August 12, 2022

17 shot, 4 killed over the weekend in Dem-run Chicago

Democrats get especially fired up about gun control after tragic events like mass shootings and other domestic terror events. While those events are undoubtedly horrific, they seem to consistently overlook the real cause of the body count caused by people using firearms, which is due to gang violence in America’s largest cities.

That was evidenced once again in the city of Chicago, where Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot doesn’t appear to take very seriously the weekly gun violence that erupts nearly every weekend in her city. Just this past weekend, 17 Chicago residents were hit by gunfire, with four of them succumbing to their injuries, with one of those deaths being that of a 16-year-old child following an argument that erupted in an apartment complex. 

Another instance included a 32-year-old man who was shot while he was sitting in a vehicle at a gas station. Another vehicle reportedly rolled up beside him and opened fire into the car. Though the passenger of his vehicle rushed him to the hospital, it was too late, unfortunately.

Coincidentally, another 32-year-old man was found shot “in front of a home in the 9100 block of South Emerald Avenue.” He, too, was overcome by his injuries and died.

A recent report by the Chicago Sun-Times address the issue in late December, but ultimately blamed city leaders for not addressing the “root cause” of the violence, which they claim was due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the current state of the economy.

While that may have some grain of truth, it certainly doesn’t speak to previous years, as Chicago seems to have a never-ending supply of reports of gun violence breaking out nearly every weekend.

The only surefire way to tamp down on the number of gun violence reports in Chicago and across the nation is for Democrat lawmakers to stop targeting law-abiding gun owners and, instead, focus on enforcing the gun laws that are already on the books.

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Ranton (@guest_1159896)
1 year ago

Lori Lightfoot:
We must defund more police!
We must make Chicago a gun-free city!
(Excuse me, Mayor, it has been for YEARS)
We must confiscate guns!
(Ummmm, the criminals won’t obey laws)

Karen (@guest_1159917)
Reply to  Ranton
1 year ago

Amen. I honestly think they just DON’T GET IT!!!!

Colleen Pomeroy (@guest_1159972)
Reply to  Karen
1 year ago

The problem in Chicago these thugs can buy a gun off the street for $25.00 . Its not the civilized citizens that are breaking our gun laws. Its the gangs and thugs that seem to be able to pull a gun out from under a rock, Instead of settling their arguments with words they choose to shoot it out. They have No value for human life. It doesnt exist in their world. They werent raised that way. The statistics of violence with guns shows what races are more likely to kill another member of their same race is Latinos and Black. If they refuse to make the time fit the crime in Chicago and other sanctuary cities then they can live with the deaths caused by the bad decisions made by Mayors like Lightfoot. I think of the parents of these children, they must know they will be lucky if their child reaches old age without being injured, killed, imprisoned or messed up on drugs.
Its not gun laws we have to change. Its mental health issues that needs addressed in this country. If anything we have to change how we address this type of violence. re-enact the death penalty. Make the time fit the crime. The government needs to stop funding these sanctuary cities until the clean up their city. There is No excuse to allow this type of behavior to go on.

paul f murphy (@guest_1159986)
Reply to  Colleen Pomeroy
1 year ago

Colleen, We must also get rid of people like G.Soros who sanctions this type of behavior and the District Attorneys he supports ,lock them all up and throw away the keys or put them on the streets with these violent criminals and see how long they last

Naioma Emanuel (@guest_1160450)
Reply to  paul f murphy
1 year ago

He is dead. His sons run his business now. Bill and Melinda Gates died in April of 2013. They were hung in India . Their vaccines killed and maimed the Indians children. There are 2 stand ins for them.

Captain O (@guest_1160033)
Reply to  Colleen Pomeroy
1 year ago


CeeDee (@guest_1160166)
Reply to  Colleen Pomeroy
1 year ago

Parents need to raise their children with respect for God, Country and family. Respect of authority is lost as so is respect for human life. If you have ever watched Blood Bloods you realize that family is important and valued. Taking the guns away from law abiding citizens is ridiculous how can they protect themselves from criminals who don’t need a background check to get a gun.

Tim (@guest_1160017)
Reply to  Karen
1 year ago

but they still “get” the property taxes from the slaves that they control. Whom is more stupid?

ron lebert (@guest_1159980)
Reply to  Ranton
1 year ago

the best defense is still a good offense. The criminals will always find ways of hurting people. Defunding police is the worst thing that can be done. Who will you call if you need help? People have to have laws and people to enforce them’

DD (@guest_1160007)
Reply to  Ranton
1 year ago

……and the Governor PILES ON with NO CASH BAIL, think what that will do in ILLINOIS STATE WIDE, get ready for much larger numbers and in many more ILLINOIS CITIES!!!

