May 13, 2021

Top adviser confirms Trump is considering launching independent social media platform

After Twitter, Facebook, and a host of other social media companies banned Donald Trump from their platforms, speculation began that the former president would return with his own answer to the leftist tech oligarchs.

On Saturday, Trump confidant Jason Miller told Breitbart that Trump is indeed considering either launching his own social media platform as a competitor to Silicon Valley tech giants or throwing his weight behind an existing independent platform. 

“I would expect that we will see the president reemerge on social media,” Miller said during an interview with Breitbart News Saturday. “Whether that’s joining an existing platform or creating his new platform, there are a number of different options and a number of different meetings that they’ve been having on that front. Nothing is imminent on that.”

“All options are on the table,” Miller said in response to a question about whether Trump will forge his own path or join an already-established alternative social media company.

“A number of things are being discussed. Stay tuned there because you know he’s going to be back on social media. We’re just kind of figuring out which avenue makes the most sense,” Miller explained.

Trump himself has remained remarkably quiet following Joe Biden’s inauguration, causing speculation to run even more rampant. Though he’s revealed few specifics, Trump made it clear in the aftermath of the November election that he’s not planning on retiring from the spotlight. It’s just a matter of time before he makes his move.

Even before being banned by Twitter while still President, Donald Trump was on the warpath against censorious social media platforms that used their power to control the public conversation.

Trump himself told Breitbart in August that he believes companies like Twitter and Facebook are “100 percent” trying to control the flow of information — a fact that became more and more apparent as the election drew closer.

“The tech companies are very dishonest about that and about free speech,” Trump told Breitbart at the time. “It could be a big problem for them at the appropriate time.”

Despite years of warnings about the undue power given to social media giants, Republican legislators failed to use their power in Washington over the last four years to crack down on big tech’s abuses of Section 230 to the Communications Decency Act, which gives social media platforms protection from liability for content published on their platforms.

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81 Responses

  1. TRUMP is going to be a thorn in these liberal/communist eye for as long as he lives. He had better be very careful cause these people will find a crazy man to try and kill Trump

    1. Fantastic. Someone needs to stop their censorship of news and he would be great!!! I sure hope he does this asap.

      1. go for news on short wave . this CANT be censored, it is just there.

        go out into international waters like the jolly roger pirate station did and broad cast patriot free radio world wide. !

    2. I hope he does both, maybe buy CNN and go into competition with Twitter and the rest. ITS THE ONLY WAY to help the 75 MILLION get thru the next 4 years or until BIDEN GOES BONKERS (which may be sooner than later} and KAMALLA is thrown out for INCOMPETENCE!!!

      1. Personally, I think Biden will be gone much sooner than 4 years and Kamel Toes will be removed for treason rather than incompetence

      1. As an outsider looking inside, the REAL REASON the left HATE Trump: HE WAS ABLE TO OPEN THE CANS OF WORMS WHERE ALL THESE LIBERAL SWAMPS CAME. They hate him because they will all be jailed once their participation on the corruption during Obama and Biden, Clinton era will be discovered. they all got their share of the CUTS given to them by IRAN (to name a few) on the 450B Obama gave them (money laundering) and the uranium Clinton sold to Russia under Obama’s watch. All the things they accused Trump are the things themselves did. is that not amazing? making trump the fall guy for their atrocities and corruption? All Americans know all these, we just cannot do anything because we are just small fries.

  2. ALLELUIA! This is what I’ve been waiting for. Move forward with your plan President Trump. Well be 100 behind you.

      1. I was never on Twitter, etc. I’ll sign up for this one ASAP.
        Buy a network and sock it to them Mr T. We need you.

    1. I would gladly get on his site. He is only person other than just a couple of congress that I trust and respect.

    2. every true American would sign up. Now the only decent news source is Newsmax. Even Fox has too many liberal jerks on. They already kicked Lou Dobbs off and I believe several others who are conservative will be gone before too long. Try Newsmax people they do not have these liberal fools even as guests. If I want to listen to liberal poop I can always watch CNN etc which I have not done for years.

      1. I have been watching Newsmax recently and I like it but I was really aggravated when Bob Sellers walked off of his own show when HIS GUEST Mike Lindell talked about the fraudulent Presidential election. Sellers said that he accepted the results of the election and did not Question it. That did not sound like a conservative to me. I doubt that Greg Kelly would have done what Sellers did. I hope he wouldn’t. We’ll see how Newsmax portrays itself now.

    3. Can’t wait for this to happen and see twitter, facebook, and the other demonic sites run out of business. Never did twitter. Haven’t used my facebook account for years. Rumble out ranks them in so many ways!

    4. Everybody would and then the oligarch tech companies would go broke I hope he does it and very soon I know I would be on his sight quick than you could say boo!!!!

    1. The ONE man, Donald Trump, with guts on the right who can do a great job for the USA!!! I want him to do whatever he decides to do because he is intelligent and speaks his mind. He is superior to every leftist on planet Earth.

