August 19, 2022

When Chickens Come Home to Roost

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is now reaping what he sowed. He and his Democratic colleagues created a high standard — a litmus test that can only be passed through a person being totally infallible. People make mistakes and do bad things, but that doesn’t make them evil — and certainly not even bad. But every person deserves to be held to the standard they create, no matter how high they make it.

Today, Republicans are not asking for Cuomo’s resignation because he is accused of sexual assault — something both former President Donald Trump and Justice Brett Kavanaugh were accused of, too. No. Republicans are calling for his resignation because he failed to live up to the standard that he and his Democrat colleagues set for everyone else. That standard is: “Believe all women who accuse men of sexual assault and presume guilt in the absence — and in the presence — of evidence to the contrary.”

I felt no sympathy watching Cuomo’s response to New York Attorney General Letitia James’ report on the sexual assault allegations against him. The standard of guilt that he and his Democratic colleagues have created and supported is coming back around to haunt them. It is especially sad in light of his recorded statements on social media and on television. Nowadays, no politician is free to change their position without scrutiny. Everything is recorded, so politicians must be mindful of the standards they set and the inflammatory rhetoric they use against their opponents. This is not simply true just for instances of sexual assault, but for all allegations of criminal conduct against a political adversary.

Republicans have been consistent on their view of allegations of criminal misconduct: Let a jury of your peers decide guilt, not the court of public opinion. After all, if the public at large understands that the media spins their coverage to serve an agenda — a fact that has been obvious and widely known for years to people on both the left and right — then it would be completely illogical to think that you could form a complete and accurate opinion on someone who is accused of criminal misconduct because you would know that you’re being presented the facts in a biased manner.

Here’s the undisputed bottom line: Democrats and the liberal media immediately, without question, called for Kavanaugh to be imprisoned once a woman alleged he sexually assaulted her, and they immediately framed Trump as a rapist when the same occurred. Not only was Cuomo accused, but James also conducted an investigation and concluded that the allegations of sexual assault were substantiated. Whether those allegations are fact or fiction, the fact remains that he and his colleagues set a high standard of conduct — one so high that not even they could adhere to it. Now, Cuomo is seeing the consequences of the shortsighted nature of his actions and rhetoric; instead of a jury deciding he’s guilty, the court of public opinion judged him guilty from the start.

So, will the Democrats and liberal media concede that they have created too high a standard? I’m doubtful. The media has locked themselves into place over the years. Ever since Trump was elected president, they have taken a stance so far to the left that one could argue they would be unable to change their position without completely eroding what is left of their tarnished credibility. Of course, any sudden change would alienate a large part of the media and the Democratic Party’s base because of this. For them, it seems, it is better to let their party continue to eat their own as opposed to doing what is right for America.

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