Tim (@guest_1160023)
Reply to  DD
1 year ago

just more proof that the more gun control you have, the more crime you have….duh? Is black on black violence a crime or an injustice yet. Still gonna blame whitey? thou fool….

Paul (@guest_1160140)
Reply to  Ranton
1 year ago

Ya you, defund the police, then it will be a full scale war. You will never make chicago a gun free city just impossible.
Chicago has always been a city of shootings all the way back to the Capone era. I was born and raised in the Chicago area and just going to the old SOX park you were taking your life in your own hands. Sure happy I moved you can have your city and all its high taxes.

Daniel from TN (@guest_1161075)
Reply to  Paul
1 year ago

FULL SCALE WAR is exactly what Liberals want. Liberals have been herding the country towards civil war since Clinton was in office.
Liberals WANT a war. They have the INSANE belief that only they will survive a war and it will leave them in charge of the country permanently.

rm (@guest_1160306)
Reply to  Ranton
1 year ago

Chicago is a jungle, with an accredited member of the jungle running it…

James O'Riley (@guest_1160802)
Reply to  Ranton
1 year ago

Who’s gun do you want to confiscate ? Why not enforce the laws and make the criminals pay the time for the crime ! We have all sorts of laws on gun control and on crime the problem is they don’t enforce them .Shoot someone go to jail kill someone go to hell .

John (@guest_1160823)
Reply to  Ranton
1 year ago

I grew up in Chicago, and I know for a fact that you could never legally buy a gun in Chicago unless you were police and received a permit from your department. Gun control is not the answer. Dealing with the gangs on the other hand could go a long way. I saw an article last week that put the number of gang members in Chicago at more than 100,000.
I left Chicago shortly after the original Richard J. Daley died. He had the city under control, but it’s been a downhill slide ever since and gotten much worse since Obama and Emanuel’s influence. It’s gotten so bad, Obama won’t move back to Chicago. Nice job, huh?

Chris Robinette (@guest_1160869)
Reply to  Ranton
1 year ago


Nan (@guest_1160923)
Reply to  Ranton
1 year ago

We must get rid of her for now take away any protection she has

John Stuczynski (@guest_1161122)
Reply to  Ranton
1 year ago

Criminals will not give up their guns. People have the right to have guns according to our constitution. Get more police in the battle zone areas. If the police cannot handle it, call in the National guard.

Robert W (@guest_1159897)
1 year ago

I guess Mayor Lightfoot (brain also) thinks it’s just “another wonderful day in the neighborhood” since she won’t take any action to stop the violence and where is all the BLM protests against “black on black” killings!!!!!!

Ken (@guest_1159970)
Reply to  Robert W
1 year ago

It has nothing to do with safety! It’s all about taking our firearms so they won’t be threatened by us while they strip us of all our rights and destroy our Constitution.
One world government is their priority and total world Communism their goal.

Don’t let them lead you off the real reason for gun confiscation so you get caught in circular discussions that go no where.

Alan Kushner (@guest_1160780)
Reply to  Ken
1 year ago

You are one who is right on target. Their goal is total communism and no freedoms. We are the ones who must unite and resist with as much strength as we can. I AM A PATRIOT AND DAMN PROUD OF IT. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR FREEDOM. FREEDOM FOREVER.

chestnutgeld (@guest_1159900)
1 year ago

never happen the love it when blacks kill each other almost as good as abortion for blacks

Tim (@guest_1160025)
Reply to  chestnutgeld
1 year ago

thinking one day they will figure IT out? not a snowflake’s chance in hell

Donald J (@guest_1159901)
1 year ago

Targeting law abiding gun owners does not meet the Communist Agenda of disarming Americans. Not targeting the criminals/gangs responsible for the out of control killings aligns with the Communist Party media and their followers to show that guns kill people (distorted).

von Potter (@guest_1160467)
Reply to  Donald J
1 year ago

DEMS/RINOS love the chaos that the illegal criminals/gangs bring to the USA…….That is why JB wants all the guns from its legal citizens, so the United States can turn into another criminal run country like the DEMS/RINOS are doing now, and those illegals will be carrying guns……..No doubt paid for by those DEMS in Mexifornia.

JoPaul (@guest_1159904)
1 year ago

Gangs, Sanctuary city, Demon-rats. Need we say more. Lightfoot is a disaster as a Mayor, but Chicagoan’s elected the Demon-rat and most likely will again. Fool me once, OK, fool me twice and who’s the fool.

chuck (@guest_1159977)
Reply to  JoPaul
1 year ago

chicago,,,the fool me city….lightfool,,the maybe next week mayor…..what ever will be,,will be….

