August 9, 2022

A Message to Delta CEO Bastian From a Delta Diamond Flyer

The controversy surrounding the new voting law in the state of Georgia raises important issues regarding the governance of our country and the role of corporations.

Corporations are big and have a lot of economic clout, so there is justified concern about them abusing this economic power.

It’s why there are such strict lobbying laws in Washington. We want to make sure that corporations don’t step over the line of representing their legitimate interests in legitimate ways.

Corporations such as Atlanta-based Delta are now falling over themselves to see who can be the most zealously out front and condemn Georgia’s new voting law.

After President Biden, who called the new Georgia law “Jim Crow on steroids,” suggested that Major League Baseball pull the All-Star Game out of Atlanta, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred wasted little time to announce plans to do just that.

But isn’t the key issue about the “democracy” of the voting law? And wasn’t Georgia’s law passed by a democratically elected state legislature and signed into law by a democratically elected governor? Who are these multinational businesses to condemn what Georgians passed into law by their own state democracy? Who is Major League Baseball to use its economic clout to punish Georgians for a voting law that was passed legitimately and legally through the machinery of their own democracy?

According to Statista, 32% of Major League Baseball fans are Republicans, 38% are Democrats, and 30% are independents. Manfred reportedly earns $11 million in compensation to serve this diverse group of fans what they want — great baseball. One widely quoted businessman now claims Atlanta will lose $100 million in tourist revenue as a result of pulling the game. Who is hurt here, and why?

When CEOs speak out in the name of their company, they are not speaking as private citizens but as an employee of their company. They are paid to serve customers and produce value for owners — shareholders.

I happen to have Delta Million Miler Status and Diamond Medallion Status. I make considerable effort to adjust my flight plans so I can maintain this status.

It does not please me at all to discover that Delta CEO Ed Bastian does not spend every waking minute of his time on the job making sure customers like me get the best service possible.

Somehow, Bastian and other corporate CEOs have mistakenly concluded that they are being paid tens of millions for their opinions on voting law and matters concerning black Americans. As a black American and Delta Diamond traveler, I disagree with everything I have heard from Bastian on both these matters, and I urge him to spend his time on what he is paid to do.

Here’s what famed economist Milton Friedman had to say on the subject in his classic text “Capitalism and Freedom”: “The view has been gaining widespread acceptance that corporate officials … have a ‘social responsibility’ that goes beyond serving the interest of their stockholders …”

He continues: “Few trends could so thoroughly undermine the very foundations of our free society as the acceptance by corporate officials of a social responsibility other than to make as much money for their stockholders as possible.”

In 2019, Delta had 91,000 employees worldwide and around 30,000 in Atlanta. As private citizens, the 30,000 who live in Georgia can exercise their political proclivities as they choose. In this way, Delta influences local politics. However, the common interest of all Delta employees worldwide is the economic welfare, the business, of the firm that pays them.

No doubt it is the left-wing activism of groups like Black Lives Matter, and the Democrats with this agenda who now control the White House and Congress, that has motivated CEOs to step out on Georgia’s voting law.

In doing so, they are abusing the economic power of their firms and, as a result, damaging the economy and the political integrity of our nation.

Star Parker is president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education and host of the weekly television show “Cure America with Star Parker.” To find out more about Star Parker and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at


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Jhonny (@guest_1200134)
1 year ago

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Wesley (@guest_1200206)
1 year ago

When and how have MLB, NFL, NBA, Coke, Delta ,United and many other big corporations take over our political process in the USA…
Oh ! I forgot this is the new Biden / Harris administration….All about money and power,,,

Gary m (@guest_1200316)
Reply to  Wesley
1 year ago

What would we do with out the MLB?
After they go to China we can start new teams, with all patriotic Americans players, and maybe some of them will be token whites, sounds good to me. It would be better than paying millions to black Chinese tokens.

justbryan (@guest_1200341)
Reply to  Gary m
1 year ago

Let me think… my younger days I played local ball with my buds; we played other nearby small towns in an unofficial country league…..well not a league exactly, just a bunch of farmers havin’ fun; later I watched my kids play the same way; never did get into watching a bunch of millionaires playing their PROFESSIONAL VERSION so I am not likely to get interested in the BORING T.V. VERSION of the game; they haven’t lost my respect because I never had any respect for them. I STILL WON’T BE WATCHING THEM !!!!!!

Marsha Smith (@guest_1200441)
Reply to  Wesley
1 year ago

Money and power.
It is more about taking control of government away from “We, the People” and government. Controlled by COMMUNISTS Joe (China Big Guy) Biden and George Soros the Pied Piper with all the money.
We, the People MUST learn to fight for our FREEDOM AND LIBERTY just as our “greatest generation” had to learn except now it is on our own land. Are we up to this challenge?
GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE DEATH; AND, not just got us but, our posterity.

dunce (@guest_1201485)
Reply to  Wesley
1 year ago

Shareholders have voting rights that can result in sending him packing.

