was the recipient of a criminal complaint which has since been dismissed by an Albany Judge.ย 

On Friday, Cuomo, represented by Michael McDermott and Rita Glavin, appeared in court but did not make a statement as the proceedings continued.

According to Fox News, the case, which included the complaint that Cuomo was guilty of “forcible touching,” was eventually dismissed.

The defense team rested their argument on previously filed paperwork with the court saw as sufficient evidence that Cuomo was not guilty of what his accusers said he did.

The defense requested that the court dismiss the charges, which The prosecution did not object to, stating that they did not have the necessary evidence needed to procure a conviction.

Additionally, following the ruling, the Albany court ruled that the former governor’s documents pertaining to the case would be sealed.

These are just some of the accusations being brought against the former governor that pertain to alleged sexual misconduct with a number of women formerly in his employ or who he came in contact with during the execution of his duties.

The former governor was also accused of a number of crimes in conjunction with his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York that claimed the lives of a percentage of the elderly population.

Cuomo is accused of changing the statistics that would make it appear that the elderly were in less peril than they were, in reality, keeping some of their family members at bay who assumed their elderly were being properly cared for.

Former Governor Cuomo may have “made deals” to escape being indicted in the COVID nursing facility killings in New York, according to Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean.




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