August 9, 2022

ADL doubles down on urging firing of FNC’s Tucker Carlson

The scourge of far-left cancel culture routinely sets its sights on conservative media personalities, but one popular primetime host who seems to attract more liberal ire than most is once again at the center of controversy.

As Breitbart reports, Anti-Defamation League (ADL) CEO Jonathan Greenblatt has redoubled his calls for Fox News to fire Tucker Carlson for allegedly promoting “white supremacist and extremist ideology” via commentary offered on air last week.

The controversy erupted as a result of a segment on Fox News Primetime in which Carlson discussed Biden administration immigration policies and the motivations behind them with guest host Mark Steyn. In criticizing preferential treatment being afforded to illegals that effectively incentivizes their arrival, Carlson said:

This matters on a bunch of different levels, but on a basic level, it is a voting rights question. IN a democracy, one person equals one vote. If you change the population, you dilute the political power of the people who live there. So every time they imported new voters, I become disenfranchised as a current voter.

In apparent anticipation of the firestorm his comments might unleash, Carlson added, “Everyone wants to make a racial issue out of it. ‘Oh, the white replacement theory.’ No, this is a voting rights question. I have less political power because they’re importing a brand new electorate. Why should I sit back and take that?”

In an appearance on CNN’s Reliable Sources on Sunday, Greenblatt seized upon Carlson’s remarks that made passing reference to the “great replacement theory” to claim that the Fox News host “has a history of sanitizing stereotypes and of spreading this kind of poison.” He also asserted that, in essence, Carlson was promoting the “great replacement theory…a toxic idea that there are a cabal of Jews plotting to overrun the country with immigrants, Muslims, and Black people and commit what they call white genocide,” despite the fact that the host specifically disclaimed that concept.

The ADL head continued in his quest for Carlson’s ouster, stating that “the question is really from Fox management to the Fox board, to Fox shareholders, how could they countenance their network being used to mainstream the most violent and toxic ideas,” as Breitbart noted.

Greenblatt’s comments came on the heels of a letter he sent earlier in the week to Suzanne Scott, Fox News Channel CEO in which he demanded the dismissal of the popular primetime host, arguing that his “rhetoric was not just a dog whistle to racists – it was a bullhorn,” and that “given his long record of race-baiting, we believe it is time for Carlson to go.”

Carlson has long been a favorite target of liberal boycott efforts, from a 2018 initiative to see him removed from the air over remarks suggesting that mass immigration makes the country “poorer and dirtier and more divided,” and a 2019 push for his firing after ill-advised comments about women made on a shock jock radio program years prior came to light, among other efforts at cancellation from those on the left who wish to silence his viewpoints.

Given that Carlson’s March ratings made it the most-watched cable news show in the country, and he has also just launched a new program on the network’s Fox Nation streaming service, it seems highly unlikely that he will be dismissed from his duties anytime soon, no matter how loudly the braying leftist horde protests.

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Had enough! (@guest_1207249)
1 year ago

Read the portion of the Bible that discusses the Iraelites entering the promised land. That will give you the knowledge of why the hatred exists against the Jew. It is sad that such hatred can last so long, but we are whar we are. Aren’t we? Some things time can’t cure.

Stephen Russell (@guest_1207281)
Reply to  Had enough!
1 year ago

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JayJay (@guest_1207265)
1 year ago

If Fox is that stupid, I hope Tucker goes to Newsmax, then there will be one less reason to watch Fox.

David Butler (@guest_1207289)
Reply to  JayJay
1 year ago

He has the left afraid of him not because of his views his commend sense! NEWS MAX would have a great addition!!!

Cheryl A Bellerose (@guest_1207292)
Reply to  JayJay
1 year ago


John Wood (@guest_1207298)
Reply to  Cheryl A Bellerose
1 year ago

Tucker and Steve Hilton are the only ones I watch on Fox since the network seems to be shifting to the left. Both of these gentlemen would make great additions to the Newsmax line up.

Evelyn Goler (@guest_1207436)
Reply to  John Wood
1 year ago

You may also like Life, Liberty and Levin at 8:00 on Sunday night before Steve Hilton. He does a great job and has terrific guests. Really tells it like it is.

alicia cervera (@guest_1207510)
Reply to  Evelyn Goler
1 year ago


Ohiojoy (@guest_1207334)
Reply to  Cheryl A Bellerose
1 year ago

I Agree 100 % with you Cheryl…….

