August 12, 2022

Report: Nearly 300 police officers injured during the course of NYC protests, riots

The NYPD revealed on Sunday that nearly 300 police officers have been injured during the course of the violent protests that have consumed the nation for nearly two weeks. 

Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets in New York since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25. Though the mainstream media has characterized the protests as “largely peaceful,” the message of the protests are profoundly anti-police, and officers attempting to protect the city have taken the brunt of the protesters’ anger.

Fox News reported on Sunday:

The 292 figure provided by police gave some initial context to the fallout of how the protests, lasting over a week, have impacted law enforcement — which has faced threats of violence, defunding and harassment in the streets. Messages like “F–k the police,” acab (all cops are b—ards) and descriptions of cops as “pigs” have been painted across buildings and monuments in U.S. cities, and held up on protesters’ signs.

Examples of rioters attacking police in every US city are easily found. For instance, on Thursday, Breitbart reported that “three officers were attacked by the suspect in Brooklyn, who stabbed one of the policemen in the neck and then stole a handgun and shot two others before he himself was shot.”

Though the NYPD did not disclose the full extent of the injuries suffered by the 292 officers attacked so far, New York Police Chief Terence Monahan told the media last weekend that more than 60 of New York’s officers had been hospitalized with serious injuries since riots began in May.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo have traded blows over the handling of the violence in the city, but ultimately, neither has committed to actively supporting and protecting the city’s embattled law enforcement agencies.

In fact, calls to defund law enforcement are gaining steam amongst Democrats. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who represents parts of the Bronx and Queens, went public with demands for “reduction of our NYPD budget and defunding a $6 billion NYPD budget” this week.

Ed Mullins, the head of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, said on Tuesday:

NYPD is losing the city of New York. We have no leadership right now from City Hall to the brass of the NYPD. The men and women are being pelted with rocks, bricks. Cars lit on fire, and this is continuous.

We have no leadership. Mayor de Blasio is not allowing the NYPD to do their job. The commissioners, the chiefs of the NYPD are too afraid to let the men and women keep control of the city. History has shown you must enforce the laws. We can no longer tolerate police officers’ cars being fire-bombed, the public not being able to open their stores, not being able to walk down the street. This is not the agenda of a free society. This needs to be addressed. We need the leadership in New York.”

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Jose (@guest_1005179)
2 years ago

Here we are supposed to be civilized society, obviously non of these children were taught about civility by their elders. The after effect
comes to full fruition. The elderly and politician authorities have been too complacent from doing there responsibly as what they
sword before they took the job. Very sad, then blames Trump for their incompetent behavior. All Trump fault since he was sworn in. We are all tired of the Democrat politicians lies, so the media took
over to keep the drum going. Mental thinking of you lie long enough
people will believe the pressure……. Duuhhhh!

russell remmert (@guest_1005347)
Reply to  Jose
2 years ago

Jose Spot on

Don (@guest_1005437)
Reply to  Jose
2 years ago

Yep…..poor parenting from day one.

PREACHER OUT (@guest_1005570)
Reply to  Jose
2 years ago


Mikey (@guest_1005186)
2 years ago

The simplest solution is usually the correct one. Arrest them all, including their Hollywood supporters. Put them in an isolated area. Do not let them out until they learn how civilized people behave. This has gotten way out of hand. If they all got shot, I wouldn’t lose a minutes sleep. They are all domestic terrorists and should be treated as such.

Wayne O (@guest_1005222)
Reply to  Mikey
2 years ago

Spot on!

shirley (@guest_1005230)
Reply to  Mikey
2 years ago

I agree with you 100%. This is,way beyond Floyd. This is,exactly what the Democratic party has wanted all along. im a former Democrat & my daughter in law is Black therefore my grandchildren are half black so I am not a racist. Still I’m sick to death of the blacks always looking for some damn reason to whine how mistreated they are & it’s not so in 90% of them. My grandson received grants & loan money with money to live on with no hassle because he identifies as black . On rhe other hand my white grandaughter struggled to receive a grant & only got a very small school loan. She worked 2 jobs so she could go to college. She graduated with a BA from college a whole week before she graduated from high school. She continued on & now works as councler for non profit dealing with at risk youth due to drugs homelessness & abuse. My grandson graduated with a degree in criminal law & has yet to use that degree. It’s time for the president to send in the military & put a stop to this madness. Besides if he uses the military they will be jailed & held to a military trial. No help from the Hollywood crowd or Dems. It’s past time or we are going to loose all our liberties.

