May 24, 2022

10,000 uncounted ballots found in Harris County Texas

10,000 uncounted mail-in ballots were found over the weekend in one of Texas’ most populated counties following the first primary of the 2022 midterm election last week, according to The Washington Examiner

Officials in Harris County announced Sunday that of the ballots, 6,000 for Democrats and 4,000 for Republicans, but that they were not added to the unofficial final results.

“While we understand the seriousness of this error, the ability to identify and correct this issue is a result of a lengthy and rigorous process and is a positive example of the process ultimately working as it should,” the county, which includes most of Houston, said in a statement obtained by the Texas Tribune.

Currently, three are two close Democratic primary races, one for a state House seat and another for Texas attorney general, which are still waiting to be decided.

Candis Houston, who is trailing incumbent state Rep. Harold Dutton Jr. who is behind by a slight 36 votes in the Democratic primary, has already conceded the race, but Dutton doesn’t understand how so many ballots could go missing.

“It seems to me that somebody should’ve known that 10,000 ballots were missing,” Dutton said. “If 10,000 ballots were missing and nobody knew that, God help us.”

Democrats have yet to hear who their nominee for Attorney General will be with Joe Jaworski, the former mayor of Galveston, Texas, leading civil rights attorney Lee Merritt by 1,418.

While Jaworski claimed victory Friday, Merritt has not conceded, and the election has not been called for either, who will go to a runoff in May.

Additionally, Republicans are waiting to hear who will go to the general election for their slot in the attorney general race, with Incumbent Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton facing George P. Bush after not receiving 50% of the vote.

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