Frances Leard (@guest_1160159)
Reply to  JoPaul
1 year ago

That crazy lightfoot needs to be removed from office and charged for all the riots that happened on her watch as she encouraged it. What is wrong with all these demorat politicians?

Donna Kinney (@guest_1159908)
1 year ago

It sure seems there are a lot of stories proving just how STUPID the democrats are. Yet still they think they know best and have no clue how pathetic they really are. Do there voter really like what’s happening in there city?

Susie (@guest_1160014)
Reply to  Donna Kinney
1 year ago

Democraps are stupid but the voters are even stupider for electing them!

Tim (@guest_1160029)
Reply to  Susie
1 year ago

says a lot about the “values” of the yankee. Been doing the devils bidding since before the republic was destroyed by a racist tyrant in 1865

TERESA CHAIN (@guest_1159909)
1 year ago

She will enforce the laws What if the perps of said shootings are black??So no,there will be no enforcement. And they know that.

Susan Stroh (@guest_1159910)
1 year ago

The focus of gun control must be ON THE CRIMINALS, GANG MEMBERS – Those who have guns without permits.
Law Abiding Legal USA Citizens who ate gun owners have had background checks snd most have had Gun Safety Training. These gun owners have the right to not only enjoy gun related sports (such as target practices anf hunting), they have the right to bear arms to protect themselves, family, and others as necessary. Many legal gun owners have saved others from attacks and even death by people who have no respect for the law or for life. Common Sense dictates: FOCUS on getting illegal guns off the streets. It would be helpful to teach gun safety at home and even in the schools.

chucky (@guest_1159981)
Reply to  Susan Stroh
1 year ago

how in the hell are they going to get gun permits ?????????, the city ( sewer ) is mostly ex cons….

Nancy (@guest_1159918)
1 year ago

Now that Uncle Joe has opened up the borders all the illegal criminals and MS-13 are going to head to the sanctuary cities like Chicago because they know our law enforcement can’t touch them.

POPS (@guest_1159922)
1 year ago

The MAYOR likes this-OBVIOUSLY. Stop voting for these people.

Gary W Jensen (@guest_1159929)
1 year ago

These are the Obama Gangs of Chicago, He did a good job of community organizing them into a community of murders!

Terry Bell (@guest_1160103)
Reply to  Gary W Jensen
1 year ago

What else would you expect from a half breed muslim nigger ?

Terry Ford (@guest_1159938)
1 year ago

I have legally owned a .38 caliber Taurus revolver for over 40 years and during that time my gun has never been fired anywhere but on one of several licensed Indiana firing ranges. I have never left the gun unattended nor have I ever pointed it at anything but targets at those ranges. I have an Indiana ‘carry permit’ so I abide by all laws related to gun ownership as well as to all local, State and federal laws. The clamor for ‘gun control’ by the left is nothing more than a plan to deprive law-abiding citizens of their right to bear arms so that they can protect themselves from those criminals who have weapons, frequently obtained illegally, and use them to rob and kill as the media so eagerly uses to attract readers and viewers.
Blaming honest, law-abiding citizens for the slaughter of innocents in Chicago by criminals who illegally possess guns is beyond pathetic.

Jim Harris (@guest_1160241)
Reply to  Terry Ford
1 year ago

Have you noticed that democrat politicians love to tout that they “get things done”? And that is right. They do get things done. The rub comes when one realizes that getting the “RIGHT things done” is different from getting “something done”. The things they get done are beyond pathetic (to borrow your phrase), because they don’t solve the problem.

Kathy (@guest_1159945)
1 year ago

It is so obvious that these democrats run states are very violent. If the leader is for violence and praising the violence of these gangs and allowing them to burn down buildings in the name of “protesting” then this governor should be shamed. She “lighfoot” has encouraged violence over the past 2 years. Like most democrat run states who have failed as govenors and should be removed from their office. Too much violence in the name of someone who was killed has given too many excuses to riot, destroy other peoples businesses and kill because they feel like it. There are very few leaders our kids can look up to these days and they think they can teach them in schools! I think the parents need private teachers.
Poorly run democrat states need to be defended and replaced with intelligent people who can be respected.

