May 24, 2022

60 percent of voters would back an unnamed candidate other than Biden in 2024

New polling data shows that six out of every ten voters would rather vote for someone other than President Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election if it were held today. 

The poll was released on Sunday by Fox News and showed that voters wanted to back “someone other than President Biden” in the fictional election, even without any positive name recognition to attach to the competitor.

“That makes his current reelection prospects dimmer than they ever were for his most recent predecessors, Donald Trump and Barack Obama,” the survey report states.

The poll, which was conducted between Jan. 16-19 with 1,001 registered voters, indicated that 36 percent of voters would reelect the current president.

Compared to previous presidents, Biden isn’t fairing well. Asked the same questions, 54 percent of voters said they would have reelected Obama in 2010, and 56 percent said the same of Trump in 2018.

Possibly the bleakest part of the poll for the current administration was the indication that only 21 percent of those asked would “definitely” reelect Biden for another term, and 44 percent would “definitely” support another candidate.

“These certainly aren’t numbers the Biden team wants, but Democratic defection is the main reason his generic reelect is low,” Democrat pollster Chris Anderson told Fox News. Anderson conducts Fox News surveys with Republican Daron Shaw.

“It’s safe to assume most of these Democrats will back him if he is the nominee and the only choice against a Republican,” Anderson said.

Among the concerns cited by the voters polled was “economic anxiety” as well as problems for the Biden camp because many voters “feel the pandemic is not at all under control,” according to Breitbart News’s assessment of the poll.

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