Centennia Carrothers (@guest_1206386)
Reply to  dunce
1 year ago

Yes, and stay out of my voting booth, please. Just because you can fly an airplane, doesn’t mean that you can pick my candidate also. My husband and I will be flying in the month of June, and let me tell you, it will NOT BE DELTA. You are a disgrace to the true patriots of America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Sower (@guest_1200227)
1 year ago

I have had a 30+ year Coca Cola habit. I am no longer buying Coca Cola products or drinking them. In addition, I quit my regular investment into Coca Cola stock and am looking into selling my current Coca Cola stock and investing it in something else after 25+ years of investing in Coca Cola.

M Hammer (@guest_1200276)
1 year ago

When did Delta become a “Black Only” airline, as defined by BLM, and Coke become a “Black Only” beverage, and its containers be recycled as missiles to be hurled against white citizens and law enforcement called out to restrain Antifa’s “peaceful protests.” Their Boards of Directors need to decide if their new racist policies reflect the best interests of their companies. Corporate support for a candidate is one thing, corporations now using their power to usurp govt rule, its policies and elections, is a large step over the line of American freedoms. Sports, from the Olympics forward, were designed to be free of political influence and corruption. Delta and Coke have far overreached and have destroyed that tradition, and have destroyed the idea of organized sports as being free of partisan hatred, much the same as the NBA has put BLM slogans on their uniforms and court floors. Corporations trying to overturn elections now opens the door for new govt controls over their use of this power.

Donald P Parisi (@guest_1200285)
1 year ago

Are you people Crazy. You have to show ID to by beer and go into a Bar. But you think its alright to VOTE without proper ID. You people are idiots

Gary m (@guest_1200334)
Reply to  Donald P Parisi
1 year ago

If you can’t get an ID, then maybe you should not be in the country?

Leo Ward (@guest_1200317)
1 year ago

Why can’t the voting laws be construed as the right thing to do in all states regardless

Gary m (@guest_1201403)
Reply to  Leo Ward
1 year ago


Sylvia Stefanelli (@guest_1200320)
1 year ago

We have always flown internationally with Delta – but not anymore!

Joe from Georgia (@guest_1200326)
1 year ago

It’s time to take Delta, the Braves tax advantages. On the National level we need to take away baseball operates. They are a monopoly. The commissioner seems to be very racist. He takes the all star game from a city that is 51% black and puts it into a city that’s more than 70% white. He belongs to a private golf club that is more than 95% white the Augusta National. And he preaches to us about requiring voter ID to vote. Bet you can’t get into the locker rooms without a team ID or pick up your tickets without a Picture ID. What a total looser. No more baseball, coke or flying Delta in my home

Judy (@guest_1204115)
Reply to  Joe from Georgia
1 year ago

I to will not buy Coke Zero always has been my favorite. They did me a favor drink water it’s better for me anyway. Thanks coke ceo you just lost coke company a lot of business

stuart nolting (@guest_1200378)
1 year ago

MLB can go to HELL!

Ruben Plaza (@guest_1200386)
1 year ago

You guys said it all!!! But consider this: Coca-Cola is not only soft drinks, though, fast food (burgers, Mexican, Asian…), Delta is not the only airliner!!!

Be careful what you wish for!!!

Big Dave (@guest_1200482)
1 year ago

I don’t watch baseball until they get to the World Series. Now I will stop watching any baseball until they come to their senses. Most of them are overpaid Primadonnas anyway, like the Biden Administration and his hit squad under the rule of Nancy Pelosi.

I also think people should have to show their Social Security Card to vote.
That would weed out all the people that Biden is letting cross our borders for votes
and the ones that are already here draining our economy for years.

Katydid (@guest_1200722)
1 year ago

Well as a 2 million miler I offered my opinion of Delta CEO. bit evidently it didn’t square with this sites narrative so it was deleted. But you can all imagine what I said.

Gary m (@guest_1201482)
1 year ago

Sowden says:
April 7, 2021 at 5:57 pm
I want someone to till me how the left gets so much power to control so many people in high places. The judges are bought off or blackmailed, I fear even the Supreme Court have been bought off, and that is not a good feeling. I also ask why we are wanting to keep abortion so high on the list? they are killing our children and letting all the children from other countries in, Are they trying to replace us with non citizens so they can rule the world from our Nation? I for one am fed up to the gills with out some one standing up for us. I hear we can’t do anything because the Constitution protects them. WHAT ABOUT US, THE CITIZENS?

Gary m says:
The constitution is about protecting us against bad governance, and that is what the 2end adm is about. So that we have guns to protect us from bad government, if it gets out of hand like it is now. Like Lee said lock n’ load, it is almost time.

This is not an insurrection, it is a “RESURRECTION” of DEMOCRACY.

Karen (@guest_1202952)
1 year ago





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