      1. I thought that they fell off the edge. lefts still think that the world is flat.
        You know that the world is round, that is where the saying came from, what go round comes around. Lefts have not figured that out yet.

    1. Irregardless of President Trump’s involvement, there’s so much we don’t know about a lot of things about our government. And the clueless media is no help at all. They may know but they aren’t saying.

      1. Obama and every one in his administration should be locked up i n Gitmo because they truly are terrorists. If they can impeach Trump after he left office we can impeach Obama now asap

          1. Fantastic idea! I am in for it! Killery needs to be charged with the 50+ murders she is responsible for.

  3. Trump will always be armed.Joe is a complete nut!Cannot hold a candle to Trump. He has no clue at all about anything, as his mind
    is not there!Who the hell got him in the race to begin with?
    Dump and stupid!GoTRUMP!

    1. I cannot imagine that so many stupid voters voted for Biden. Yes I know there was Fraud, but there were a lot of die hard democrats that voted for biden, because their parents, grandparents always voted democrat. sheeple.

      1. Okay so you believe there to have been many die hard liberals who voted 4 Quid Pro Quo corrupt Joe Biden. 51 million is a far cry from the 74.5 million folks who voted 4 Trump. With a 137 million legal registered voters. Where the hell did the other claimed 30 million Biden votes come from. Liars thieves an scumbags claimed biden received 81 million votes.

    2. The puppet or sniffer pervert harry leg Alzheimer patient that is the white house now makes no decisions because he is no longer capable. I suspect Obama and the rest of the cabal are making all the anti-American destructive moves. The EO’s Joe China keeps signing are put in front of him to sign and I doubt he even knows what he is signing. He has killed millions of jobs already and his immigration reversals are devastating to our country. We have the most dangerous idiots ruling over us now. America is gone the way we knew it. Communism is here and I am not sure we can stop it. Media big tech and crazy liberals are a powerful force and now they have all the power.

    3. My parents and grand parents were all dems. Once I learned what was going on in the ’80s, I quickly became a republican and have been strongly conservative ever since.

  4. Do it Pres Trump, please do it!! We all have your back and you have ours to get our country back to the way is was by our Forefathers, and the way it should be!!!

  5. I’m IN, from the first moment the TRUMP Broadcast , The DUTCH TRUMPERS Will watch , despite timedifference, SIMPLY THE BEST, TRUMP 4 EVER.

  6. You have my support 100% President Trump, and you will always be my President.
    I have great respect for you President Trump and the First Lady. You have an awesome family each and every one of them. Thank you and God Speed with your return, and God Blessed you to save America.

  7. We are seeing the effects of one party rule: Censorship, persecution and discrimination of former admin officials, arrogance on the part of Biden and Pelosi. Questions in advance, or no questions, and whoever asked they are a waste of time. Worse, EO’s that are illegal. A press that is noting more than propaganda tool for the left.

  8. Just joined XaPit. Looks very good for unedited comments and posts. Need to get this to Mr Trump. I would like to see him on it or Gab.

  9. We NEED a venue that will tell the “REAL NEWS” …up until now Fox News was the most reliable…but…If Trump comes up with his site…it will “soar!” I am so disappointed in what Biden has done and IS doing…he is a “weak” president! God Bless America!

  10. I am ready. Wish there were some way he could be involved with OAN or Newsmax and it be distributed Nationwide.. Opposite opinions are being smothered by the Billionaires who own the so called “Mainstream Media” in America. As of this moment I have no doubt our government has been overthrown.

  11. Evertime I see that stupid confused face of BS Biden I can’t get to the mute button or the
    channel changer fast enough just hearing that Ventriloquist Dummy attempting to be of
    something special other then the Puppet on Obama’s knee right next to Juan williams on
    the other and I am sure if there was room for one more Dummy Chris Wallace would pile
    “The one thing you will find at a road killed Deer that
    you will not find at a road killed Democrat is:”SKID MARKS.!!”

  12. If there were seven attempts on president Trump’s life,
    Then its no wonder, the 12′ fences with razer wire on top.
    And the National Guard troops. Imagen that guns and walls
    Please hurry with your Plans to help Spread the truth.
    Praise be to God, His son Jesus and the Holey spirit
    and protect President Trump & family Amen!

  13. I pray President Trump does open a Facebook like platform that way Facebook would lose billions and billions of dollars because of it. Hit them were it hurts there wallet. 👌🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  14. President Trump; we are all waiting and ready to go!! Twitter and Facebook would be obsolete overnight. There are millions of us out here just waiting for that opportunity!!

  15. That would be BIGLY ,he could take one of his Towers turn it into
    TRIPLE TNN THE TRUMP TOWER NEWS NETWORK, get me some shares. Yeeeeeeeeaaaahhhhhhh

  16. I think that would be great and am sure all of my friends on FB would join. I know all my family would. Go for it.

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