October 3, 2022

64 percent of GOP voters say they’d join hypothetical Trump-led 3rd party

In the wake of the 2020 presidential election, ticked-off supporters of former President Donald Trump took to social media and expressed their desire for a Trump-specific third party in order to get away from the establishment Republicans who seemed to only support Trump when it was politically convenient.

According to The Hill, while the idea of a third party has mostly been shot down by some of Trump’s closest advisors, a new poll revealed that the appetite for such a party is ferocious, with a Hill-HarrisX poll finding that a staggering 64 percent of Republican voters would join a hypothetical Trump political party.ย 

The survey, which was conducted in late January, which was well after President Joe Biden’s inauguration, found that only 32 percent of registered Republicans wouldn’t support a Trump-led political third party.

Making things extremely interesting is the fact that the survey also found that not only would 28 percent — nearly a third — of independents would join the ranks of such a party, but also that 15 percent of Democrats would consider joining as well, which both of those added together equals millions of unexpected fans of the idea.

Overall, 37 percent of all voters would join a third party should Trump eventually decide to launch one. If those numbers held true and if it were to hypothetically happen, that means over a third of U.S. voters would potentially back a Trump-led third party, which would completely change American politics overnight.

Dritan Nesho, CEO and chief pollster at HarrisX, revealed that he believes if Trump started a third party, it would be nothing less than a dominant force in American politics and could possibly become the second-largest political party in the nation.

“If Trump were to split from the GOP and create his own party, polling suggests he might well create the second largest political party in the country, knocking the GOP down to third place,” Nesho said.

According to Newsmax, an offshoot of the idea, founded by Jim Davis called the “MAGA Patriot Party,” aims to primary all of the House Republicans who voted in favor of a second impeachment against the former president.

“Number one, thatโ€™s to try to primary certain Republicans out of office, if we can win a primary against them. And if not, to split the vote and put one of our party candidates against them,” Davis said of the new party’s two primary goals.


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