Kathy (@guest_1159958)
Reply to  Kathy
1 year ago

It is so obvious that these democrats run states are very violent. If the leader is for violence and praising the violence of these gangs and allowing them to burn down buildings in the name of “protesting” then this governor should be shamed. She “lighfoot” has encouraged violence over the past 2 years. Like most democrat run states who have failed as govenors and should be removed from their office. Too much violence in the name of someone who was killed has given too many excuses to riot, destroy other peoples businesses and kill because they feel like it. There are very few leaders our kids can look up to these days and they think they can teach them in schools! I think the parents need private teachers.
Poorly run democrat states need to be defunded and replaced with intelligent people who can be respected.

tc (@guest_1160319)
Reply to  Kathy
1 year ago

right on. Time to impeach the leaders in democrat states that are not taking care of their people time to remove the demon rats out of office and jail them and once out of office no protection or pay of any kind. tax payers/republicians and others should not have to bail out your state and rebuild it when you would not even protect the cities, towns or state and people living there. Shame on You, you should also be held accountable for those deaths as well as those that used the guns to shot people. Such a waste of lives, my condolences go forth to those that lost a love one, may God bring you comfort during this horrible violet act against these people. Demon rate leaders have not soul they sold it to the devil for $$$$ and power. Wait you all will face the Judge on judgement day and your sentence will be given, and there is no lawyer that will get you off scot free PTL for being fair.

Heinrich (@guest_1159950)
1 year ago


Kenneth (@guest_1159952)
1 year ago


John (@guest_1159955)
1 year ago

Apparently Black Lives to not matter to Blacks and certainly not to BLM, or to (un)Planned Parenthood or Lightfoot.

Terry Bell (@guest_1160107)
Reply to  John
1 year ago

They do NOT matter to me either !

Judy Seckel (@guest_1159956)
1 year ago

What is the reasoning, or motives for politicians to keep guns in the hands of gangs and people who have guns illegally?

Benben (@guest_1159959)
1 year ago

And then just so easy to blame on the police.

Patriot (@guest_1159963)
1 year ago

Once Peedo Joe opens the borders, America will slide into the same chaos as Mexico, who have probably the most strict gun laws in the world, but where the police are incapable of stopping criminals from getting hold of fully auto rifles, grenades and grenade launchers. Where it’s dangerous to be a Mayor, Judge or outspoken Journalist or politician.

Kevin Gravett (@guest_1159976)
1 year ago

I used to live in Chicago. Got the Hell out. Gun control is a joke. You can buy a throwaway on any street corner for 50 bucks. Any legal sales are from people who want to protect themselves from $50 throwaways.

Patriot1490 (@guest_1159989)
1 year ago

Democrats want to abolish the 2nd Amendment, yet the cities they run are the ones where the use of weapons have the strongest restrictions and have the highest incidents of shootings & killings. Don’t they understand? The presence of guns is not the problem. It’s the lack of proper justice being applied to the felons who are released on joke bail and recognizance terms. Additionally, they believe part of the solution is to funding and handcuff the Police and ICE. The Clown Mayors and City Council members of these cities should be denied security to the point where it mirrors what is available to the local citizens.

Tim hatch (@guest_1159998)
1 year ago

But wait theres more

Sam (@guest_1160036)
1 year ago

Just ten years ago if a Governor or Mayor let this get this out of hand people would have fired them on the spot, now we debate what should be done & nothing gets done & it keeps going on & on. The simple answer is get them out of office & get some one in there who will bring in the National Guard, arrest these criminals no bail, get a judge with some back bone & put them in jail for a very long time. These people will always get illegal guns & just like to show how powerful they are & kill others. A person who owns a gun legally uses it only as a last response to a life & death situation. Stop blaming people who own legal guns & start taking the people with illegal guns off the streets for good! This is another game the Democrats are playing a game to take away all guns from Americans who legally own them it is sad because once they do that we are completely helpless from them!! I think all these politicians need to loose their security for a few month & i think they would be doing a lot more about these terrible shootings!

Jim (@guest_1160064)
1 year ago

I just love how people love to sit back, down a beer while whining and moaning over the crap going on today!

WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) have had countless opportunities to have stopped this nightmare, but we chose instead to give the DEMOCRATS what they expected of us, to REMAIN SILENT! Thus, making us equally complicit in the fraud perpetrated against United States Americans!

Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action?

I strongly urge everyone who reads this to PICK UP THE PHONE and call your REP AND SENATORS in DC and DEMAND a COMPLETE AUDIT AND INVESTIGATION into the 2020 ELECTIONS and for the IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT OF BIDEN AND HARRIS.

BIDEN is completely UNFIT FOR OFFICE! And they both (BIDEN & HARRIS) have family members putting them both in a CONCLICT of interest position advertising and promoting their businesses and using their VP and POTUS both as an advertising self-interest, self-promoting position and it is ILLEGAL!

