May 17, 2022

Is $500 bonus enough for Atlanta PD to stay on the job?

There has been civil unrest in Atlanta since the killing of Ahmaud Arbery by two white men in April in a neighboring county. Then, protests turned violent in the aftermath of Minneapolis man George Floyd’s killing on May 25. The APD has been under a lot of pressure for many weeks now, and the death of Atlanta man Rayshard Brooks last week has brought things to a head.

For several days now, many Atlanta PD officers are calling in sick for their shifts after Atlanta DA Paul Howard made the stunning decision to bring charges of felony murder against officer Garret Rolfe, who shot Brooks in self-defense on June 12, 2020.

Democrat DA sends a strong message to police

Earlier in June, six officers — five of whom were African American — were criminally charged by the controversial seven-term Atlanta DA Paul Howard with various assault charges in the arrest of two African American college students during a George Floyd protest.

The students resisted arrest and were tasered by the officers. Police Chief Erika Shields defended her department at that time. She gave up defending her officers and resigned after the Rayshard Brooks shooting.

The Atlanta Police Department has 1,700 officers serving a population of 420,000 people. That is one officer per 300 people or so. The police force is majority African American, as is the city. Whatever problems the APD has, they can’t be attributed to “systemic racism.”

DA Howard’s decision to bring criminal charges against Rolfe and other officers in the last several weeks sends a strong message to the city’s police officers: Do your job and we will do our best to get you fired or put in prison or both. Police are pushing back and protesting the charges brought against their fellow cops.

In response to the DA and city leadership’s refusal to support APD, officers have begun to stage a “sick-out.” Police officers can’t strike, so they’re doing the next best thing to send a message to leadership. The city has refused to disclose how many officers have called out, but according to reports, its a significant amount, and the movement shows no signs of slowing.

Sheriff Alfonzo Williams of Burke County defended Rolfe and said the shooting of Rayshard Brooks was “completely justified” and explained that the officers involved were not malicious in their encounter with Brooks. “There’s nothing malicious or sadistic in the way these officers behaved.” The officers’ body camera footage confirms Williams’ assessment of the incident.

The Atlanta Police Foundation

Important people are starting to worry about police morale and public safety in Atlanta. Since the city refuses to back its own law enforcement officers, the Atlanta Police Foundation has stepped in.

The Foundation was so worried about the situation that they created fund that distributes $500 cash bonuses to 1,700 officers hoping to boost their morale. Even though that adds up to $850,000, it is reported that the bonuses cost the APF $2,000,000, more than twice the amount of the reported bonuses.

The Atlanta Police Foundation boasts on its home page:

Today Atlanta boasts the lowest crime rates since 1969, a world-class police force regarded as the pre-eminent police department in the southeast, and a thriving business climate with the nation’s third largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies. Atlanta is flourishing because of the unwavering commitment and investment the City, businesses and residents have made to make public safety a priority.

If the people of Atlanta expect police officers to protect public safety, they should stop voting for DA’s like Paul Howard, and start voting in leaders that will back up the police.

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Susan Lea (@guest_1011198)
1 year ago

When public opinion backed by rioting, looting and arson is more powerful than the truth.

MARK PATRIOT (@guest_1011237)
Reply to  Susan Lea
1 year ago

All police officers need to walk out cause these democratic mayors and governors will turn there back on them like they already are. If your a lawman you dont have a shot with democratic run cities and states

Christiann (@guest_1011203)
1 year ago

All cops should just walk off the job and let the mayors and governors see what the cities are like without them! NO $500 IS NOT ENOUGH!! MAYBE $5000!! MUST VOTE ALL COMMUNIST DEMONCRATS OUT OF OFFICE IN LOCAL, STATE AND FEDERAL ELECTIONS!!!

Gwen Long (@guest_1011505)
Reply to  Christiann
1 year ago

Yes I agree. Now is the time to stand together and demand the respect and the pay they deserve. It’s also time to report those Officers who they know
Should be terminated, those who give
The department and loyal police men and women a bad name.

Thomas E Baker (@guest_1011217)
1 year ago

Fire ’em all. If that worked in Camden NJ it can work anywhere with modifications according to demographics. If these so called cops want to work then the “Thin Blue Line” must go otherwise we have a bunch of so called cops who pick & chose just who they’ll protect & back up each others criminal activities.

Jim (@guest_1011601)
Reply to  Thomas E Baker
1 year ago

You have no idea what you re talking about. You are just repeating lies that the bad guys keep spreading in hopes of demoralizing Police Officers. Let me tell you something, Officers today are highly educated and devoted to the job and receive lots of trainingboth before and during their employment.

Sharon (@guest_1012085)
Reply to  Jim
1 year ago

Right on! Thank you.

Kay (@guest_1011218)
1 year ago

I wouldn’t be a police officer in a democratic state no matter what they paid me. The democrats put a target on your back then think money will make it better as they arrest you for defending your life.

John (@guest_1011223)
1 year ago

With the prevailing attitude toward police, $500 bonus is a joke. Who knows what position they could be placed in or the out come of thier actions and how public opinion will be taken in account. How much does a lawyer charge? $500 is not even enough for a retainer. Not worth it. Simply walkout let the city deal with the aftermath. Then talk bonus.

Eli (@guest_1011252)
1 year ago

We agree to remove the liberal, racist Democrats, who won’t allow officer’s to do their jobs. Brooks took the officer’s stunn gun, which is a temporary, paralyzing weapon. People aren’t going to blame the police officers for leaving, and for many officer’s, it isn’t always about the money, but the position of service. People will need to carry their own concealed weapons, if not enough officers to protect them. However, we can’t let the Socialist/Communist strategy of anarchy continue, either. The rebellion is a power struggle for intimidation and domination, which are 2 ways, a nation can crumble, if not controlled.

Robert W. Devlin II (@guest_1011290)
1 year ago

When color is injected into a law enforcement action the public safety is jeopardized.

Mike (@guest_1011486)
1 year ago

I’m thankful that Sheriff Williams is defending officer Rolfe. I saw the video and I agree their action was right. When people learn that if they do what the police ask them to do they won’t get hurt. And I agree that the DA needs to be ousted. He has charged several officers with crimes. If they can’t do their job then they need to walk out and protest the DA. He is a piece of crap.

Jim (@guest_1011603)
1 year ago

Let me see if THIS posting gets posted or refused. LEO’s today are the best trained and highest educated that they have ever been. Yes there are still some that somehow sneak through and are bad but by far, almost all are highly dedicated and honest and will happily put any Officer who is corrupt in jail. I know thaat in my Department the very few that we discovered were corrupt, (and that was on a minor scale such as taking items that were damaged in a fire and headed to the trash dump), or taking dresses from a store that his girlfriend demanded while working off-duty. Guess what? WE caught them all and they were arrested, fired, and convicted and sent to jail. Officers hate croupt cops more than just about anything as it hurts all of us.



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