Linda (@guest_1005242)
Reply to  Mikey
2 years ago

You are so right!!

Nellie (@guest_1005297)
Reply to  Mikey
2 years ago

It would take years of counseling to get thr people who are rioting, injuring citizens and first defenders and burning our economy.
NY Governor and Mayors don’t care about what’s happening in our country. They will ask Trump for money to clean up the mess. They should make the riot people clean up the mess! It’s called common service and keep them in jail. They can scrub the BLM off the streets. Make them go to school. Ibam not sure what their IQ might be.

Vicki (@guest_1005225)
2 years ago

If you watched T.V. last nite where President Bush addressed the nation during the riots when he was in office, it was horrible and he was going bring in the military, and the democrats and people were ok with that. Trump said the same thing and the democrats have got our nation in an uprise, turning us as a nation against one another, causing and funding more riots. They are in this to take the America People Down.

Marie (@guest_1005426)
Reply to  Vicki
2 years ago


Vicki (@guest_1005229)
2 years ago

We need our police. There are good and bad in people in every race.
Whites, African Americans, Native Americans, Chinese, Hispanic, the list goes on,
We all are discriminated against one way or another.
We just get to see what the fake news chooses to show us.
The democrats want total control America.
We Love Trump.
Trump and his cabinet are the best. Pence is a wonderful man, couldn’t have ever asked for such a kind man.
God bless you all.

Brenda (@guest_1005293)
Reply to  Vicki
2 years ago

This is why the Democratic law makers is encouraging the rioters to continue. They are using this as a political fight. If this continues then they feel Joe will be elected president. With this week’s unemployment numbers should be a different outcome.

Marie (@guest_1005427)
Reply to  Vicki
2 years ago


Joseph (@guest_1005846)
Reply to  Vicki
2 years ago

President Trump now or never. Back the police, they are our line of defence against chaos.

Carol (@guest_1008158)
Reply to  Vicki
2 years ago

I agree whole heartedly with Vicki!!! We need Trump and we love him. For the very first time in a very long time, we have a President that is truly making America Great in a lot of ways and believes in helping we the American People and he tells us the TRUTH about what is going on in our Great Country! Media needs to wake up and know that the Democrats are lying and have been for years. They are also spending our tax dollars on things that are not needed or wanted. They need to be doing their job correctly. They don’t care about the Americans – only care about themselves, etc!!!

Roy Olsen (@guest_1005236)
2 years ago

It’s time for the police to give the libs what they “wish for” STAND BY and WATCH IT BURN. They want to set the arrested looters free, but charge the police for going hands on. They have already disarmed the National Guard. Again, STAND BY and WATCH it BURN!

Kathy Washburn (@guest_1005241)
2 years ago

It is WAY PAST TIME TO START ARRESTING THE LEFTIST THUGS. If our “GOVERNment” allows people to destroy our nation, it will be time for us to have a hard talk with our “GOVERNment”….and I would sincerely like to be one of the people who “talk” with them, the gutless bastards…..the destruction has already begun and I have seen nothing anyone is doing about it except TALKING. I speak of the Congress, the FBI, and a few other no accounts. I am on Donald Trump’s and America’s side…..they think highly of our great nation that the lest is doing its best to DESTROY. Maybe it is time to get rid of our “GOVERNment” and merely hire people, NOT elect them, to get the job done!

