September 26, 2022

Alaska Gov accepts Trump endorsement, agrees not to support Murkowski

Alaska Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy has accepted former President Donald Trump’s endorsement, agreeing not to endorse Sen. Lisa Murkowski in her reelection bid after she voted to impeach Trump.

Trump offered the conditional endorsement on Tuesday, offering his support if Dunleavy would guarantee he would not back Murkowski for Senate.

“This is why Mike Dunleavy of Alaska has been, and will be, a great Governor. He has the courage of his convictions,” Trump said in a statement.

“Lisa Murkowski is the ‘disaster from Alaska’ who single-handedly blew ANWR, one of the largest energy sites in the world, and an incredible economic development opportunity for the Great State of Alaska!” he added.

The governor’s response should strengthen he efforts through the Republican primary and in his reelection bid. Murkowski will now face challengers in her own primary who could unseat her in 2022.

Trump’s endorsements have done well so far, leaving Dunleavy in a good place while Murkowski’s days in the Senate may be nearing an end.




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