September 26, 2022

18 House Democrats have announced they will not seek reelection as GOP momentum builds

A total of 18 House Democrats have now announced they will not run for reelection in 2022, leaving House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with an increased likelihood of losing her position following the midterms.

New York Democrat Rep. Tom Suozzi became the 18th member to make a move, announcing his plan to run for governor of New York on Monday.

“I am running for Governor of NY as a common sense Democrat who gets things done,” Suozzi said.

Breitbart News noted 10 Democrats who have announced retiring from office after the current term.

Seven additional House Democrats are running for a different office. For example, Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan is leaving to run for Senate in his state.

Regardless of the reasons, the holes are becoming too numerous for Democrats to successfully fill. The party’s lead is only a few seats from losing already.

The “red wave” of November 2021 may become a tsunami in 2022 as Republicans seek to take back the House and perhaps the Senate to counter the radical agenda of the left.




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