May 23, 2022

Adam Kinzinger joins with Senator Lindsay Graham in calls for Putin to be assassinated

Russian President Vladimir Putin is continuing to wage war against Ukraine. Some believe the solution to this aggression is to take him out — but is that wise?

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was the first lawmaker to suggest Putin should be assassinated, but now Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) is on board with it, Breitbart reported. Kinzinger made his supportive remarks during a TMZ Live interview Friday.

Previously, Kinzinger was best known for his staunch opposition to former President Donald Trump and for sidling up to Democrats during the Jan. 6 investigation. Now he’s suggesting Putin should be killed, though he stressed it should not be something left to America to handle.

“I actually agree with him,” Kinzinger said of Graham’s tweet Thursday suggesting someone in the Russian president’s inner circle take him out. “The reason is it’s not saying the United States needs to do it,” he further explained.

“I think we have always said that Putin has isolated himself. The hope in some of these sanctions, and the sanctions against the oligarchs, is that the population does turn on him,” Kinzinger suggested. “I don’t know if I would have put it in quite the colorful way that Lindsey Graham did, being as how we need to be a bit more professional. But I think he’s saying the truth, which is it’s going to have to the Russian people who say ‘there’s a lot of pain with these sanctions, we have maybe upwards of 9,000 Russian soldiers already dead. We’ve had enough,'” the lawmaker suggested.

“There’s a lot of feeling that, organically, we’re certainly hoping Vladimir Putin somehow is no longer president of Russia,” Kinzinger continued. “Again, we do have to be responsible with our words, because the Russian morale is super low right now.”

“One thing we don’t want to do is give ammunition to the Russian people to rally around something,” Kinzinger warned. However, American lawmakers publicly speaking this way is exactly the wrong thing to do in that case.

They are now on record urging another country to take out its own leader. That is not only a highly inflammatory statement, it’s also ill-advised action in the first place.

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