People should write these numbers down and use them frequently even if you don’t think your elected officials listen, they are required to note your comments for the permanent record in their caller database for anyone to see.

Members of the House

Members of the Senate


One call per rep!


G BAR RED (@guest_1160068)
1 year ago



T.Banacek (@guest_1160078)
1 year ago

Giving Chicago some competition in the urban shooting rampages is Milwaukee where 5 people were shot on Saturday. The local newspaper publishes their racial stories on a regular basis how everything bad that befalls the urban population is the fault of whitey. If these left wing cities really wanted to get serious about the gun violence in their midst they’d bring back stop & frisk. I always find it amusing that the left wingers have no problem with violating a law abiding citizen’s gun ownership rights as laid out in the nation’s constitution, but when it comes to putting the clamps down on the actual gun abusers, they have noting to say.

russell remmert (@guest_1160100)
1 year ago

democrat leaders seem to be a terrorist group and need to be put in a secure camp and be retrained and retained until determined to be safe to be allowed on the street/ a test to find out how long it might take could be done on biden, harris, nancy, chuckie

Rodney D Waters (@guest_1160122)
1 year ago

To whom the person that keeps stating to call your representatives and House of Representatives !! We all may as well go out and piss in the wind !! Especially the House of Representatives is democratic’s and there could care less !! Polosi is the major problem of all of we the people of the great USA ! And I really feel that the hatred this woman has for the best president the USA ever had I think she had a big hand in writing those executive orders that Biden had no idea what he was signing! Cause they they reversed everything that president Trump had done and to let immigrants flow in here just so the democratic’s can get more votes!! Just proves how dirty this party really is !! And to use our tax dollars to keep them !! If you democratic’s want them here get them tested for all diseases as well as COVID! There coming in without mask ! But restrictions on all blue states!! Come on man really ! You idiots are unreal ! Polosi is the real problem in the whole government !!! I can’t wait to see her gone ! Take a poll see how many people really like her how she runs the country or should I say selling our country for her and her cohorts pockets !! You guys are definitely opening up the eyes of the people in America !!

Terry Bell (@guest_1160126)
1 year ago


Jo (@guest_1160196)
1 year ago

This site is screening messages and deleted my message regarding accountability and the death penalty for murder.

John Decker (@guest_1160359)
1 year ago

It’s obvious the Democrat party is satisfied with the way things are going in Chicago. They are making no effort to stop the carnage. The only thing they do when criminals and thugs are murdering each other, is to make more laws to disarm law abiding citizens, removing their only means of protection. That’s Democrat logic at work, be as stupid as possible, and when it doesn’t work, double down on disarming the people who aren’t the problem. And their other method is to defund the police, causing most of them to quit the force. That policy is absolutely stunning stupidity. The only policy that makes sense is the one they use on the criminals. Leave them completely alone, they have guns and might shoot you. The real morons in this mess are the Dem citizens who keep putting these politicians in office. Stupidity and incompetence are another way to say Chicago, voters and politicians both. The brightest hope in this mess is that eventually everyone living in Chicago will have been shot, it’s the only way to stop the killing. When they’re all dead, there will be no victims to kill.

james hunt (@guest_1160366)
1 year ago

What Chicago needs is a good dose of Trumps “LAW AND ORDER” and the American Patriot Militia part of the Fight, Fight, Fight for a NEW GREAT AMERICA!! Chicago can not wait until 2024!!

James (@guest_1160392)
1 year ago

GUNS ARE NOT MURDERS. People are. Enforce existing gun laws. We need the police.

Bruce Walters (@guest_1160473)
1 year ago

Chicago, Chicago, it’s a partying town!!! A town run by Democrats will never let you down. With Beetle juice leading the parade, what could to wrong??

John Ponnex (@guest_1160813)
1 year ago

What is wrong with Chicago and the entire state are the idiots that the voters choose to to run things. In other words it is the stupid voters that elect stupid politicians. 1st junk rated state in America. Only guns for criminals.
Last Republican Mayor; William Hale Thompson was an American politician who served as mayor of Chicago from 1915 to 1923 and again from 1927 to 1931. Democratic policies ever since. Do you really wonder why things are what they are. Just look at all the other major cities run by Democrats. Why do you think so m any are moving out of these cities. Democrats, high crime rates, high taxes, high gas prices, high electrical rates, can’t have guns to protect yourself and family. No thanks!

Terry Bell (@guest_1161030)
1 year ago


Javiernop (@guest_1231673)
1 year ago

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