January 23, 2022

Activist arrested for intimidating judge in Duante Wright case

An activist in Minneapolis has been arrested for attempting to intimidate the judge in the case of former police officer Kim Potter who faces charges in the shooting of Daunte Wright.

Cortez Rice, 32, was charged with felony harassment with aggravated violations, according to KSTP. Rice was arrested on Monday, with charges released publicly on Friday.

Rice reportedly demonstrated outside the judge’s home in downtown Minneapolis, seeking to allow a camera into the courtroom for the trial. He also live-streamed himself during the event.

Wright was killed during a traffic stop in April by former police officer Kim Potter. Potter was charged with manslaughter.

Potter claims she mixed up her gun with her taser in the shooting death. Others have argued the case was racially motivated.

The case is likely to continue to draw nationwide attention. However, Cortez’s actions led to his own arrest, making the problematic matter even more challenging.

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