May 13, 2021

Ahmaud Arbery’s shooters indicted on hate crimes charges

With so many manufactured instances of racially motivated crime, it’s difficult to know when authorities have found the real thing. Was the killing of Ahmaud Arbery in February 2020 one of those instances?

Travis McMichael and his father, Gregory were indicted on hate crimes charges by the DOJ for the killing of Arbery, the Blaze reported. The pair and another man, William “Roddie” Bryan chased Arbery down after suspecting he had robbed a nearby construction site before fatally wounding the 25-year-old.

The elder McMichael had called 911 when he spotted Arbery, telling the operator there was “a Black man running down the street” whom he suspected of the robberies. There were other minor incidents in the neighborhood, and surveillance video from the home under construction showed Arbery enter and leave again, though there’s no indication he took anything.

The father and son duo grabbed their guns and went after Arbery, according to Fox News. Bryan joined in the chase in his own vehicle and cornered the man before a struggle ensued. Three shots were fired, and Arbery sustained a fatal wound to the chest.

All three men are facing federal charges including interference with rights and attempted kidnapping for the incident. The McMichaels face additional firearms charges as well. Bryan’s lawyer claimed he had committed no crime at all while the McMichaels’ attorneys disputed the hate crime charges.

“There is absolutely nothing in the indictment that identifies how this is a federal hate crime and it ignores without apology that Georgia law allows a citizen to detain a person who was committing burglaries until police arrive,” attorneys Bob Rubin and Jason Sheffield said. However, an Associated Press report may shed light on where authorities came up with the charges.

“Mr. Bryan said that after the shooting took place before police arrival, while Mr. Arbery was on the ground, that he heard Travis McMichael make the statement, ‘f—-ing n—-er,’” Richard Dial, Georgia Burea of Investigation agent, testified. Travis McMichael’s attorney denies the claim, however.

It’s difficult to know what really happened that day, but what is clear is that the aftermath became part of the race hysteria that emerged in May of 2020. If these men were out for blood based on the color of Arbery’s skin, their conduct was criminal. If that was not the motivation, these men may end up paying for a crime they didn’t commit because of the current political climate.

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27 Responses

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  3. Under federal ethics laws, most political appointees are required to publicly disclose their current and past financial ties for reasons of transparency and public confidence that their policy decisions are free of conflict of interest.

  4. Federal indictments? I was getting excited because I thought it was Hillary or Schumer, or Obama or Hunter Biden or Maxine Waters. Those are the indictments that need to come down.

    1. True, Those are the ones who need to go first. Although it seems they are exempt from the law and they just keep operating boldly promoting Communism.

      1. I agree 1000%! We’re sick of hearing about the other crap, give us whats important!
        Where is DURHAM? Is he a living creature? hog wash i bet hell come out if ever like Barr and Herod, washing his hands.

    2. I’m sorry to say that you and I will probably never see them. The courts ,the law and the police and the press can not allow that to ever be the case.

        1. Oh dear! How wrong can you be! Serving a subpoena on one and saying they are conducting an investigation on the other are not indictments.

        2. Gaetz and Rudy should be last to be indicted!! They have done nothing compared to what you dummorats have done…settle down and try to get your facts straight!!!!!!!

        3. The Kenyan interloper, the Clinton Crime Family, the Biden Crime Family, and ALL those supporting the communist takeover of America are those that should be in front of a firing squad, NOT AMERICANS.

    3. You do realize obumer went into the w.h. with about 21/2 million, when he left he had about 200 million, at least!!


  5. Indict the one who shot the unarmed protestor at the Capitol January 6. It is on film. Give justice for their families. Why has RNC been so quiet. Do something President Donald Trump

  6. WE NEED President Trump Back NOW !! We Can’t Wait till 2024 ! Look at the Damage that has been done in 4 months ! Dear God Stop these Evil Imposters ! They Are NOT Elected officials ! They Are Destroying Everything we Ever Worked For Just to Give it to Illegals ! Our Forefathers would be Rolling over in their graves ! Lord Jesus Help us !

  7. The criminals have always been in charge in Washington, but now…the criminals REALLY ARE in charge. This is damn disheartening.

  8. The authorities think the American people will think they are doing their job when they catch the small fish. But we know that they are not doing their job because they are letting the big fish go free. When will there be equal justice for all? I guess when we get someone back in office that will again work on draining the swamp.

    1. Right, I don’t see hunter or Joe getting arrested, or Maxine Waters for incitement, or all the conspirators with Hilliary when they tried to frame Trump or any of them who unjustly entrapped Gen. Flynn.

  9. I am done with this site I want to read News And the Comments I do not like seeing the Spam Scams @ all Bye

  10. If Arbery hadn’t struggled with them, and tried to take the gun, he would be alive. Why do black people always resist? If he wasn’t looking for something to steal, why was he there? They had already called the police, there was no plan to kill Arbery. All he had to do was wait for the police to show up; but, no, he tried to take the gun away from the men, I remember this story very well.
    It is not justice to railroad ANYONE. I never thought I would see this kind of injustice in America…with the Democrats in control, it looks like this will continue.

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