May 23, 2022

41% of New York bail reform suspects rearrested

A high number of criminals released under New York’s controversial bail reform bill were later re-arrested for additional crimes, according to new report.

Former Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the bail reform bill that allowed suspects of serious crimes to walk free from jail without posting bail.

The data from New York City’s Supervised Release Program shows thousands of people released have been re-arrested.

“23% of those freed on supervised release were re-arrested on felony charges from January 2020 through June 2021,” a report by The City showed.

“And the data show that participants in supervised release are re-arrested at an even higher rate when misdemeanor re-arrests are factored in: 41%,” the report added.

“Corrupt Kathy Hochul and Far-Left Democrats who championed New York’s failed Socialist “Bail Reform” have blood on their hands,” New York Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik tweeted.

“I am calling on Governor Hochul to STOP efforts to demean our brave law enforcement officers & put an end to dangerous ‘Bail Reform’ IMMEDIATELY,” she added.

The controversial re-arrest study shows the state needs to take a serious look and make changes to address the growing criminal concern.

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