Janet (@guest_1005244)
2 years ago

I am glad that active military personnel did not need to be deployed, but I would have supported that move if it was necessary to end the violence and destruction. Fortunately having the National Guard available to back up the officers helped to contain things. I do worry about the members of the National Guard when they are brought into these situations because they are so limited in their role as to what they can and can’t do.
My biggest question is what good these people calling for defunding of police is going to do? What will they do when no one shows up when they are having an emergency that requires an officer to be present? Are we going to go back to vigilante law…catch who you suspect and hang them with no trial or just shoot them? Who is going to enforce the law? Why condemn law enforcement officers at all levels because of those few bad apples…do the math on how many officers are out there and how many have committed terrible acts like the one perpetrated on George Floyd? What is the percentage? Not enough to remove funding from law enforcement and leave us all exposed to violence and no response I am sure. What is wrong with people? Why don’t they think these things out before spouting off?

Linda (@guest_1005246)
2 years ago

Let’s just all revert back to the Wild Wild West and have a lawman ride thru and lay down the law and a traveling judge to hold court hearing once a month!!! Sounds about as good as the democrats want!!!

Brenda (@guest_1005580)
Reply to  Linda
2 years ago

With what is happening I feel we have gone back to the 1960’s. We are not moving forward but backwards. I’m guessing the Democrats want to turn us into a 3rd world country. Defunding the police, let criminals out of jail, and no law and order. Complete chaos.

Jean Warnke (@guest_1005258)
2 years ago

This is totally unamerican and totally out of control. I say give the police a raise instead for having to put up with all this crap! We have to have law and order or we don’t have a Country.

Ben DerDundat (@guest_1005261)
2 years ago

Sounds like the 60’s all over again, and deja vu all over again, if you read history.
Times of stress are like a pressure cooker and lead to change, good or bad.

Michael W. Curtin (@guest_1005266)
2 years ago

What is wrong w/the Dumocrats? Well the real problem is Anger and Jealousy for loosing 2016. Trump isn’t a Puppet like the last Fool. So “THEY” fuel the Racial Prejudice to keep Us Ununited and Create Caos.

phxgeo (@guest_1005274)
2 years ago

The loony left democrats are agents of the Communist movement. The situation regarding police around the Country is most vile in democrat run strongholds. In addition you hear democrats supporting this defunding of police because law and order creates a hurdle for them to get over on their quest to over run this Country. These people are not equipped with facts because facts prove just the opposite of the communist ideology they want to convert the USA to. When that happens these lunatics will have far less freedom of expression than they ever had in this system. Also, if you are paying attention to what has been going on in China you will see in the Southern parts blacks living there are being discriminated against far worse than the have ever been in this Country.

carey heuter (@guest_1005279)
2 years ago

defund the police how aabout we defund the politicians Trump has given his salary to charities what about the rest of the politicians.

Cheryl (@guest_1005292)
2 years ago


Reggie (@guest_1005298)
2 years ago

Pathetic when your government protects terrorists, looters, murderers, thieves, etc and lets their police suffer because they can’t use force to get these thugs under control.

Verlene (@guest_1005300)
2 years ago

The death of George Floyd, these four police need to stand accountable. So far I understand they will be sent to prison. NO one is above the law, you do a crime YOU SHOULD PAY. It doesn’t matter, everyone is under the same laws. NOW ABOUT THE CRIMINAL ACTIONS of the towns and city that were VANDALIZED , LOOTED, DESTROYED. NO MATTER WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY TO JUSTIFY YOUR ACTIONS THESE PAST DAYS., WONT HOLD WATER, your crime, is disrespect to everyone watching. Your looted, your offense, disgrace, outrage towards the whole world was insane, disorder. You exhibited serious and debilitated, disorder, deranged actions. From what I’ve heard about Mr. Floyd, he would not sit still as you tore the world apart., this is a disgrace to the honor of everything Mr. Floyd stands for. Your action of retribution, disrespect disobedience, rudeness, this shows the uncontrollable person who has no control. no self respect for yourself, or others. There are millions of people watching at home who were stunned. amazed, dumbfounded by what we were watching. Yes, the police were wrong and they will pay, many other cases will be looked into after this death. All police are under the microscope from this day forward. So sorry for these police officers actions. May God hold and protect the family and friends of Mr. George Floyd.

