June 30, 2022

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut order 14-day quarantines for travelers

As the US sees a rise in positive COVID-19 diagnoses, the governors of three states that have been hit hardest by the crisis have ordered a new lockdown on travel from states experiencing a rise in cases. 

In a joint virtual press conference on Wednesday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont and New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announced that travelers from Arkansas, Alabama, Arizona, South Carolina, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Utah and Washington will have to quarantine for 14 days.

Cuomo reinforced the statement by tweeting “All individuals traveling from states with significant community spread of COVID into NY, NJ, or CT must quarantine for 14 days.”

The travel advisory is expected to go into effect at midnight on Wednesday.

While New York and New Jersey have seen their cases and deaths dive in recent weeks, states like Texas and Florida have seen a significant spike. Fox News reported:

Infection rates in Texas have doubled since late May, and on Tuesday, the state reached a 12th consecutive day of record COVID-19 hospitalizations with more than 4,000. That amounts to a more than 170 percent increase in hospitalizations since Memorial Day.

And in states like Florida, officials are seeing more than 4,000 new cases of the novel coronavirus per day since its reopening. And in South Carolina, the Department of Health and Environmental Control reported record increases in daily cases within the past week.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the US is experiencing the highest number of confirmed cases since April as of Tuesday. Both hospitalizations and positive tests are increasing, according to the data.

Coronavirus cases may be on the rise, but public health officials are still refusing to caution against the widespread protests that have consumed the nation for nearly a month.

Though Democrats are salivating over the potential for re-imposing strict lockdowns, even the notoriously cautious White House infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, told House Democrats on Tuesday that states likely will not need to impose an “absolute shutdown,” instead recommending that states experiencing a rise in cases simply slow the reopening process.

Have protests contributed to the rise in coronavirus cases? Scroll down to the comments section and let us know what you think!

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Barbra Mclean (@guest_1013137)
2 years ago

I definitely think it has not helped the situation.
More testing means more cases detected.
I think people traveling south from NY, NJ and Conn to vacation has caused a rise in southern state cases.

Ron (@guest_1013153)
Reply to  Barbra Mclean
2 years ago

I agree with you, Barbara.

Scott Hunt (@guest_1013271)
Reply to  Barbra Mclean
2 years ago

This would explain the harder hit black population.

russell d remmert (@guest_1013448)
Reply to  Barbra Mclean
2 years ago

i agree thanks to new York’s administration , if you want to call it that Barbra

Ron (@guest_1013152)
2 years ago

So, these states are becoming Natzi control states. I thought they were part of the United States. If we can’t go there they can’t come here!!!!

Norman (@guest_1013285)
Reply to  Ron
2 years ago

A small group of patriots banded together to take America away from England. They won and we are the United States of America. Abe Lincoln, (16th president of the United States) worked to keep the country together as a Republican, with the Civil War. With out a doubt the leftist dumorats or working at destroying what the Republicans kept together. Is history repeating itself? Look at the similarities. The play book has been played many times all over the world

Jack (@guest_1013368)
Reply to  Ron
2 years ago

I have no interest in ever going there 🤬🤬

Jo (@guest_1013165)
2 years ago

Those that have not used any protection may will cause a problem for others. I do feel eventually this virus is going to die out, as viruses in the past have, just hope this one dies out faster than most.

hodge (@guest_1013183)
2 years ago

I agree that it works both ways and they better stay out of all those states which they want people to quarantine from we don’t want them here and I have seen many New York plates here the last week as well as New Jersey . It is time that they all stay home since that is what they want let them be isolationist and see where they lose support from any other states. It is time to get them out of office and show them that if they like power and want to govern in a wrong manner we can make it very easy an load them on a plane to North Korea and see if they still want power . We have fought bled and died for our freedom an should be free to make our own decisions as to what we want . Sure every virus has its fatalities . Man can not control what is not controlable.

poggy (@guest_1013191)
2 years ago

Mmmm, How will this effect traveling salespeople and long haul truck drivers?
Does this mean these states will also end up with food shortages?
(Welcome to 3 states with socialist leaders)

Tammy (@guest_1013485)
Reply to  poggy
2 years ago

No it won’t affect most long haul truck drivers as long as they are registered with Homeland Security or FEMA. We can go anywhere since my husband’s company is registered with both.

Laura (@guest_1013244)
2 years ago

You can thank the rioters for this. All states that had rioters have increased but you won’t hear that from Democrats

Rivahmitch (@guest_1013286)
2 years ago

I was born in NY and raised in Connecticut. There’s no way in hell I’d travel to either of these socialist paradises these days.

Bruce (@guest_1013298)
2 years ago

Why would Cuomo assume that anyone will go to New York now or ever in the future. Sate run by inept politicians, bankrupt, wants the rest of the country to bail them out, defunding the police, unruly mobs in their streets, Sounds
like a vacation destination to me.

John s (@guest_1013353)
2 years ago

Well hopefully the truck drivers boycott these democratic states, it’s ok to protest, loot steel, but don’t go there, why would anyone want to, democrats love sheep, people that can’t think and do for themselves and must be led by the hand.

John s (@guest_1013364)
2 years ago

Nice you SOBs won’t post the truth

John s (@guest_1013367)
Reply to  John s
2 years ago

Democratic states are controlling the public as sheep to slaughter, controlling those that can’t think or do for themselves. Wake up democratic side of American

Netta Karr (@guest_1013369)
2 years ago

Please people it’s all political! We are all smarter than that!!

Sharon Jenkins (@guest_1013586)
Reply to  Netta Karr
2 years ago

Yes it is political. I’m not sure the virus wasn’t created in the China lab with Democratic funds to upset Trump in re-election. Nothing the Democrats do surprises me.

Robert W. Devlin II (@guest_1013399)
2 years ago

Based on what we know about how this virus spreads, I think it’s obvious. From what l’ve seen of the protests, the protesters are interested only in themselves and NOT anyone else.

Barry w vann (@guest_1013477)
2 years ago

Who in the hell would want to go to those communist controlled states anyway? You’d have to be on heroin!

Diane Yonke (@guest_1013601)
2 years ago

The spikes in these states especially California, Arizona and Texas are because we have so many people coming over the Mexican Border on a daily bases to work and then go back over the border to there homes where There is still a pandemic ! The other States Florida,S Carolina etc. r because people fleeing NY NJ Etc highly infected Area’s r going to there summer homes in these states due to the severe lockdowns just my opinion

Daniel Perkins (@guest_1014784)
2 years ago

Here’s a thought. Perhaps testing positive for the Wuhan Flu is (in almost every case) a GOOD thing! What if it means you have the virus, but have also built up an immunity to it and are being PLAYED by your government? After all, that’s what they do best – lie, and steal our money while controlling our thoughts, emotions and actions. Just give it some thought. Is, or has, anyone you know know personally, who has been quarantined, been ill? Think about it? Sheep no more. The truth is out there, you just have to dig a little for it. Your favorite news channels are NOT being open and honest.



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