Steve C (@guest_1208069)
Reply to  JayJay
1 year ago

Instead of ousting Tucker, FOX should release louts like Juan Williams and the other crazies that they carry in an attempt to be “fair and balanced”!

Donal (@guest_1207268)
1 year ago

We will not believe anything what greenblatt says against tucker, fire tucker fox losses

Pollty (@guest_1207271)
1 year ago

If they fire Tucker they might as well close up

Donald (@guest_1207272)
1 year ago

we will not believe anything greenblatt says about tucker

David (@guest_1207284)
1 year ago

You better stop and think about the one commentator that
is constantly causing more argument and dissention and
push the racism narative into the face of every citizen that
has no time for Biden and his mouth piece Obama and he
is Juan Williams,Now there is a reason to consider to get
rid of the stigma once and for all.If Tucker goes there goes
Dish 205.!!

Charles (@guest_1207320)
1 year ago

Strange that the ADL, itself a Jewish supremacist, lobby for Israel’s cleansing and extremist policies against the Palestinians, sends their mouthpiece to advocate terminating a conservative reporter, who gives the other side of political rhetoric in U.S.A. politics. Perhaps Greenblatt forgets this is not in Israel where totalitarism is the rule and pity the underdog, Palestinian, Christian, etc.

Doug Litchfield (@guest_1207339)
1 year ago

ADL, is that a subset of BLM or Antifa? They must have at least 20 followers and have tremendous BS. Might want to check Tuckers ratings first before stepping in it.

Peter Johnson (@guest_1207352)
1 year ago

It is becoming clear that the far left are the racists. They are the ones who talk about race constantly. Tucker is reasonable, I have not known him make racist comments, just common sense comments, because they may include people from other countries does not make them racist, just common sense comments. The Democrats are committed to dividing the country, and people like Greenblatt make things worse – they are sick – I feel sorry for them.

bob onit (@guest_1207384)
1 year ago

What happens when you take a dump off a tall building after eating army chow ….it makes a Greenblatt on the sidewalk

shirley (@guest_1207421)
1 year ago

fox better stick behind their reporters if they want to stay up close to top. I am not interested in these ceo who think they can run this country. Lose Carlson and you lose big. Suggest you tell the cancel culture where to go and keep doing your job reporting fair and impartial news.

charles A wilkins (@guest_1207444)
1 year ago

Biden is sick, where is the report he is fit to serve? impeachment time, his actions are not reflective of American values, he is trying to ruin our Country, and hope all of his actions take away from the fact, his family [son] got 200 million from communist China. Defunding police return us to days of vigilante justice, radical democrats, this will open a Pandora’s box of righteous justice extremist, seeking their ideal of justice, instead of established law, provided by our courts and society. If law and order is not allowed to continue, the radical left “under Biden” will destroy out country from within. these deceivers attained a political voice, positions of authority. must be removed and voted out of office, they are not true Americans, and don’t abide by American values, or our American Justice system. Democrats in office now, lack any ability to govern, tax spend policy does not solve problems, without police force to serve, we will have total chaos in society.

Fed Up (@guest_1207513)
1 year ago

“white supremacist and extremist ideology” – What does that mean? What does “racist” mean? What it used to mean has abeen so destorted. The ADL, cancel culture, ACLU and liberal media are running amuck. If you don’t like the language, don’t listen. That make sence. Not only are these groups including Dumocraps trying to destroy our Constitution Bill of Rights and Rule of Law, they are also trying to destroy it through language. I’m so sick of these wierd-os.

Thelma (@guest_1207728)
1 year ago

Almost as soon as FOX began it’s broadcasting, they shot up to #1 and have remained there for many years! Only when the owner’s sons, with their liberal wives took over the network, did they start losing viewers. Thankfully, more recently they have dropped most of their liberal “talk heads” and are regaining their popularity again! It would be a shame to start taking advice from jealous liberal competitors and get in a slump again! “If it works, don’t fix it!”

Javiernop (@guest_1234375)
1 year ago

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1 year ago

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