Larry W Gaines (@guest_1005302)
2 years ago

These protest are stupid and are being pushed by Soros’s groups, ANTIFA and the Democrats and all are radical

Frank in Brooklyn (@guest_1005307)
2 years ago

White man stabs black cop… and you try to paint that as having something to do with the protests? Really?

Patricia Dean (@guest_1005322)
2 years ago

Time to get rid of the POS MAYOR DEBLASIO. He is aTRAITOR to the city and doesn’t care about the police. He is corrupt and a lying POS

john todd (@guest_1005387)
Reply to  Patricia Dean
2 years ago

The media LOVES him! They should openly destroy him, before NYC is destroyed.
Look at the media wanting Cuomo to be POTUS, this in spite of his inept, perhaps intentional involvement in the deaths of over 5000 Senior Citizens, I believe he knew the outcome of the results caused by Cuomo’s Executive Order, then when they loaded U Haul trucks with bodies left rotting, he want into hiding. The media need to be investigated.

James (@guest_1005324)
2 years ago

When they act as hostile terrorists they deserve the same treatment ! Arrest and imprisonment with no bail . If they attack police physically they should be dealt with Deadly force ! For the Greater Good these Insurrectionists should suffer our laws most stringent penalties ! Any politician that takes up their own NWO agenda to interfere with our laws also need to be included in those proceedings ! They should also be immediately Recalled and strip of any and all authority !

A (@guest_1005330)
2 years ago

How have the Native Americans been wronged in this …not one treaty has ever been kept by the US Government & Don’t think that they own the casinos on their reservations !!! & those who live in the desert areas half of them don’t even have running WATER INJUSTICE INJUSTICE INJUSTICE

john todd (@guest_1005385)
2 years ago

I fear a Democrat in the White House more tan I do Covid-19!
Imagine what crap the democrats would attempt to do, I see a retaliation of the far Right that could lead to a civil war.
Trump 2020! Clean the SWAMP, abolish ANTIFA & BLM!

ALLAN (@guest_1005393)
2 years ago


Don (@guest_1005438)
2 years ago

First mistake is these lib run meccas don’t follow the Democrat established policy of Dem mayor Richard J Daley of 1968 Chicago where the police stopped the insanity overnight. Second the same meccas either refuse or throw out the assistance offered by Trump so we sit back and watch them burn while they ask for reparations from the federal government for their self created catastrophe. The answer is an emphatic “no way Jose”. You built it, you fix it.

Don (@guest_1005440)
2 years ago

Defunding law enforcement just does what deBlabbio wants…….more chaos while asking for federal funds. He created the mess and wants us to pay for it and the answer is no. it is up to New Yorkers to correct their mistake of putting him in office……not ours.

chief1937 (@guest_1005445)
2 years ago

In the last few days we have seen what lawlessness looks like and it isn’t pretty. Defund the police now there is a brilliant act by some leaders and shows complete stupidity. Any nation without laws and law enforcement is no nation but an area of fear. In NYC 292 police officers were injured of those 60+ were serious does this in anyone’s mind sound like peaceful protest? It seems leaders want to blame the police for their own lack of leadership. Just how many Mayors,Governors or Council members were injured protecting their communities? Yes by all means do away with the police that way no protesters will be harmed however your city,county,state and nation will be looted and destroyed. Time to use common sense not unconstrained actions. May God have mercy on us. Trump 2020

Franie (@guest_1005610)
2 years ago

When George Soros is gone, so will the monies being paid to these thugs who are trashing our country!

I’ve known for years that Soros has been and still is behind the funding of AntiFa and a few other organizations geared toward the bringing of our country down.

What is the hold up? Why is this INTERNATIONAL THUG still free?

Ernst (@guest_1005684)
2 years ago

New York elected Bill de Blasio. They are getting what they asked for. If you want a city without leadership, a city out of control, just elect a Democrat. Look at Baltimore, Washington, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, and many more. Good luck!



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