May 14, 2021

6th circuit court upholds favorable pro-life rulings

A federal appeals court smacked down pro-abortion activists by ruling last week that Tennessee’s 48-hour waiting period for an abortion can remain in effect as the state appeals a ruling from last year.

The United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruled in 2015 that a Tennessee law requiring an individual to make at least two trips to a clinic was unconstitutional.

The law includes legally requiring a woman pursuing an abortion to receive counsel by a doctor in-person and then wait at least 48 hours before an abortion.

The Sixth Circuit of Appeals has ruled in favor of the unborn in two recent cases. Most recently, the court allowed the state’s 48-hour waiting period to remain in effect during the appeal process.

Tennessee attorneys argued the waiting period restrict is similar to other informed consent laws for patients. Opponents argue the measure is unnecessary and restriction for women seeking an abortion.

The ruling is not the only abortion-related case under consideration in the Volunteer State. Another new law signed by Gov. Mike Lee (R) in 2020 requires abortion clinics to post a sign in waiting areas and patient rooms to inform patients it may be possible to reverse a medication abortion.

Pro-life supporters applaud the new measures to further restrict abortions. However, the ruling remains to face a final conclusion, indicating the current battle is far from over.

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16 Responses

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  2. Why can’t people, men and especially women, understand that a 48 hr delay simply gives a woman 48 hrs to consider what is at stake here, namely, a HUMAN life. Do we as a society really believe that an animal’s life is more important than a HUMAN life? Abortion “on demand” is simply another form of birth control, something that should have been considered in the first place. And yes, a woman does have a right to her own body; so does the “woman or man to be”. How callous are we actually going to get? As of the late 60’s we had more respect for the dead. Think of Charlton Heston in the movie Soylent Green. His last words were “Soylent Green is people” when he realized that the dead were being recycled into food.

  3. If making a person wait for a few days between buying a gun and getting possession of it isn’t a problem, then neither should waiting for an abortion be a problem. Why should waiting a couple of days be a problem, it’s not like your baby can fight back for it’s life. Gives the mom a cooling off period and lets her consider giving the baby life and then letting it be adopted.

  4. Hmmm! They say unnecessary when it involves life and death. Sounds like some flawed thinking to me. But what else can be expected from a biased liberal brain dead idiot

  5. There is hardly a logical opposition to a reasonable waiting period during which time one is able to reconsider if the end result of the ‘post-part-em’ (sic) was worth the enduring phychological, moral pain — at least for the sentient individual, that is.

  6. Jeff, I’m with you! That movie still haunts me. It should be brought out again. I remember thinking that scenario couldn’t possibly happen … well now I think it very well could. So many people who have no respect for life!!!!!


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    Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action? How much more damage needs to be done?

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    Keep in mind: SILENCE = ACCEPTANCE

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